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Queen Chrysalis ([personal profile] mylittlechangeling) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_ooc2012-06-27 08:52 pm
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Dropping Chrysalis

I'm really sorry, but I'm going to drop Queen Chrysalis for now.

I've had a really fun time with her housemates and CR, it was really a blast!

Unfortunately, I'm struggling to play her right now, so I'm going to drop her.

I'm sorry that all the fun plans that had been made are going to fall through, some of them I was really looking forward to!

I'll treasure the times I did have with her here!

I'll continue all her ongoing threads until they fizzle out, if you want.

And if anybody wants to musebox or meme with her sometime (especially with stuff we had planned), please let me know!

I'll still be here with Chell for now and who knows, I might try to pick up Chrysalis again one of these days.

Once again, sorry that I'm dropping her. Thanks for all the fun times I did have with her!