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suggestion post

Have a great idea for an event that you think we should try? How about ideas for new jobs? Perhaps an interesting idea for general day to day life in Mayfield? This would be the post to do it in. Post any suggestions you have about Mayfield here.

Importantly, however, this is not a criticism post for other players. Any suggestions on how they can play their character aren't welcome here.
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I mentioned this in my comment about moving but I was wondering if it would be okay to employ Appointment Posts as an official, but optional, thing? Since we're moving into a community base system it can end up being useful to those who want to thread something simple, but don't see the need to make an entirely new post or log.

Basically it would just be a simple post saying if someone wants to thread with that character, they can start up a thread with permission from the other person. A few people mentioned that the journal element felt important to them, so this can be a reasonable addition. I have an LJ example here from another game and I think it can be a cool thing to have, since Mayfield has a lot of day-to-day things that people may want to thread with their characters.
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Honestly...I have a serious issue with the new tagging system. :/ Specifically, that only the OP can tag their character on a post, and that players who comment to the post can't add their own character tags. You cite the reasoning behind this as causing confusion and clutter; originally I thought you meant in terms of their being lots of tags on a character's post, but then I realized that's purely an aesthetic thing and you were probably thinking of how it'd be weird to click through a character's tag and find a list of posts that weren't all created by that character. And yeah, I have to agree, that is a little weird!

However, I think keeping track of all of a character's activity - not just their own posts, but their comments to the posts of others - is important enough that it really outweighs the weirdness. It just serves too many purposes for it not to be an option. The first, and most obvious, is that it helps a player keep track of their own activity - which is not only critical to activity checks, but it allows them to keep track of their CR and things their character has done. (I know I've had times in Mayfield where two characters may have talked months ago, and I couldn't remember if they'd discussed this or that detail, and if it wasn't in my own posts I couldn't really go back and find it; that's the sort of thing being able to put your own character tag on someone else's post could assist with.) For people stalking a character(or even just checking to see if someone's character squatting), it gives a full picture of a character's activity, and allows the casual reader to follow the development of CR. That'd be especially important to a new player of a previously played character, if they wanted to see everything a past player had done with their character(though I wonder if that would even be possible; with the community tag limit in place, I imagine you guys will be deleting tags when characters drop anyway, so it wouldn't actually be possible to go back and check a dropped character's activity). And finally...honestly, there's so much of significance that can happen on posts that aren't your own character's. Only keeping track of half your character's activity - maybe less than half, depending on your posting habits - just feels like it's providing an incomplete picture of their life in Mayfield.

Also, there's the issue that this places your ability to find tags you may have done on someone else's journal at the mercy of someone else's diligence of keeping up with their tags. You could argue that so long as you know a character's name(assuming you know the full name of a character not yours; unless you're familiar with the canon or you have a lot of CR with a character, you may not), you can look up their posts and dig through them to eventually find the thread your character took part in. But what if they've forgotten to tag that post? You'd be SOL, I think. If you give players the ability to tag their own responses to other people's posts, then it's each player's responsibility to themselves to keep up with their tags, rather than setting up a system where players are held hostage by the diligence (or lack thereof) of other players. Plus, since the tagging power is with the player? No one has to tag responses if they don't want to. If they don't want other characters' posts showing up on their tag page, they can just not tag what they don't want to show up, while those players who'd find this a useful tool (like myself) could make use of it.

Essentially, I think it's too important to keep track of all a character's activity - if not to enforce it, then to at least provide that option to players - to not be able to tag any post they have activity in. Ideally, we'd be able to have separate tags for posts and responses, but since that would mean literally doubling the character tags we already have, that's obviously impossible for a big game like Mayfield. But not being able to have a separate tag for that doesn't justify not being able to track a huge chunk of character activity at all.

Again, I'm not suggesting you guys make people do this, but I think it should be an option players have if they want it.
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On the new tagging system: would it be possible to get a generic "event" tag that the players can track easily? As it stands, it seems each event is getting its own tag, making it impossible to get e-mail notifications for when an event goes up.
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I just came here to say this! So definitely +1 to this suggestion. I've heard from some people who rely on tag tracking and haven't been able to track event stuff since the move.
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