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Canon Updates

Canon updates will be accepted at any time.

Please expect up to a month's wait before a reply. Our goal is to process canon update requests twice per month, but we may not always meet this goal during busy periods.

For a Canon Update, Fill Out the Following
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Name: Tyra
Character Name: Carlton Lassiter
Canon: Psych
Housing Change: No change

Reason for Canon Update: Since Season 6 completed in April, I want to bring Lassiter to the end of the season as there's a lot of subtle but interesting changes in his character.
I apologize for the fact I have to split this into sections, but since he is a main character in the show as a cop - he has a lot of interaction with a lot of people through out each episode and it's virtually impossible to keep it concise.
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Updated Background: With the events that occurred in Heeeere's Lassie!! behind them, Lassiter seems to be back to his usual self: Ready to kick ass, take names, and do everything in his power to keep the streets of Santa Barbara safe.

We first see him at the beginning of Shawn and the Real Girl, and he's quick to write off a case file he recieves from McNab as nothing more than an accident, and despite Shawn's 'psychic visions' that the accident wasn't an accident, he shrugs it off and mocks him for being desperate to make something out of nothing. Later on, when he discovers that Shawn was in fact right about the accident not being such, he's extremely reluctant to admit that he was in the wrong.

He also learns that Shawn and Gus have gone undercover on a reality dating show in order to get to the bottom of the case, and finds a moment to relish in the strain that Shawn puts on the relationship he has with Juliet, and since he's still not thrilled with the fact his partner is dating a manchild like Spencer, he's quick to side with her and agree that Shawn's participation in the show can be akin to cheating. He also seems to be highly disgusted with Shawn when he learns of his partner's sex life due to the Psychic's incapability to shut his mouth.

Quick to the punch, Lassiter's always ready to put people in their place, be it that he tells the dating show contestants that true love isn't found on television, or calling the show producer's bluff by offering to call an old neighbor of his who works at NBC once he learns about a supposed insurance policy, which prompts the producer to cave and admit to insurance fraud at least.

In Let's Doo-Wop It Again; Lassiter, Juliet, Chief Karen Vick, Shawn, Gus, and Henry Spencer are all at a benefit gala for Deacon Jones; with Gus and Shawn both preforming with two of Gus's college friends in a quartet known as Blackcapella Quarter Black. Lassiter's boredom at the event knows no bounds, and things only get interesting when Shawn's appendix bursts and he ends up sidelined in the hospital, and then Deacon Jones gets shot.

With Shawn sidelined, effectively making Psych unable to solve cases (for now), Lassiter takes this time to devote himself to solving the case, and since he's worked week-in and week-out with the psychic, he's more than determined to keep Gus off the case and refuses to discuss police business: Going as far as to give Juliet the credit for a gang that Gus, Tony and Drake mention that could be targeting Deacon. He seems to be more cooperative for Gus, Tony and Drake's help when Gus points out that Li'l Sis, the gang leader who's suspsected to be behind this, is in the same prison complex as his girlfriend Marlowe Viccellio.
Lassiter is actually eager to have Marlowe help them on the case and have her get close to Li'l Sis, because it could possibly mean getting her an early parole which would lead her to being released earlier than within the next 3 months.

Keeping in mind that Lassiter hasn't seen Marlowe standing in front of him since prior to him arresting her in This Episode Sucks, he is more than elated to finally be near her, making odd flirtatious comments about how God must have invented the tacky orange prison jumpsuits to see how beautiful she looked in it, to stating he'd do anything for her providing it complied with the State Laws of California. Seeing that they haven't been "together" for several months, there's also the notion that there could be some sexual tension between them, seeing as whenever they try to hug or kiss, a prison warden blows his whistle to break them up.

There's a snag though. Marlowe's been having a tough time getting close to Li'l Sis seeing as the gang leader keeps to her clique. Lassiter encourages her to do whatever it takes to get close to Li'l Sis, and she punching him square in the face and breaking his nose. (Don't worry, it was only so she could get close to the gang leader!!! No hard feelings!)
This ends up working, and Marlowe relays to Lassiter that Li'l Sis knows of a rumor that someone's skimming money within the organization. She then attempts to greet Gus and his friends only to be quickly told to not talk to them by Lassiter, to which Lassiter chews out Drake and reminding him that Marlowe is his lady and no one elses so HANDS OFF. Marlowe asks if what she did was good, and Lassiter complies that she did, and he wants to climb over the partition to give her the biggest kiss possible, but the fact they'd probably be tasered prevents that. SO, The detective and his jailbird agree to play a little finger game through the slats in the partition.

