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Canon Updates

Canon updates will be accepted at any time.

Please expect up to a month's wait before a reply. Our goal is to process canon update requests twice per month, but we may not always meet this goal during busy periods.

For a Canon Update, Fill Out the Following
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[personal profile] eyesofaserpent 2012-01-07 02:31 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Connie
Character Name: Anthony J. Crowley
Canon: Good Omens
Housing Change: 852 Goldberg Street
Reason for Canon Update: This isn't really a canon update so much as it is a housing change request. Nothing would change about him, save locale.
Updated Background: n/a
Updated Personality: n/a
Updated Abilities: n/a
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[personal profile] manipulator_of_objects 2012-01-07 02:46 am (UTC)(link)
Giving permission of moving in.

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[personal profile] echidna 2012-01-16 05:44 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Maddy
Character Name: River Song | [personal profile] littlebluebook
Canon: Doctor Who
Housing Change: same house!
Reason for Canon Update: Not canon updating her but resetting her! I was told to post here about it, idk if the form was necessary or not but here you go o_o
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[personal profile] slave_of_suzumiya 2012-01-20 08:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Sato
Character Name: Kyon
Canon: The (Insert word here) of Haruhi Suzumiya
Housing Change: He can stay where he is.
Reason for Canon Update: Because I fracking love this PSP game and it’s been over a year since I’ve canon updated him.

Updated Background: On the morning of the 23rd of December, Kyon wakes up to find that... it is not the 23rd of December. In fact it’s instead a day back in November, specifically the day of the North High Culture Festival. However that isn’t all, in addition to going back a month he found himself once again in another world, a world without aliens, time travellers and espers where Haruhi Suzumiya went to an entirely different school and the SOS Brigade had never been formed. As Kyon is somewhat baffled by his return to this bizarre world that he had just recently departed, he finds himself confronted by none other than Mikuru Asahina (big), who has come from the future due to a time anomaly threatening the stability of the universe.

The news Kyon receives from Miss Asahina indicates that he has two days to bring the universe back to order, tight deadline right? Fortunately, while he cannot continue any attempts beyond the second day, he and Miss Asahina are both able to travel through time freely within the 48 hour period to constantly retry their attempts to bring the SOS Brigade together. Over a period of several weeks of the same two days over and over, Kyon begins to make progress as the brigade members slowly gain a recollection of who he is through various events including searching for “John Smith”, helping the Literature Club, having his class put on a production of Hamlet and entering Mikuru Asahina (small) into the Miss North High contest.

Updated Personality: Honestly? Not much. Other than perhaps a strengthened resentment of time loops.
Updated Abilities: Still an ordinary human.
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[personal profile] extraordinarily 2012-01-20 10:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Pikari
Character Name: Haruhi Suzumiya
Canon: The X of Haruhi Suzumiya
Housing Change: Keep her at the same house.
Reason for Canon Update: Haruhi actually grows as a person in Dissociation + Surprise, especially that she shows a more motherly side to her character.
Updated Background:

Hoo boy, here goes. I must warn you that there will be spoilers for the Dissociation and Surprise in here.

- Haruhi subconsciously figures out that there's some sort of threat to her so-called "abilities" and "world" in general and pretty much splits the damn timeline in two. It is revealed in Surprise that the world was only supposed go through one timeline: which I will be referring to as the beta line, as it is called in canon. This history section will pretty much be cut in two: the alpha line and the beta line. Yeah, it's complicated. I know.


- A mysterious girl (who we later find out is named Watahashi Yasumi) calls Kyon. Her true identity is found out in the end of "Surprise" and that Yasumi is actually Haruhi's subconscious. Of course, Haruhi doesn't know that Yasumi is a part of her. She pretty much trolls Kyon in her phone call and saying things that make it seem that Kyon should actually know her and then hangs up.

- The next day, Haruhi decides that she's going to recruit new brigade members, though in all honesty she had no plans to actually recruit anyone. However, she manages to recruit Yasumi, who displayed everything that she ever wanted in a brigade member. Nobody realizes that Yasumi is actually a part of Haruhi, though.


- Haruhi ends up tutoring Kyon in math specifically (though it is assumed that Haruhi tutors him in pretty much everything). This isn't really important, but it shows that she actually likes tutoring and she acts more like a teacher than a tutor. At least, to Kyon.

- Yasumi stays with the brigade for several days, and on the last day Yasumi tells Kyon to meet her in the clubroom at exactly 6. Alpha Kyon then meets Beta Kyon in the combined close space that Haruhi and Sasaki created. The rest is all history.


- Like in alpha line, Haruhi says that she'll open applications for potential brigade members soon. However, Nagato Yuki is absent, which is an odd thing. This doesn't go unnoticed by Haruhi, who makes the entire brigade look for her, so they head towards Yuki's house.

- The SOS Brigade go to Yuki's place, where Haruhi decides to be motherly and take care of Yuki. She then realizes that this isn't the first time that Yuki's gotten sick (though the last time for Haruhi was supposedly just a 'group hypnosis').


- Kyon and Haruhi talk about Yuki's condition, which has obviously not gotten any better. Weird thing is that she hasn't been creating any closed spaces or celestials in the past few days.


- A few days after, Haruhi still worries over Yuki's sickness and how she's not getting better. She pretty much puts Kyon in charge while she goes to take care of Yuki some more. Yeah, that's a great idea.

- Then Kyon goes into the closed space and pretty much shit goes down. This has nothing to do with Haruhi so I'm condensing this.


After both timelines become one (pretty much the whole SOS Brigade has two sets of memories now, whoo) Kyon goes to rescue Haruhi, who is unconscious in the closed space. After Kyon plays hero, everything is turned back to normal.

Yasumi disappears, telling Haruhi that she's sorry that she pretended to be a high schooler and was in fact a middle schooler.

The following day, the brigade gets set for their next activity: a stage show at the Tsuruya flower viewing party.

Updated Personality: In all honesty, there aren't too much changes between Haruhi from pre-Dissociation to Surprise. We do find out that Haruhi cares about her brigade, and she always has. She would never replace or add to the current SOS Brigade and if anything happens to them, shit goes down.
Updated Abilities: N/A
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[personal profile] afterthesky 2012-01-21 05:57 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Sarah Jane Smith
Canon: Doctor Who
Housing Change: None
Reason for Canon Update: The final episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures aired a few months back and I'd like to have those last scraps of canon to work with. Also, Sky.

Updated Background: Sarah Jane was beginning to feel lonesome in her big house all alone with her son Luke away at university. One morning she quite literally finds a baby on her doorstep. A baby whose cries cause electrical disruption. The child, who she names Sky, turns out to have been created as a weapon in an interplanetary war. In the middle of the conflict, she instantly ages to a roughly twelve year old girl. Sarah Jane is able to convince Sky that killing is wrong and they manage to navigate the ensuing conflict without her being activated or the Earth being annihilated. Sarah Jane then adopts Sky, because apparently once you take in one child artificially created as part of an alien plot, you are now a galactic safe haven. This is more or less explicitly stated, as the Shopkeeper, who left Sky there in the first place, informs her that he couldn't think of a safer place for her.

The second serial is largely a Clyde centric story with relatively little impact on Sarah Jane herself. After getting free of the curse that caused her and everyone else to shun Clyde, she helped him look for a friend he had made on the street, reminding her of how many different worlds there are on Earth itself.

Finally, we learn that Sarah Jane is in fact one of the top three journalists in England when she is invited to the rehearsal for the launch of the hot new gadget, the Serf Board. Naturally, there turns out to be alien related shenanigans. Sarah Jane was horrified to discover there is an underground trade on Earth in alien slaves. (I suspect this may have become an ongoing plot thread had the series not been tragically caught short). In a moment not often seen in television, she takes the time to help the custodian, who is now out of a job due to Sarah Jane destroying her workplace, find a new job.

Updated Personality: Honestly, very little has changed for Sarah Jane, personality wise. She may find it slightly harder to be away from Sky than she did Luke, since Sky is still living at home, but that's about it.

Updated Abilities: A high resistance to hypnosis/mind control. It's not clear how long she has had this, but it had never been seen before.
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[personal profile] sparkling_eyes 2012-01-22 09:18 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Brantron
Character Name: Mismar (Lyon)
Canon: Suikoden V
Housing Change: None.
Reason for Canon Update: I have a regain planned for her that she doesn't get in the original game until after the point I originally apped her from. Also, I want to bring her up to the same canon point as her castmate Miakis.
Updated Background: Lyon was originally taken from just before the Prince's diplomatic envoy to the Island Nations, so I'll pick up there. She travels to Nirva Island alongside the Prince and former Queen's Knight Georg Prime to negotiate with the leader of the Island Nations to join their cause in the war against the Godwins. The timing of this visit is important because the Prince's sister, the Princess Lymsleia, is about to be crowned Queen, and the Godwins plan to use the coronation ceremony as a chance to make connections and form allegiances with foreign nations. The Prince's group is essentially dispatched to the Island Nations to head off one such potential alliance.
Upon arrival, the Prince's group discovers that there has been some trouble with pirates recently, and that a group of them has occupied the Great Lighthouse at the center of the island. Being the helpful sorts that they are, the Prince, Lyon, and Georg volunteer to help kick the pirates out as a show of goodwill to the leader of Nirva Island, Skald Egan. As thanks for the assistance, Skald sends his daughter Bernadette, the Vice-Captain of the flagship of the Island Nations' navy, to join the Prince's cause.
Following this, the Prince's army decides to march on Doraat, a fortress town held by the Godwin faction that represents a sizable portion of their military might. After a successful siege of the fortress, Lyon, the Prince, and the mysterious druid Zerase run into Alenia, another member of the Queen's Knights, who has had the Twilight Rune forced onto her as part of Godwin's schemes. Fortunately, she is not terribly compatible with the Rune, and it rebels against her control, allowing Lyon's group to defeat her with a minimum of trouble. She is rescued by Dolph, an assassin also under Godwin's control, and pursued further by the group. Lyon's fellow Queen's Knight Miakis blocks the escape route, allowing Alenia to successfully escape. The Prince duels her and convinces her to come along with them, and she, the Prince, and Lyon share a tearful reunion after having been separated for so long.
Upon the return to Sindar Castle, Lyon and the others speak with Miakis and learn that their ally Georg Prime was actually the one who murdered the Queen during the Godwins' original siege of the Sun Palace. Miakis picks a fight with Georg, but is stopped by Lyon and the others. Georg leaves the castle again soon afterward without bothering to explain himself.
The next battle the group endures is a military campaign led by the newly crowned Queen Lymsleia, as a ploy to escape Godwin's control and reunite with her brother on the battlefield. The battle is split into three groups, each one with a different purpose. Two of the groups engage Zahhak and Alenia, Queen's Knights now loyal to Godwin, while the Prince and Lyon engage Galleon, who is protecting the path forward to Lymsleia. Upon defeating him, there is another tearful reunion between the Prince and his sister, cut tragically short by Godwin's assassin Dolph, who makes an attempt on the Prince's life while he is distracted. Lyon, sensing the attack in just enough time, dives between the two and takes Dolph's attack through the midsection from behind. Sialeeds, the Prince's aunt and co-conspirator in this scheme, escapes with Dolph and Lymsleia, intending to deliver her back to the Sun Palace.
Following this, Lyon is knocked out of commission for some time due to the attack. She is very seriously wounded, and spends the next several days (or perhaps weeks, the timeline is sketchy and not terribly specific) under the care of Dr. Silva in the infirmary at Sindar Castle. The Prince eventually returns with a powered-up Dawn Rune to stabilize her wounds and wake her from her coma, but it takes Lyon some time to recover enough to rejoin the group as an active combatant. The intervening time is spent in the infirmary.
It isn't until it comes time for the siege of Sol-Falena that Lyon is well enough to resume her previous role as the Prince's bodyguard. There was plenty of action in the meantime, but as Lyon was resting throughout most of it and not directly involved, I'll be skipping over all of that for purposes of this update. Suffice it to say that any waking time she had during this was spent worrying about how he was doing, and waiting for him to return between battles so she could talk with him.
During the Sol-Falena siege, Lyon stands alongside the Prince as his army conducts a full frontal assault on the gates of the Falenan capital. The group once again faces Sialeeds in combat, who is now the new bearer of the Twilight Rune (and the true bearer, arguably, having been chosen by the Rune itself) and was attempting to use its power to burst the dam and destroy the Prince's navy. With heavy hearts, the Prince, Lyon, and the rest of their group are forced to defeat Sialeeds in combat, and as she lays dying, the Twilight Rune chooses a new bearer in the form of Lyon. She receives a crash course in the use of its power from Zerase as she and the Prince must combine the powers of the Dawn and Twilight Runes to stop the power of the Sun Rune - now legitimately under Godwin's control - from laying waste to their army.
Once inside the gates of Sol-Falena, the Prince and Lyon fight defeat Zahhak and Alenia, who choose to go down fighting by taking a combat drug that increases their fighting capabilities dramatically at the cost of their deaths once it wears off. Proceeding past them, the Prince and Lyon have a final confrontation with Gizel Godwin in the presence of Lymsleia. The Prince defeats Godwin in a duel, ending his life, and the tearful reunion with Lym is finally allowed to occur.
Following the retaking of Sol-Falena, Gizel's father Marscal Godwin flees into the nearby Ashtwal Mountains with the Sun Rune and begins using its power to melt the large glacier located there, in an apparent attempt to drown half of Falena in one final retributive attack. The Prince, Lyon, Georg, and Zweig assemble a group to go after him, facing various dangers, traps, and puzzles in the mountains before coming face to face with their final foe.
Marscal unleashes the power of the Sun Rune, forcing Lyon and the others to fight a physical incarnation of the Rune itself. They manage to defeat it, but the exertion is too much for Lyon, who has not fully recovered from her earlier wounds. She dies in the Prince's arms, but is miraculously revived with the aid of Leknaat, a powerful blind seer who is deeply tied to the legend of the 108 Stars. She congratulates the Prince on uniting the hearts of those guided by the stars, and announces that the Sun Rune's power has been purified, and now possesses the ability to grant and restore life, in contrast to its previous use as a destroyer of the same.
After everything is finally over, the Prince and Lyon return to the Sun Palace with the other Queen's Knights to meet with Lymsleia. The Senate is dissolved and replaced with a representative parliament, and the newly crowned Queen Lymsleia also names her brother the new Commander of the Queen's Knights and abolishes the Sacred Games previously responsible for choosing the Queen's future husband. Lyon receives a full induction into the Queen's Knights, and stands proudly alongside the Prince, continuing to act as his bodyguard.
Updated Personality: Lyon actually hasn't changed all that much, even after very nearly facing certain death twice. Clearly being stabbed by Dolph the first time didn't stop her from diving right between him and the Prince a second time, even if it didn't turn out the same way it did before. You'd think that going through that sort of thing would make someone a little gun shy in the same situation, but Lyon remains as steadfast as ever in her desire to protect the Prince. The biggest change with Lyon actually comes after the war is over and she receives her induction as a full member of the Queen's Knights, which is that she finally realizes and admits her feelings for the Prince openly.
Updated Abilities: Nothing new, really. She'll be getting a new regain very soon after the update is approved, but that will be handled separately since I saved it up from Christmas.
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[personal profile] micronation 2012-02-12 01:12 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Mel
Character Name: Sealand
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Housing Change: Keep his old house!
Reason for Canon Update: I want to move Sealand up past when he met Molossia, Ladonia, etc. so he knows them if we get more! Also the Halloween strips where he dressed up with Seborga and Wy. I'll be moving him up to February 2012, so basically he'll move up a year canon-wise.
Updated Background:
Halloween Strips
America threw a huge Halloween party! And there was a costume contest. Therefore Sealand had to get Wy and Seborga into it, dressing up as a teddy bear, doll, and robot respectively. They didn't win, but they did get to socialize with real bigger countries, and it was fun.

Micronation Strips
Sealand held a micronation meeting with Wy and Seborga and decided they had to expand their group. Therefore, they went in search of other micronations to add a new member to their group. They met a few--Molossia, Kugelmugel, Hutt River, and Ladonia. After travelling all over looking for them, it came time to decide who would be the new member. All of them ended up being allowed to join! This only makes the micronation group even weirder.

Updated Personality: Sealand hasn't changed as a result of this update, not really; countries don't change that quickly anyway. He has more friends, so he is less lonely than he might be otherwise, and he's obviously pushing toward being a leader, but he's basically the same Sealand.

Updated Abilities: N/A
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[personal profile] repetieren 2012-02-16 10:08 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Märchen
Character Name: Homura Akemi
Canon: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Housing Change: Keeping the same housing
Reason for Canon Update: It's occurred to me that I play her from timeline 3 everywhere but here
Updated Background: Picking up from where she came from at the end of the second timeline, when Walpurgis comes again, Madoka and Homura take on the powerful Witch together, defeating her. However, Madoka's Soul Gem becomes fully corrupted as a result, and Homura can only watch in horror as Madoka writhes in pain, before her friend's Soul Gem cracks and becomes a Grief Seed, Madoka turning into a Witch.