When Gus gets a call from Shawn and is told that Tina is the one in charge of Deacon's finances, he relays the information back to Lassiter, only to lead him other than the place Tina is going because Gus has unfortunately taken a page out of his best friend's book and kept vital information from Lassiter.

It turns out Tina was skimming money to pay off Chewy, a gang leader, so the three of them go investigate and it unfortunately ends up with Drake and Tony end up getting kidnapped while Gus is going off to take pictures of the scene. When Lassiter and Juliet arrive on the scene, Gus is clearly distraught and tells Lassiter that they should put a chopper in the air to search for the SUV that took them, only to have Lassiter tell Gus off and ask him who made him the lead on the investigation. He goes and orders for the chopper anyway and eases up on his attitude when Gus says they should go into Chewy's hideout to find evidence, stating they were lucky he was wearing his 'probable cause door-kicking shoes'.

A quick scan of the empty tattoo parlor comes up with no hard evidence, and even with Shawn helping out via FaceTime, Lassiter can't escape the psychic's teasing. He's immediately used as a 'psychic conduit' and Shawn makes Gus touch his face. Shawn also suggests that Gus squeeze Lassiter's broken nose, but that idea is quickly thrown out when Lassiter actually arms his pistol, darkly asking Gus if he wanted to mess around or find his friends. They head to an abandoned house that the DMV gives the address to based on the license plate on the SUV, and find Tony and Drake tied up with the gang members. A shootout occurs between Lassiter and Chewy, and ends in Chewy getting into the SUV...and the SUV exploding.

So with their lead suspect now dead, Lassiter's needing the statements of Tony and Drake, only to be met with Drake resisting as he thinks they're suspects. He gets annoyed trying to tell Drake that he needs the statements to help with the case, and is relieved when Tony speaks up and tells them that Chewy was looking to prove he didn't shoot Deacon the whole time. Shawn corraborates this story, and it's further proven when Woody Strode, the SBPD's medical examiner finds a bullet fragment matching the one that shot Deacon. Even though all evidence points to Jimmy Brigham, who was Deacon's security detail, Shawn acts oddly and tells Lassiter and Juliet to go after Tina, as he's 100% sure that she's the culprit. (It would be discovered that Brigham had a gun pointed at Shawn's head.)

Lassiter follows the strange lead Shawn gives them, but when Gus states that they should trust his gut instinct that something isn't right, he's quick to make a detour to the hosptial to catch their real perp and save Shawn and Deacon from overdosing on drugs (Shawn, Glucose and Deacon Morphine, naturally.)

When the case is wrapped up, Lassiter feels that he owes it to Marlowe for her help in the case, and wrangles Blackapella Quarter Black to preform for the inmates at the prison complex. He once again tries to kiss her, only to be once again cockblocked by the prison warden, although this time it's pissing him off. It's not until a fight breaks out in the auditorium that Marlowe and Lassiter finally have a moment to themselves to break the rules and give each other a very quick kiss before he runs off so Marlowe can join in on the riot.
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Christ this was really long - sorry mods!

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Updated Background (Cont.)

Lassiter's attitude lessens up, but still retains it's snarky bite in Autopsy Turvy. It's clear from the beginning that Lassiter really doesn't want to be in the Chief's office to discuss Woody's (the coroner) mistakes in a last case. He's even quick to point out that Woody left his keys in a cadaver's spleen a week prior when the coroner states thusly that he never makes mistakes.

Psych is called in to investigate the case to help clear Woody's name, and Shawn offers to do it pro-bono a la Haley Joel Osment in Pay It Forward. A small debate breaks out between Shawn and Gus which has the psychic questioning the fact that Osment was in Country Bears, to which Lassiter points out he played Beary Bearington. They leave the office having a conversation about HJO not being a kid anymore - and Lassiter tells Shawn to check his IMDB page for proof.