Time resets again. Homura wakes up in the hospital once more, now knowing the truth about Witches, and that Kyubey tricked them. Although the exact order of events is unknown, while Homura waits to warn the others, Sayaka Miki and Kyouko Sakura join the team. One day, with all the girls gathered, Homura attempts to warn them of the truth, only to be brushed off by Sayaka, who accuses Homura of being in league with Kyouko, and declaring that Kyubey would gain nothing from a lie like that. Although Madoka warns Sayaka she's being a bully, Sayaka, who could care less, announces she's against teaming up with Homura. Sayaka also remarks that Homura's battle style of using explosives makes her worried she'll get caught up in the explosions one day.

Though dejected and disappointed that the other girls didn't listen to her, Homura at the very least, to allay some of Sayaka's complaints, begins to steal guns and ammunition from the Yakuza, using her shield to store them.

Updated Personality: Homura hasn't changed much; if anything, she's now disappointed and hurt that her warning is going unheeded.
Updated Abilities: Her skills are still the same! She just now also can fight with guns instead of just homemade grenades.
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[personal profile] grimmdark 2012-02-16 06:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Aura
Character Name: Rose Lalonde
Canon: Homestuck
Housing Change: No.
Reason for Canon Update: She has never had one? And it's time she catches up.
Updated Background: Even though it's been a while, Rose's canon hasn't moved her much in time. She ended up in Mayfield right after she and Dave set off to "kill" the Green Sun, using Derse's moon to travel. From there, they found the place where the Green Sun was supposed to be, but when they released the Tumor, they actually contributed to its very creation (since time and space have little sense on the far reaches of the session/universe). Once the Green Sun was created, she and Dave got engulfed by it, but instead of dying they achieved God Tier (or died and achieved God Tier, who knows?), appearing somehow on the troll's session, or at least the point where the sessions apparently intersected. There they had a brief chat with the remaining trolls, got a message from John, had a run in with a hurt Mayor, and set off to the new session, with Rose as the guide and Beck Noir hot on their tails.
Updated Personality: She's pretty much the same. She has met eye to eye with Kanaya though, and while she won't remember her time in Mayfield, of course, once she's back she'll be glad they apparently had good chemistry. And that Kanaya changed her mind about staying behind.
Updated Abilities: Rose now has access to her Got Tier abilities...which aren't really clear so far, but in rough terms they are "the ability to see through different situations, scenarios and outcomes and manage to come with the best strategy to succeed"; it's also interesting to note that her knowledge of the workings of the sessions and how time and space bend has increased notably, as she can guide the asteroid safely to the new session, even being capable of foreseeing the Mayor's appearance and that Beck Noir wouldn't catch them, at least right on.
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[personal profile] a1a100 2012-02-18 11:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Blake
Character Name: Sollux Captor
Canon: Homestuck
Housing Change: Child slot in 431 Peepers street, Milla and Artollo's house.
Reason for Canon Update: Since it's confirmed that he "died", I want to update him so he's not just "I think I died but idrk". Also that update was adorable and I want him to be a little closer to Aradia. And also I want to change his housing.

Updated Background: Not a lot had really happened between when he was last updated to when I am updating him to now. He had successfully moved the Veil to the Green Sun where the remaining trolls had a rendezvous with Dave and Rose. Though it seems that over-exerting himself caused half of his conscious to transfer to his dead dream self. Because of that, he feels not-so-alive anymore, like half of his soul is missing which it basically is.

The 6 trolls and two humans then proceed to have a conversation about many different things, starting off with Aradia telling Sollux that they should have a Corpse Party. There were plenty of dead bodies around, after all! But much to Aradia's dismay, everyone else decided that that was a little too morbid and moved to different topics leading to the decision of Sollux staying with Aradia at the Green Sun to hold off Jack. After a few panic attacks Ala Karkat, John using Jade's omnipotence to throw a bucket with a message in it at Karkat's face, and WV having his body sent to the trolls and kids so he could be saved from death, Rose point's out a good direction for them to go in and Sollux and Aradia uses their psionics to give the Veil a good push.

Updated Personality: He'll be a little more fed up with shit and more emotionally tired. Also, as previously stated, he's going to feel not really all here like he's not really alive but not really dead either. Beyond that he'll still be the asswad he always has been.
Updated Abilities: It's confirmed that he has psionics still, maybe a little stronger then before, and he can now see again but in 2-D (though I've already regained both). Beyond that, nothing really more.
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[personal profile] polariity 2012-02-19 01:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Confirming this! 8D

(no subject)

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[personal profile] tsunmuse 2012-02-25 02:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Shaun
Character Name: Ako Shirabe
Canon: Suite Precure♪
Housing Change: Same Housing
Reason for Canon Update: Just advancing her through canon to about Episode 25
Updated Background: Between episodes 11 to 25, Ako starts to demonstrate a little more interaction with the two main girls of Suite Precure, Hibiki and Kanade. As such, she becomes a little more involved with their lives by way of Souta and offering a little more conversation at any given point. During this time as Black Cure Muse, Ako prevents the defeat of the first two Cures several times over, foiling Ellen's plots and preventing her from running rampant. Ako and Souta have a little bit of involvement during the stages that leads up to Ellen's switching to the good guys, after Hummy is captured and saved during this point.

Updated Personality: Ako primarily remains the same, aloof and a little more tsun than normal since she had seen her father during Ellen's dramatic moment where she becomes a Precure. As it stands, she's starting to waver on her decision to simply protect her father from danger.

Updated Abilities: No changes have taken place.
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[personal profile] punch_illusions_get_harem 2012-03-05 07:02 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Pip
Character Name: Touma Kamijou
Canon: To aru Majutsu no Index
Housing Change: No age or housing change
Reason for Canon Update: Canon updating him to a more convenient timeline for interacting with long-standing castmates, and in anticipation of new ones. Present canon point presents major difficulties in dealing with their timelines, so this should make him a little easier to play.

Updated Background: The span of time experienced is just a few days from before, but when the sum total of your memories from home is barely a month's worth, that sort of time is massive. Especially for Touma, who managed to encounter numerous characters he has yet to properly meet or remember, and become exposed to one of the bloodiest, most controversial experiments ever: the "Sisters" experiment.

There was this Level 5 Esper named Accelerator, whom some group was trying to "upgrade" to a Level 6 -- a long-since thought of theoretical impossibility as far as power-scaling goes, for espers. The process sounds simple enough: Accelerator just has to fight battles until he unlocks the next level of his potential. Easy, right? Wrong. It is a long, bloody path, and the reason it's so twisted is because of who these battles are with.

In order to facilitate this experiment, Misaka Mikoto's cells had been used to produce clones -- the 20,000 MISAKA "Sisters", many of whom Touma encountered in those short few days. They are not simply defeated by Accelerator. No, he always takes things too far and kills them in horrible ways once they are down. Touma witnessed the aftermath of one such fight, and that is where he met up with a group of about 20 of the Sisters who gave him huge clues as to what was going on. These Sisters also confirmed the serial number of the one he was in contact with at the beginning of the arc, which is MISAKA #10032.

Over the course of those next days, Touma sought out clues and found documentation of the purpose of the experiment, as well as diagrams for the city where Mikoto had destroyed machines in research facilities she suspected were involved in this plot. The only advantage they had was that the Tree Diagram supercomputer used to calculate the necessary moves for the experiment was destroyed weeks ago (something that confirmed an event he was already vaguely aware of), so that any massive changes to the calculations should throw things out of whack enough for the researchers to end the experiment.

However, he would not let Mikoto throw her life away to try and foil those plans by intentionally losing. Following the other leads, he eventually confronts Accelerator, along with Mikoto (who was also trying to end the experiments) and MISAKA #10032, whom he rescues from Accelerator. A big fight takes place, Touma shatters Accelerator's illusion, and this part of their story comes to an end. The experiment is shut down because Accelerator was defeated by Touma - the lowest Level 0 in Academy City - and thus it threw off all the calculations involved. The Sisters go into a "hibernation" of sorts to recover before they can be integrated into society, and life goes on for himself, Mikoto, and others.

Updated Personality: Touma does not undergo any changes he hasn't already in Mayfield. Really, what he witnessed back home doesn't hold a candle to the events this place has thrown at him, his friends, and those from his world. However, he does gain more of an appreciation for Misaka's "Sisters" as a result of the end of the experiment, thinking that they will be able to live normal, independent lives now. He can also appreciate Accelerator's psychotic behavior fully, now, having experienced it first-hand in the setting of Academy City. Then there is also his experience with the onee-sama obsessive Shirai Kuroko, whose interference is what brought him in contact with the documentation mentioned above in the first place.

All in all, he learns that Big Things are happening in Academy City, and he's getting the impression that he will no longer be able to pretend they don't affect him just because he's a Level 0 Esper near drop-out who can't even pay attention during make-up lessons.

Updated Abilities: No ability changes.
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[personal profile] silvergoldengun 2012-03-05 09:26 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Hotaru
Character name: Basco ta Jolokia
Housing change: n/a
Reason for canon update: I wanted to make Basco wanted, and to be able to say that 'if I really hated you, I wouldn't have helped you out when you were in a pinch' to Marvelous...
Updated background: Upon return to Mayfield, he will have saved Marvelous from execution, thus making himself the enemy of the Zangyack Empire once more. He will be wanted, and have a bounty on his head worth about as much as the whole Gokai-crew have together. Before that, he also have shown Marvelous and his comrades his (Basco's) true form. Depending on their timeline, however, they might or might not know. But he know that they will find out about it soon.
Updated personality: n/a
Updated abilities: n/a
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[personal profile] eternalfuture 2012-03-14 07:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Jen
Character Name: Tsukino Usagi
Canon: Sailor Moon
Housing Change: Keeping it as-is

Reason for Canon Update: She's been in Mayfield a while, but I think she needs the updated coping skills that she develops in the year and a bit between her old and new points.

Updated Background: During the time between her current canon point (the end of S) and her new canon point (the first episode of Stars post the Nehelenia arc), Usagi has aged to 16 years old and has just begun high school (in the Japanese system). During the year in question, she's encountered two new sets of enemies in the Amazon Trio and the Amazoness Quartet. Their strength was greater than that of previous enemies, and she transforms into Super Sailor Moon on a regular basis in order to defeat them.

These new sets of enemies go after a person's secret dream, in search of Pegasus. While most of the episodes of SuperS focus on Chibiusa and her relationship with Pegasus, Usagi is always there in the background to fight and to cheer others on.

It's the final act of the SuperS story where we really see Usagi mature. She's forced to go through a living nightmare in order to save Mamoru, the one she loves, and it takes a lot of strength and determination to do so. This is made even more bittersweet by the fact that in the very next episode, she finds out he's leaving for a study-abroad program.

Updated Personality: There hasn't been a lot of change in Usagi, though if anything, she's learned not to take her friends for granted. She almost lost several of them during the Nehelenia arc of Stars, and she's going to be more protective and more proactive during events.

Updated Abilities: Usagi will have the ability to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Eternal Sailor Moon, the latter for brief periods of time. See her Wikimoon entry for more details.

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Name: Rue
Character Name: Nina Fortner, a.k.a. Anna Liebert
Canon: Monster
Housing Change: Same housing!
Reason for Canon Update: Resetting her, not canon updating.
Updated Background: N/A.
Updated Abilities: N/A.
Edited 2012-03-17 07:38 (UTC)
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Name: Steve
Character Name: Shadow the Hedgehog
Canon: Sonic the Hedgehog
Housing Change: 3474 Erwin Road
Reason for Canon Update: This isn't really a canon update so much as it is just a move to a different house in town! I've spoken with Anakin's mun and she's given permission!
Updated Background: N/A
Updated Personality: N/A
Updated Abilities: N/A
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Name: Jackie
Character Name: Minato Arisato
Canon: Persona 3
Housing Change: Randomized housing is fine. He will be 18, so he'll need to be placed in an adult slot.
Reason for Canon Update: This is actually something that should have been done for a long time. But right now, Minato's mental state is gradually deteriorating thanks to spoilers from his canon, and both the majority of his CR being droned and the horrific events in Mayfield don't help with that. It's getting to a point where playing him is becoming more difficult in general. This update will help him resolve several issues, and give him back the spark present when I first apped him.
Updated Background: From November 11th onward, Minato's school Gekkoukan gets ready for their trip to Kyoto. There Minato sees famous historical sites, buys suveniors, and unwittingly gets involved in a bath-house peeping mission. Whoops. This is why you do not associate with guys like Junpei and Ryoji, Minato. Anyway, after that, Chidori is discovered to have broken out of her hospital ward after being convinced to come back to Strega. S.E.E.S. fights her, and then the other two members show up. One of them shoots Junpei and he almost dies, except Chidori saves him by giving him her life, thus she dies instead. This leads to Junpei upgrading his Persona from Hermes to Trismegistus, and Strega decide to fall back, not wanting their plans to be disrupted. Things more or less return to normal, as Junpei resolves to live on for Chidori, and he and Minato reconcile at last.

But peace is short-lived, as by the next Full Moon, Aigis goes on a mission alone to track down Ryoji. There, the two remember their fight 10 years ago on the Moonlight Bridge, when Aigis battled a part of Death (revealed to be Ryoji himself) but failing to defeat it completely, sealed it inside the only other person there: Minato. Once again, Aigis attempts to fight Ryoji, but falls to the boy's reawakened power. When SEES finds Aigis, she's badly damaged, yet Minato takes her hand as she shuts down. Confronting Ryoji, he reveals what happened, and what he remembered before collapsing. Minato himself is shocked by this truth, that Ryoji (Death) had been inside him for 10 years, and finally remembering Pharos and realizing the little night child and Ryoji were one and the same.

The next night is worse, as a recovered Ryoji reveals Nyx's coming, and the Fall which will end humanity. Nyx is undefeatable, but because Ryoji was sealed inside Minato he was given a human form and could be killed. It would not permanently stop the Fall, but it would end the Dark Hour and delay its coming, with the downside that their memories would be erased. But that also meant they could live the rest of their lives peacefully. So they are given a choice: kill him and have a peaceful death, or don't and suffer each day until the Fall. And they only have one month to make this decision. Yeah, depressing stuff I know.

Ryoji leaves, and the gang spend most of the month depressed over these revelations. At the same time, rumors go around that Apathy Syndrome, a phenomenon that renders people into walking zombies, isn't such a big deal. Basically things suck although slowly, SEES slowly do come to terms and eventually decide they want to fight anyway. First Yukari and Mitsuru, then Akihiko and Ken, Junpei and Fuuka, Aigis, until it all comes down to Minato. When Ryoji comes back a month later, and he sees how almost everyone has made the decision not to kill him, he follows Minato into his room, and places the decision on our hero. Without his teammates around, Ryoji once again tries to tempt Minato to kill him. He even transformed into Thanatos, to give Minato a preview of what he will face should he not kill him now. However, Minato still decides not to do so, as that would be betraying his friends' trust, and Ryoji has little choice but to respect his most important person's decision. So Ryoji bids them goodbye and wishes for the coming New Year, telling them that if they desire to fight Nyx to come to the top of the tower Tartarus by January 31st.

After that, Minato and the boys visit the girls at the shrine for New Years, who are wearing kimonos. Junpei proceeds to get his foot stomped by Yukari, who doesn't approve of telling dirty stories to little kids like Ken. And things proceed like normal for SEES in January. Minato concentrates on school during the day, forms a new bond with Aigis, and at night leads SEES (now the Nyx Annihilation Team) up the floors of Tartarus. But all is not well, as Strega has formed a cult dedicated to the coming of Nyx, hailing her as a savior who will lead humanity to bliss through death. SEES is unable to do much about it other than continuing their plan of action. By January 31st, suspecting that even if they succeed their memories might disappear, the team make a promise to all meet up at the school roof, on Graduation Day. At Tartarus, they confront the remaining Strega members one final time, and make their way to the top of Tartarus, where Ryoji, now the Nyx Avatar, awaits them. After a long battle, they manage to win....only for Nyx Avatar to get back up in mere moments. He then calls down Nyx, who pummels the Earth with waves that call people to their deaths. Try as SEES can, they can only barely withstand it for so long before they drop unconcious, Minato being the last to do so. He wakes up in the Velvet Room, where Igor and Elizabeth help him realize the true strength of his bonds. Minato hears the calls and encouragement from his social links, and with it obtains the power of the ultimate arcana: the Universe. After this, he wakes up and floats straight towards Nyx, who continues pummeling him with waves of death that he barely withstands. Then SEES starts shouting encourgement at him, stating he's not alone and they're willing to die for him. With this, he recovers completely and uses the Great Seal to...well, seal her. A move that uses all of his HP...