They go their separate ways (Psych doing their investigation, Lassiter and Juliet going to investigate the dead guy's house) and it's shown that Lassiter's really not the kind of guy that likes Home & Garden stuff - musing aloud as to how many potted plants it takes to spell 'loser', and not blaming the guy if the entire thing is ruled a suicide. Juliet, unphased with his lack of tact, reminds him to 'not be ugly', which prompts a "Wtf did I do?" reaction. While the detectives are looking around, Lassiter finds an appointment book the victim had which showed several days he would visit a woman named "Penny Chambliss", satisfied with this break in the case, he tells Juliet he wants to 'make this piggy squeal', with a rather eager expression. When Juliet brings him back down to Earth and tells him they could just simply ask her a few questions, he states that's not any fun.

Lassiter knows the underground of Santa Barbara, and is a trained communicator that can adapt into any situation like a master chameleon. Of course, Shawn and Gus prove that he is anything but a chameleon, seeing as he pulled out his sidearm and arms it. It's further proven he can't adapt at the drop of the hat when it's discovered they've stumbled upon a hipster-esque presentation of every day life - with Lassiter clamming up and tripping over his words as he tries to ask Penny questions regarding the investigation, with Juliet thankfully taking over.

It's shown that he's extremely uncomfortable discussing the case with Penny as long as the hipsters are in the room, and is quick to ask if they're completely dense when he fails at getting them to leave. They think it's all part of the show, and they applaud him. When Lassiter asks Shawn for a little help, he gets Shawn and Gus joining the audience - enjoying nothing more than the Head Detective making an ass out of himself.

Penny does the crocodile tears act when Juliet tells her about the murder, and that's enough to have Lassiter regain his the footing he lost in front of the hipsters and threaten to take each person in the room to the station and stick them in the holding cells. He barks at Penny to get them out of his sight when one has the audacity to ask if it'll cost extra to be in there. Lassiter clearly doesn't like being a pawn in someone else's game, and tells Penny he could easily charge her with obstruction of justice for the shenanigans. Penny cooperates with the detectives and mentions that the victim had climbed into a black Impala, which irritates Lassiter because seeing as how the model is one of the most popular ones in the United States - it gets them nowhere close to solving the case.

Shawn has an epiphany about the case, leading them back to a bookstore where Shawn and Gus had met Whip Chaderly earlier in the episode, and Lassiter discovers Chaderly in the Impala that's hidden in the garage, with a suicide note that states he was the murderer and he thanked Shawn and Gus for helping him go down in history. (This is the last we see of Lassiter unfortunately, but the episode concludes with the mortician that discovered the mistake Woody had made having done it herself - and set Chaderly up to take the fall for the murder and was about to take Woody down since he was putting the peices together himself - only to be stopped by Juliet and a bunch of other detectives who had stayed late.)

In True Grits, Lassiter's clearly having fun with the fact that Shawn taking on a job to help clear Thane Woodson of the charges against him puts strain on his relationship with Juliet since she was the detective who was lead on the case that put Thane in jail in the first place. He's acting like a smug bastard, asking the two of them if they're going to break up seeing as they can't compromise at all, to which when they say they're not - he reminds them that when he dated someone on the force (his former partner, Lucinda Barry back in the domestic pilot) made it hard to keep work and personal lives separate. Since meeting Marlowe he admits that it's a lot easier, aside from being separated by a 2-inch glass partition and leg shackles.

Shawn doens't sway from his theory that Thane is innocent, to which the Head Detective gives the psychic some insight that all convicts say they're innocent and/or they wree framed for the crime, along with 'Stop choking me!', but at the end of the day, they can all agree that Thane was guilty of something. This still doesn't convince Shawn as that's not what the Innocence Project claims. This bristles Lassiter to a certain degree, and he mentions that the Innocence Project is high on the list of all the enemies he has - right behind Internal Affairs, UNICEF, and Lance Bass.
[ His Beef with Internal Affairs is rather obvious back in "Lassie did a Bad, Bad Thing" when they were investigating him for murder, his issue with UNICEF and Lance Bass, however, is still unknown.]

He's still certain that the tension from the case will eventually lead to Shawn and Juliet breaking up, so in the event that happens Lassiter tells Juliet that Marlowe and him had found the perfect person for her. When Juliet mentions that said perfect person would be an incarcerated female, he asks her honestly as to which of those two issues was a problem.