With the battle over, SEES remains floating in space, with no idea what happened to their leader. After some final words from Ryoji, they return to the bottom of the tower, where they see the disappearance of Tartarus and the Dark Hour. Minato appears, to their great relief.

A month passes, and just as feared all Dark Hour related memories disappeared as well. Only Minato and Aigis remember, the latter being avoidant and the former going about his days like normal. As said, the Great Seal used all his life force, and he's only still alive by willpower alone. By Graduation Day, he receives a visit by Aigis, who reveals she remembers everything, and helps him to the school rooftop. He lays on her lap as they wait for their friends. He listens to her speak about how her decision to live, and decided that he will be her reason to do so. Then he hears the rest of SEES coming up the stairs (they finally remembered), and with a content smile on his face closes his eyes to rest...for eternity.
Updated Personality: Special note here: Minato is a silent protagonist, dialogue only being provided by the multiple choice box, so his character is mostly up to the player's interpretation. That said, for this portion of canon, there's an obvious change for those who pay attention. Many of his dialogue choices are light-hearted and optimistic, with fewer "jerkass" options than early in the game.

On the surface, there's nothing all that new. He's still stoic, and the damn near unflappable field leader of SEES. However, when he told Ryoji that he wouldn't kill him, that marked an important point in his character development, becoming someone with strong foundations who can make decisions for himself. Contrast that to the beginning of canon, when he signs a contract put before him without question. Back then he didn't see any reason not to; with no friends or commitments, he had nothing to lose. But now, he's gained lifelong friends, whom he does not want to either throw away or forget. All of his actions, by the end of the game, are devoted to them. From his choice with Ryoji, to his self-sacrifice, and staying alive for an entire month on willpower alone just to keep the promise they made together.

As if that's not enough, this is where his optimisim really shines. The nature of his sacrifice relies on having faith in humanity. Having witnessed all his social links cheer for him during the darkest hour, is what granted him to awaken to the Universe arcana. Yes, it's going to suck being the Seal, but he believes it will be alright, so long as it gives his friends (and humanity as a whole) a chance to live and find the answer to their lives.
Updated Abilities: As per the RPG ritual, he is higher-leveled, up to level 90. In addition, he has new Personae now, including his ultimate one Messiah. There's also Mara (NSFW!!), Helel (formally called Lucifer in P3 vanilla), Susano-o, Satan, Kohryu, and Norn. Some of his older ones he'll keep, but higher leveled: Thanatos, Scathach, Odin, Arahabaki, and Surt.
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Name: Lan
Character Name: Aurora Belle Jenkins
Canon: original
Housing Change: I would like to move her, that's all! She's currently at 912 Bilko, but with the mun of the only house member's permission, I'd like to move her to 7135 Brooks, with Tsukasa.
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I'm fine with this!
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Name: Katsies
Character Name: Padmé Amidala
Canon: Star Wars
Housing Change: 3474 Erwin Road
Reason for Canon Update: This isn't really a canon update, just a housing change request. I've already gotten permission from from the Anakin and Shadow muns.
Updated Background: N/A
Updated Personality: N/A
Updated Abilities: N/A
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Retracting this!
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Name: Hotaru
Character name: Hibari Kyoya
Reason for canon update: Catching up with canon and the two newest arcs.
Updated background:
Soon after Hibari (and the rest of the Vongola Guardians) returned to their own time, seven students transfer to Namimori Middle. He soon get into an argument with Adelheid, the leader of the transfer students' disciplinary committee, about the control of the school. The day after, they start a fight about it, but they are stopped by Reborn, who tell Hibari (and the rest of the Vongola Guadrians) that the transfers are from an allied mafia family.
He showed up at the Vongola Inheritance Ceremony, much to the rest of the family's surprise. He says that he will bite the people who have disturbed the peace of Namimori to death. He is later, together with the rest of the guardians, defeated by Enma and had his Vongola Ring broken. His pride was severly damaged by this.

While Talbot was upgrading the Vongola Rings, he waited in a separate room from the other guardians. He was able to show his resolve and his Ring upgraded into Bracelet of the Clouds Version X.
Upon arrival to the Shimon Island, he watched the others from a helicopter. When Adelheid show up to challenge the Vongola, he appears from the helicopter and accept Adelheid's challenge.

Hibari and Adelheid fight, him beating her 500 diamond duplicates very easily and very much without interest. When Adelheid questions why a man of his caliber would side with Tsuna, he retorts that he isn't and ask her why she follow someone so pitiful as Enma. When Adelheid tries to defend Enma by saying he carries the sadness of Simon, Hibari remarks Enma is a small animal and that he bears things too big for him and because of that he keeps on screaming.
This make Adelheid rage, and she says that Enma hate war, but he chose this path because he wanted to preserve the Shimon. At the same time, she send her clones at him, which he beat just as easily as before. He can't break the diamond castle from the outside, so he has Roll, his hedgehog weapon, break it down from the inside.While Adelheid is still stunned, he get behind her and defeat her.

Daemon Spade, the first Mist Guardian, possesses Mukuro's body, and Hibari chanllenge him on a one-on-one battle. At first it seemed as if Hibari had the upper hand until Deamon copies Ryohei's Vongola Gear. Daemon traps Hibari, alongside Gokudera, Lambo, Yamamoto and Julie in his Illusionary World.

After Deamon is defeated by Tsuna, Hibari exits the world, and from what is later stated by Reborn, he got a severe case of hives after the battle agaisnt Daemon. A week later, he goes to fight Mukuro, who had been released from the Vindice Prison.

Reborn ask Hibari if he want to take part in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow as his representative, however Hibari declined. He, instead, becomes Fon's representative because he want to bite him to death. During the first day of the Battle, he eliminates Ryohei, while Yamamoto and Gokudera manage to escape. On the second day, Hibari fight Team Mammon (the Varia). Before he could finish his battle with Xanxus, however, the time run out, and to continue fighting, Hibari destroy his Boss Watch, which eliminates Team Fon from the Representative Battle.
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Updated personality: n/a
Updated abilities: (more like regains)
Roll (Version X)
Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear:
Bracelet of the Clouds Version X:
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Name: Nica
Character Name: Wilhelmina Carmel
Canon: Shakugan no Shana
Housing Change: No change
Reason for Canon Update: The ending of the series, season three recently ended and a lot happens. Wilhelmina gets a lot of important character development in it. I also want to keep up with Shana who will be updated as well.
Updated Background:
Wilhelmina originally came from the end of season 2 (with information from the OVAs which do not have any particular timeline). Her role was simple, taking care of Shana, avoiding Outlaw and looking up information to help then with Yuuji. In season 3 however a lot happens. There is an intense war between the Flame Haze and the Tomogara, in in this war Yuuji is on the Tomogara side. Wilhelmina continues her role of supporting Shana, however she is faced with many questions.

Wilhelmina loses a lot in this season and has the question of her self worth brought up, she almost loses her status as a Flame Haze from self doubt, but is pulled out of it. However the most important event is that her long time friend Pheles merged with her lover Johann to create a new being, a child by the name of Justus. Justus is given to Wilhelmina to raise.

Now the entire conflict in season 3 is a new world that is being created for the Tomogara, a copy of the world called Xanadu, the Flame Haze fight to make sure that the Tomogara won't trash the new world like they were the old one. Justus is labeled as a child perfect for this world and a simple of Tomogara and humans living in potential peace. Due to this Wilhelmina takes her new charge to the new world to raise it properly.

Updated Personality:
The major thing that happens to Wilhelmina is that she starts to question her worth. She has always taken on all the burden, all the responsibility and done what she thinks she must do. She tries to do everything herself and everything perfectly so others will have nothing to complain about. This has always made her hard to deal with and standoffish, people don't know how to deal with her so they just leave problems to her to handle. This has led to a cycle of Wilhelmina never doing what she wishes, what she feels like doing. Instead she has always done what she thinks must be done, or what she should do. However, an important event makes her think about this deeply and she finally realizes there is no reason for her to do this. She should do what her heart tells her and do what she truly wishes.

When she comes to this realization a great weight is lifted from her heart and she is able to do things a little more freely. Since it is a recent revelation she's still a little hesitant, but even in her last scene we can see she seems a little more open and a lot happier.

Updated Abilities: No new abilities (though one could say she is in better "synch" with Tiamat and due to her change in thinking about what she truly wants and how Flame Haze abilities work it could be said she is more capable than before.)
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Name: Liz.
Character Name: Diana Ethelbert.
Canon: Original Character.
Housing Change: 1335 Benny Road. I've gotten the okay from both players in that house.
Reason for Canon Update: I want her to be able to socialize easier with people, so it's essentially character development and expanding on the universe she comes from.
Updated Background: When we last left off on Diana's world, she was still joining her parents on their escapades with getting more and more used to her library and the psychic abilities she was able to obtain. Life still was fine and well for the Ethelbert family until one day, her parents disappeared for the reason that they finally made the wrong person angry. How Diana found out about this was through a message that appeared specifically for her and told her that if she wanted to see them again, she had to gather the funds necessary and show up alone. She had a week to do this or else the captors would make an example out the Ethelbert family to Epyaxa.

Naturally, this didn't sit well with Diana, so she pulled the strings necessary to save her parents. However, unbeknowest to her, her parents had set up a failsafe if this situation ever happened and Diana was greeted by a family friend - Xenia Anderson, who went by the name Olivia Hawk in order to keep her identity with her organization, it aptly named the English Defense Service. The two of them got along surprisingly well and Diana placed her faith in the older woman to do her job well. In no time flat (around five days of tireless searching), Diana and Olivia managed to find her parents, but it wasn't easy. Even though she brought the money as agreed upon, the captors wanted more. In fact, they wanted Diana solely because of the gift she had as the money meant nothing to the wealth of infinite knowledge did. And so, a hard battle commenced between Olivia and them while Diana did what she could to free her parents before anything bad happened to them.

However, this didn't work out as planned. Right when Diana managed to get her parents to safety, she was taken captive and struggled her entire way throughout it. As it turned out, she managed to push them away with just a single thought and a scream on her part. As far as she was aware, she wasn't capable of this power just yet. But, it did surprise the captors enough to scare them away. Diana immediately joined up with her parents once more and she vowed to take care of them for a change. In addition to this, she tried to tell them to give up on their theivery because she didn't want to see them be taken away from her again. Her parents agreed and the life of crime they had previously stopped while Diana was grateful for the change in events.

The life she had after this was pretty much the same, only that she was getting used to having Olivia around and her powers. As it turned out, Olivia was more motherly and caring than Diana once thought she was and would do her duty to protect, as well as take care of her. And, as it turned out, Diana was appreciative of this and began to open up more than she did previously. However, she did notice every now and then that she had little green discharges of electrical build up come off of her hands when she would do her work. She did her best to ignore it, but when it got more and more prevalent, she knew she couldn't ignore it any further. She then caved to seek help for what was going on. But, the problem that came as a result of this was that she didn't know who was well versed in entire physical changes, as well as the kind of abilities she had. So, while she was willing to get help for what was going on, she didn't know who to turn to. Thus, she kept quiet and tried to deal with this problem on her own. As she consulted her library for help, she couldn't narrow it down enough to get a concise answer. Unfortunately, she decided to suffer with her problem alone - just like she did with her library and psychic powers in the beginning.

The more she dealt with her problems alone, the worse they became. The green electrical discharges became more pronounced to the point of inteferring with her work and daily life. She decided that she couldn't just simply ignore this problem any further and she took matters into her own hands. Tirelessly, she worked on a machine that would be able to tell her exactly what was wrong with her body. It took a couple of weeks to build, but when she finally had it all set up and operational, she performed a series of tests on herself. What came as a result of these tests was one answer:

Her body was entirely composed of data. The green electrical discharges was because her body was slowly destabilizing itself and served as a warning. For all this time, she had been essentially living a lie. She was confused, she was frustrated, and she was feeling hurt and upset. And so, Diana reverted back to who she used to be which blew all of the improvement she made with opening up to others out of the water. She wouldn't come out of her house, let alone her room and her lab. This behavior went on for months, and despite her parents' pleas for her to tell them what was wrong, she didn't want to burden them with what she found out. Even when Olivia asked her to open up to her, she refused since she felt like this problem was something that she had to deal with by herself.

As Diana struggled to be the person she was before her discovery, there were reports of Epyaxa exhibiting changes in the atmosphere as well as on the ground itself. However, it seemed like there was a growing connection in between Diana and what Epyaxa was going through. The more Epyaxa destabilized, the frequency of the discharges increased. As downtrodden as Diana was, there was a curiosity that needed to be sated. She went back into the machine and customized it to give her even more answers than she had beforehand. As it turned out, she was the conduit of Epyaxa and was the one who could help stabilize the planet, as well as her own body. And so, when the problems in both Epyaxa and herself didn't stop, she decided to do the one thing she knew would work - sacrificing herself for her world. Even though she didn't want to go, she knew it had to be done.

After she made her amends with her parents and Olivia, she said she'd be fine with where she was going and went off to the exact middle of the planet. She jumped into the opening while saying her goodbyes and separated until there was nothing left of her. With her noble sacrifice, Epyaxa stabilized, but she didn't show any signs of returning herself. It turned out that the planet needed her to realign itself and she stayed with it to piece the broken areas back together. And thus, the girl known as Diana Ethelbert was forever gone.

... Well, for a while.

When Diana turned eighteen, her work with Epyaxa was done and she was granted a new lease on her life. She reappeared on the steps of her parents' mansion with a new look on life and was happy to be back. She apologized for her behavior previously and was welcomed back with warm arms. The people of Epyaxa had figured out what she had done to save the world and she was given the title "Avatar of Epyaxa" and was regarded as a hero, even with her strange powers.

Updated Personality: Diana has considerably grown up from the person she used to be. From who was a generally cold person all around changed into a responsible young adult. She is now considerably calmer, able to smile and laugh, and generally is able to be a lot happier than she was. Even though she discovered the nastiest part of her power, she's come to terms with what happened and put it behind her fully. The time she spent repairing Epyaxa caused her to have a new appreciation on her life as a whole and to not be so disconnected with other people.

However, this doesn't mean that she's willing to let go of some of her past ways. She's still willing to joke around and tease people, even going so far as to still being condescending towards them. However, it's toward people that actually deserve it instead of doing it to everyone. Yet, she still has trust issues. While she is generally able to let people in much easier, she doesn't want to be hurt any further than she was in the past. Though, when it comes to her friends, she's able to be much more comfortable around her. Really, all it'll take to get her to trust you is time and understanding as to what she can do as well as time for her to get to know you even better than she does right now.

But, honestly, she's still the same Diana Ethelbert we've come to (love? hate? your choice) see and she's happy with the kind of person she is, knowing that there's much more for her to do. And, she's not going to stop for nothing and no one. She'll continue to be just who she needs to be and is very happy about that.

Updated Abilities: The biggest change is that Diana discovered that her body was, ever since her accident, composed of data and was able to directly link to Epyaxa itself and fix what was going on in her world. However, this does mean she's susceptible to viruses, worms, trojans, malware, etc. In normal human physiology, these are things like a common cold, influenza, and other diseases and viruses. Though, if she were to get harmed, she would still bleed blood, bruise, have her bones broken, etc. At this point, she doesn't have to worry about the electrical discharges since she essentially returned to her planet, the problem was corrected and she is now stable. Additionally, she can also understand and "talk" with Epyaxa. She can hear it cry out, hear what it wants, etc. This has helped to humble her and she likes this little gift because it helps keep her in tune with the planet she lives on and strive to make it even better than it was beforehand.

She has expanded on her psychic powers to include the aformentioned scream. It works at its' best when she's threatened and the severity of the threat against her means the stronger the magnitude will be to throw the person off of her. Due to what she did for her planet, she's able to hone in a lot easier to her telepathic abilities and the sound of everyone thinking won't drive her into a splitting headache like it usually would. She's very grateful for this and the way she does this is through placing her fingers to her temple and locks in to what she wants to hear so that she's not overwhelmed with everyone's thoughts coming in at once. In addition to this, her telekinesis has grown stronger too. She's able to easily lift and move heavy objects, but these take a considerable amount of concentration to pull off and if it's broken, she'll need to regain said concentration once more.

In addition to this, she can pretty much hold her own in a fight by now due to having training sessions given to her by Olivia just in case if she wouldn't be able to protect her.

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Name: Inkwell
Character Name: Klaus Wulfenbach
Canon: Girl Genius
Housing Change: None!
Reason for Canon Update: A lot has happened in the canon in the nearly two years since I apped him, and very recently a LOT of Klaus-related shit went down.

Updated Background:

In canon, only a few days at most will have passed for Klaus. After being forcibly knocked out by Dr. Sun (the canon point I took him from previously), he was placed in a high-pressure healing engine. Theoretically, he should have been in there for weeks, but being Klaus he punched his way out of it the moment he was strong enough to move his arm.