As they're investigating a robbery at a jewlery store, Thane shows up and is immediately pinned as the man who did it. Thane's tired of being pinned as the suspect having already been blamed for two similar cases, but Lassiter tells him to beat it since he's technically not supposed to be there anyway. Thane pretty much gives the detective a giant "fuck you" and proceeds to school him on Santa Barbara's municipal code - which has Lassiter grimacing and stating that such attitude is the sole reason prisoners shouldn't be allowed to read books.

Even though Lassiter is Head Detective, he allows Juliet to be lead detective as it involves the old case. As she's the one calling the shots - and still having a small spat with Shawn and cop-blocking him from recieving police help, Lassiter takes every opportunity possible to keep Shawn out of the precinct, ordering McNab to escort him out of the building, and mentioning that he's very happy Shawn's finally getting his comeuppance. This mood only lasts so long, and Shawn retorts back that he likes it when Lassiter shut-uppance, which has the detective glaring daggers at him.
He's on Juliet's side though, doing the mundane paperwork and whatnot that she usually does. When Shawn discovers a restaurant manager dead in the industrial freezer, Lassiter and Juliet both examine the surveillance footage which shows Thane scrambling out of the kitchen. Back to being an asshole, Lassiter tells Shawn that must have been his way of telling Psych thanks for helping clear his good name. He had believed Thane to be guilty from the very beginning, so when Juliet finds evidence that absolves him of murder, and has it pinned on Carl Dossier (who looks similar to Thane), he's honestly dumbstruck.

It's not long after they go apprehend Carl Dossier and his girlfriend for pawning off diamonds from the jewelery robbery that he and Juliet are on the recieving end of a high-impact crash. Juliet had been the one driving, which meant that Lassiter was in the passenger seat and recieved the brunt of the impact. When they get their bearings straightened they realize the accident was intentional, as someone's trying to get Carl out of the back. Lassiter ignores his health and struggles to get out of the car, struggling to stay upright when he finally does, only to be too late and the perpetrator fleeing the scene.

Lassiter incurs injuries such as several lacerations to the left side of his face from the window shattering, and while not mentioned, possibly a mild concussion seeing how he sways on his feet when he stands and even remarks that he should probably see a doctor about it. Shawn's too worried about Juliet to even acknowledge if Lassiter's okay too, and a few tasteless remarks about how Lassiter must have died in the wreck and was haunting the station since the case is still unsolved, a DNA match comes up from the accident, discovering that it's Carl's father Fred that's behind the robberies and setting his son up. Ignoring the state of his well-being, Lassiter pushes on to apprehend Fred and solve not only the three robbery cases, but one Fred did back in 1981.

When Shawn and Gus come across a crime scene in Santabarbaratown, Lassiter's initally skeptical when Shawn pulls one of his famed psychic freakouts to get the crewman at the construction site to stop digging. When they all get closer to the tractor that was digging, Lassiter notices a plastic bag that has the decaying remains of a body, along with a necklace that has the lettering "VT". Everyone is sufficiently disturbed at the discovery and it soon turns into a media circus for the Police when the remains are confirmed as Veronica Towne, who's missing person's case went unsolved 20 years ago.

Henry Spencer was actually lead on the Veronica Towne case, and Lassiter's shocked when the old man is discovered to know so much about it. When Henry mentions to Juliet that he believed that the suspect in that case (Jordan Beaumont) was never arrested because they didn't have enough evidence, Lassiter's quick to ask why they couldn't get Beaumont again, proving again that he'll stop at nothing to arrest a potential suspect. Unfortunately - the case gets more complicated when the second body they find belongs to Jordan's father, Ellis.

Seeing as the discovery of Veronica Towne's remains along with the confirmation that a prominent hotel entrepreneur is dead, Chief Vick demands both Juliet and Lassiter to solve the case immediately. Lassiter's convinced they've already solved it, by stating that Jordan most likely had killed Towne 20 years prior and decided to off his father and hide him in the same spot. When Henry pleads to Vick to reinstate him as a detective this one time to help solve the case, Lassiter's quick to shoot him down saying there's been a lot of changes in how detectives work. Given that Henry knows more about the case than either of them, Vick agrees to allow Henry to take lead, which leaves Lassiter confused.