This is where things started to go downhill. Not only was Dr. Sun very displeased about his healing engine suddenly having a huge hole in it, but he saw fit to enlist the help of one Princess Anevka Sturmvoraus in subduing the offending patient. This wouldn't have been a problem if Anevka wasn't actually one of the three current Lucrezia copies running around and the exact person Klaus was trying to avoid the first time he attempted to break out of the hospital. It is implied that she subdued him easily, likely using her command voice to control him through the slaver wasp she implanted in him days prior. I also assume, though as-yet we haven't been given canon confirmation, that she gave him a catch-all list of orders: don't disobey me. Tell no one you are under my control. Tell no one who I really am. The usual sorts of things your evil genocidal maniac wouldn't want getting out to the general public, especially not through her new favorite pawn.

He was then confined to bed rest (again), but refused to sleep, until an Extremely Boring Guy was brought in to tell him a story and hopefully force him to get some rest. Of course he used this as an opportunity to get news of what was going on outside, though he learned relatively nothing new except that neither of the current possible Heterodyne girls had been accepted as rulers of Mechanicsburg yet. He then managed to get the Boring Guy to listen to a story of his own design, which in reality was a very thinly-veiled message to his son, meant to convey that he was under Lucrezia's control and that the only course of action would be to kill him before she used that to her advantage.

He doesn't show up again in the comic until quite a few important things have come to pass. Gilgamesh Wulfenbach returned to Castle Wulfenbach and took control of the current battle and political situation. The Boring Guy found his way aboard and related the fairy tale, which Gil did not immediately pick up on until Tarvek Sturmvoraus pointed out the double meaning.

Meanwhile, we can deduce from canon hints that Klaus had by that point come back to Castle Wulfenbach as well. Several Wulfenbach officials had orders to capture Gil and take him to his father, including Bangladesh DuPree. Gil then used Tarvek's anti-slaver wasp formula on DuPree (and, so far as we've seen, not himself, because he is an idiot), and in a fit of SCIENCE!-induced crazy, she punched him into unconsciousness.

Gil woke up with Klaus standing over him, holding a wasp-detecting weasel that has just indicated that he was infected. Quite a bit was revealed in this scene: Gil was wasped while he was at University in Paris, which indicated that Tarvek was always working for the Bad Guys, and DuPree appeared to have been poisoned (apparently by the formula), which points to the same thing.

None of the story Klaus gave to Gil actually matched up, however. There were many gaping holes in the logic of it, and this leads me to believe that Klaus was merely reciting a story given to him by Lucrezia. Her plan was likely to turn Gil against Agatha and Tarvek and thus make him more susceptible to working with her by using his father to gain his trust.

Just to back up my interpretation a little: Both Gil and Klaus in the entire section over-act horrendously, which is not in their natures. If Gilgamesh really were wasped and thus under the control of the Other, Klaus's immediate reaction should not be to launch into a monologue containing sensitive and damning information, especially given that this conversation took place in front of a good many observers. Gil keeps a tight hold on the Idiot Ball, despite his tendency in other situations to let it go when things actually get serious. Everything in this section points to Klaus's story being a fabrication by Lucrezia and both him and his son knowing it full well, and so that is how I will play it if this canon update is approved.

After his conversation with Gil, Klaus ordered him taken to a containment room until further notice, likely until Lucrezia can get to him and put him under her power (I assume that Gil is not actually wasped; the wasp weasel indicated him as such but not Klaus, leading me to believe that their function of detecting wasped individuals has been reversed so that they detected uninfected and, thus, those that would pose a threat to Lucrezia). I will be taking him from this point.

Updated Personality: Outwardly, Klaus's personality is his usual quick-thinking wry grumpy self. However, the fairytale especially and its very clear message of 'there is no way to cure an infected and I'm far too dangerous, you have to kill me' leads me to believe that Klaus has inwardly resigned himself to death. His main goal in life has shifted; instead of saving those he has sworn to protect in his usual methods, he will protect them by not allowing himself to be used against them. He has mellowed somewhat with that realization, much the same as almost two years in Mayfield have mellowed him.

It's worth noting, even though we don't have a Gilgamesh in Mayfield, that during their conversation Klaus is far more affectionate and emotional than he has ever been around his son before, even going so far as to hold his shoulders when he's freaking out (Klaus is NEVER physically affectionate with his son). With his resignation to his fate I feel comes a certain sort of freedom; Klaus has up until this point had great reservations about displaying emotion to anyone but now it hardly matters because he's going to die anyway and his son might as well know that he intends, until that point, to do 'everything in his power' to help him. Coming from Klaus, and a wasped Klaus, this is no small promise. It means he is going to attempt to directly defy the woman who could order him to die slowly and painfully at any time in order to keep his son from suffering the same fate, because he no longer cares about his own life in any capacity other than giving everyone else on the Good side as much of a head start as he can with whatever time he has left.

It should also be noted that all of Lucrezia's orders that he has canonically been given will carry over into Mayfield until such time as Mayfield's Lucrezia regains her command voice and either changes or nullifies them.

Updated Abilities: None!
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Name: Gingey
Character Name: Accelerator
Canon: To Aru Majutsu no Index
Housing Change: N/A
Reason for Canon Update: Accelerator has been in game for nearly a year now, and when I apped him I actually intended to canon update him as soon as more translations were available(translations were up to the 19th novel, so I apped from a point near the end of it)...and while they have been up-to-date since last July, I held off because playing him before a lot of major character development turned out to be a lot of fun! But now that he's gone through plenty of trauma at the hands of the town and has lost everyone he knew from home when he'd always had at least two castmates, I figure it's a good time for him to grow up a bit in a way that isn't likely to happen through in-game development.

Updated Background:
After Accelerator and the rest of GROUP confronted a member of the city's board of directors, an interdimensional superbeing known as Aiwass manifested in front of them, causing all of them but Accelerator to pass out. Its held a brief conversation with him about some of the incidents he had been involved in--including one where Last Order had been used to create the artificial angel known as FUZE=Kazakiri. It went on to explain that because of its similarity to an angel, its presence was killing Last Order, and it told Accelerator that the only way to save her was to go to Russia. Without a second thought, Accelerator found her unconscious in her bed, grabbed her, and stowed away on a train headed for Russia. Unfortunately for him? World War Three had recently broken out and most of the fighting was taking place in Russia.

In Russia, Accelerator ended up fighting against groups from both sides of the war for a wide variety of reasons. An unidentified group or person in his own city ended up sending someone to assassinate him and Last Order--and not just anyone, either. This assassin was a newly created Misaka clone, born specifically for the task. Known as Misaka Worst, she intended to kill Accelerator or break him down mentally until he killed himself, knowing full well that he would not want to fight back when she attacked him because she was a Misaka sister and he would do anything to avoid hurting her. At this point he had grown to believe that his quest to save Last Order was hopeless anyway, so he allowed her to shoot metal stakes through his arm and calf and planned on letting her kill him. As she attacked him, she took great pleasure in mocking him, targeting all the right subjects and effectively mindfucking him as she claimed that the Misakas he went so far to protect all hated him and would never forgive him for his crimes. However, right when Worst was about to strike the finishing blow to him, she decided killing Last Order in front of him would be a better way to go about it--watching him fall apart until he finally took his own life was what she really wanted. Accelerator finally broke his promise to never hurt a Misaka clone and broke her arm to protect Last Order, and, seeing his intense emotional reaction to having harmed her, Worst decided to kill herself to drive him over the edge so he would commit suicide. Accelerator stopped her, but her actions had their intended effect--Accelerator had been pushed so far that he gave up on life and spent awhile sitting in the snow thinking about how badly he wanted to die.

Luckily, Accelerator soon crossed paths with Touma Kamijou, the boy that defeated him and ended the Level Six Shift experiment two months prior. Out of desperation Accelerator picked a fight with Touma, blaming his inability to save Last Order on the fact that he was a bad person and claiming that she deserved to have a hero like Touma protecting her. When Accelerator was once again defeated by Touma, he lectured him on the flaws in his beliefs about morality, and because Accelerator idolizes Touma, he actually listened for once. Accelerator passed out immediately after the fight and Touma arranged for someone to take him, Last Order, and Worst to a small country where he hoped a mage he knew could heal Last Order. It didn't work, but nonetheless Accelerator protected the tiny country from the Russian forces attacking them and ended up joining forces with Worst.

Accelerator eventually left the country to protect them from the people pursuing him, and went on to fight the archangel Gabriel, who had been summoned by a mage that wanted to create despair by slaughtering soldiers on both sides of the conflict. Stopping Gabriel's massacre of the soldiers with the help of the artificial angel FUZE=Kazakiri led to him finally finding the key to saving Last Order--a magic song, originally sung by a nun named Index to save her when she was used to create FUZE=Kazakiri. As an Esper, Accelerator was not supposed to be able to use magic, but he prayed to be allowed to save her and while it nearly costs him his own life, it worked. He didn't have long to celebrate, however, because a beam of magic energy powerful enough to destroy all of Eurasia was fired by the incredibly powerful mage that had summoned Gabriel. Accelerator entered his awakened state, and, determined to stop it even if he had to sacrifice himself, he told Worst to watch over Last Order. The small girl, now finally conscious after being dragged around Russia for days, figured out what he was hinting at and begged him not to go, saying that she wanted to be with him forever. With an uncharacteristically happy smile, he replied that he wanted the same thing. Somehow, this exchange triggered a transformation--his wings changed from black to white and a halo appeared above his head. He himself had turned into the world's second Artificial angel.

Despite Last Order's desperate pleas for him to stay, Accelerator flew off to stop the blast. He somehow successfully managed to do so, and woke up in the snow some time later. When Academy City's forces attempted to retrieve him, he threatened them into freeing not only him, but everyone else they had been holding hostage or forcing to do their dirty work.

Finally free of the government's hold on him, Accelerator felt it was okay for him to move back in with Yomikawa and Yoshikawa, bringing Worst to join him and Last Order there. He was then allowed a few peaceful days with them, spent trying to adjust to a semi-normal lifestyle after the war and...pretty much everything else that had happened in his life in general. It was quite strange for him, as he'd never had anything this normal in his life before. His peace was short-lived, however, as a group appeared to challenge him. They were people he had technically freed at the end of World War III that were unhappy with his actions. As part of a complex plan to prove themselves as valid replacements for everyone else Accelerator freed, they kidnapped a small girl. Forced to work with a boy known as Shiage Hamazura(who Accelerator had already met a few times), their foes' plan was thwarted fairly quickly. Much to their surprise, Touma Kamijou, who had been assumed dead at the end of the war, appeared at the last moment to assist them. Touma was accompanied by a small but extremely mature girl that demanded to have a discussion with Accelerator, Touma, and Shiage.

The group headed to Touma's house, where the girl--known as Birdway--began to explain certain things about magic to the boys, who were all fairly ignorant about it as they had been raised in a world of science. She went on to explain that a group called Gremlin had emerged, hoping to combine the forces of magic and science, and was a huge threat to the world. She planned to fight them in Hawaii, and spoke as if the three of them were going to accompany her. Accelerator's immediate response was to flat-out refuse, but Birdway claimed that he would come with her even if she specifically told him not to, because he was turning into a heroic person. Rather than answering, Accelerator angrily stormed out and headed home.

In the end, Birdway was proven right as Accelerator ended up heading to Hawaii to fight Gremlin with her. After being thrown multiple red herrings by a Gremlin mage that specialized in mind control, they managed to put a stop to a plan to overthrow the American government.

Updated Personality:
Before he went to Russia, Accelerator had an extremely strange idea of morality. As a fifteen-sixteen year old boy it was strange that he still believed that the world was black-and-white, and even stranger was how convinced he was that morality was predetermined. You were either born a good person or a bad person. If you did anything bad, you were obviously a bad person, and no amount of good deeds could ever hope to change that. As someone who has killed a large number of people, Accelerator was convinced that he was a terrible person and could never hope to change. Because of this, he held a lot of self-loathing that only got worse and worse as he struggled to try and make up for all the bad things he's done in his life, believing the entire time that none of his good deeds could ever be enough to make him a good person. Essentially, he believed he was a bad person whose responsibility it was to keep the other bad people from hurting good people.

But the things that happened during WWIII changed this. After Misaka Worst mindfucked him his self-loathing was at its worst, but a person he literally believed to be perfect came and inspired him to keep going. Touma encouraged him not to give up on life, telling him that his belief that it was his fate to be an awful person and a failure was complete and utter bullshit. That he could take control of his life and be the kind of person he desperately longed to be. Because of this, Accelerator was finally able to tell himself that no, he wasn't "born evil" and unable to change. Through the rest of the war we see Accelerator starting to accept himself for who is instead of despise himself. He still doesn't like himself, he thinks that while he doesn't have to be a bad person, he still can't be a good one, but it's a start. He even admits that he wants to protect people and that he doesn't have to be a "good" person to help others, instead of desperately denying it as his actions said otherwise.

He's still anti-social, he's still grumpy, he's still apathetic, and he's still tsundere, but he's getting less and less so. He's growing up, becoming more mature, making less of a fuss about things that don't really matter. He's better about admitting to his intention to save others, even if he does still spout tsundere excuses(that are growing weaker and weaker as time goes on) for heroic actions. He's still reaching towards being the heroic, good person he wants to be even if he tells himself the best he can do is "not a bad person."

Birdway says that whether he admits it or not, he's growing into a better, more heroic person, and she's absolutely right.

Updated Abilities: While Accelerator was previously capable of a feat known as "awakening," where black wings would manifest on his back and he gained a vaguely significant boost in his vector manipulation ability(the only detail we're really given is that while he usually cannot manipulate things unless he is touching them, this is not the case when he is awakened), it is assumed that he can do longer do this. Instead, he goes into "artificial angel" mode, gaining white wings and a halo. Very little is known about his angel mode as the only thing he's really done with it is stopping the blast that would've destroyed all of Eurasia, but it is generally assumed that because it is considered a step up from awakening, he can manipulate things in this state as well. To put it in perspective, being able to awaken is considered a sign of being halfway to becoming an artificial angel, so the two states are fairly similar. While awakening were triggered by extreme negative emotions, angel mode seems to be triggered by something more positive, like a desire to protect.
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Name: Jay
Character Name: Tony Stark
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Housing Change: No.
Reason for Canon Update: Well, following the freakin' Avengers, it would be criminal of me to keep the only Marvel Movie character behind the times. Right? Ha-ha... rhetorical.
Updated Background: Tony Stark, master of his own ceremonies and crasher of his own parties, finds himself the unexpected guest at an assembly he never thought possible: the Avenger Initiative. Led by stern, cycloptic Nick Fury and babysat by the perpetually even-tempered Agent Coulson, Tony was thrust into a world of Asgardian emissaries, super-science miracles and modern science catastrophes. He danced with death, allied with spies and was punted out a window (with style!). But it took a while to get to that point. He grew frustrated with Steve Rogers' focused, no-nonsense attitude, struggling to see what was so special about a 50's relic still shaking off freezer-burn. Tony doesn't like limits or conventional thinking. Those aren't qualities that got him to where he was today. Then he butted heads with Thor, the head-strong, single-minded Norse God of Lightning and Hair Gel. Magic and fairy tales are... magic and fairy tales! And no pretty boy with a weapon he bought at Home Depot was going to put him in his place. But he struggled to understand Bruce Banner, a scientist much like himself (but quiet and polite -- weird). Bruce, who had unfathomable power locked inside himself, treated the world as if it was made of glass while limping about behind the scenes like a beaten dog. Such power, such amazing potential, a man greater than all others, and he was hiding it! Bruce's empathy for others and sense of restraint were totally foreign concepts for Tony, who lived life in the complete opposite direction and never saw the point in doing otherwise. But these differing viewpoints and perspectives over time left a surprising impact on him, and Tony grew because of it. So Tony's One Man Show opened its doors to new variety acts... hell, if more people flocked out to see it, doesn't everybody win in the end? Besides, the ringleader is always the one who gets the glory...
Updated Personality: Tony is still his arrogant, free-spirited, reckless, roguishly mischievous self... but he's found a little more empathy along the way. His clashes with powerful opponents, near-death experiences, and, most importantly, interactions with people just as unique and spirited as himself have given him some food for thought. While you'll never take the kid out of Tony Stark, he's learned a thing or two about sharing the spotlight, and about trusting your life to others. He'd dabbled in that feeling a little with Rhodey, but that was his best friend -- this was with total stranger weirdos. It's a big step for him. And damn it if he didn't get a kick out of bouncing his energy (literal and figuratively) off of lightning gods, mutant monsters and WWII vets. You only live once. But with them, he bets he can live a lot longer and crazier.
Updated Abilities: None.

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