Everyone hates Jordan Beaumont, and it's very clear that they all want to bring murder charges against him, but Shawn and Henry both discover that the Blue Derby (a restaurant the Beaumonts own) was more of a crack den than a restaurant, and even more so discover that Henry's former partner had covered up the entire thing, Lassiter's shocked when he discovers this news, and is perturbed when it's made known that a cop - a position Lassiter absolutely cherishes - ended up playing dirty.
This prompts Vick to ask Lassiter to bring Jordan Beaumont back in for questioning, as they had nothing to really hold him for, and he agrees to bring him back dead or alive, still thoroughly convinced that Beaumont is the culprit. Vick tells her detective to bring Jordan back alive, and Lassiter blows it off, mnetioning that she never said anything about bringing him back conscious.

The discovery of Henry's partner playing dirty ends up with Shawn beginning to recieve threats over the phone to back off. When it's discovered that Juliet may possibly be a target, Lassiter has a trace on the psychic's phone, so when the mystery caller makes another threat - they can catch the bastard. Shawn gets another phone threat later on, and the minute the psychic hangs up, Lassiter calls him and tells him the location to where the call was coming from - directing them to Jerry Atwater before police can arrive since they were closer. Jerry's an old friend of Henry's, and when they bring him in for questioning as to why he was targeting Shawn, Lassiter's skeptical of his statement when he said he was simply trying to keep Shawn silent before they discovered anything else (Jerry had done the same thing to Henry's ex-partner Lou), and stating he never killed Ellis Beaumont.
No one believes the story but Shawn, who later discovers all of his father's friends were in on the Veronica Towne case/crack den/everything and the show finalizes season six with Henry Spencer getting shot by the final accomplice, Jerry Carp.

Updated Personality: While Lassiter's personality really doesn't change per se, it's very obvious that he's a completely different person when he's with his girlfriend Marlowe, or when anyone mentions her - being something more than a complacent man who's madly in love rather than a grouchy cop in dire need of coffee. Also, its apparent that either he simply gave up trying to understand Shawn and Gus's antics, or he's more reluctant to go along with it after six years as they help solve cases. The relationship between Shawn and Lassiter personally has improved, rather than wanting nothing more to arrest him, they seem to have a comraderie when work isn't involved, possibly due in part to Juliet being Shawn's girlfriend and them trying to be nice for her sanity.

Updated Abilities: No abilities that need to be updated. :D
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Name: Peg
Character Name: Tarvek Sturmvoraus
Canon: Girl Genius
Housing Change: I want him to stay where I am (1126 Taylor) and while I'm at it, Granny Weatherwax has asked to come in as his not!wife. YES!!! Just in case you were concerned, she's entirely, totally welcome.
Reason for Canon Update: Tarvek's in-canon line has clarified more fully that my original sense of the character is sound. But it's also added layers of character development I'd like to bring in. Further, the last event (Alternate Universe Mayfield) wove in a layer of associated canon (the Tarvek from the actual writers' side canonical time travel, Othar's Twitter) that were useful and provoked some interesting material. I want to integrate the new stuff, the Twitter memories of Future Tarvek, and make some use of the events and shifts that have occurred in-canon.
Updated Background: Tarvek entered Mayfield over a year ago. In the year since, Tarvek's been more firmly established as leaning toward "good," he's come further in rebuilding his relationship with his old friend Gil, he's accepted apparent rejection from the girl of his dreams. He's been proven to be almost obsessively protective of the people he cares about. He's learned more about the background of the people around him, and explored more of his own feelings toward them. This is all pretty much in keeping with what I had projected for him: indeed, it's been a happy year for me, as my sense of who the character "really" was have mostly played out. But I'd like to be able to have him draw on those memories and *know* what's happened over the year, and I'd like to play with his emotional reaction to being given the memories of that time.

I'd also like to legitimately find a way to weave in memories of a fully canonical future him. The Foglios have written an associated semi-series, Othar's Twitter, that uses a future Tarvek: one who's seen his world die, and who's lived alone for approximately 30 years. I played that Older Tarvek in the AU Mayfield, and he generated some truly interesting play opportunities. I'm hoping to keep the memory and the "ghost" of him around in Tarvek's mind.

Updated Personality: Very little personality change. If anything, Tarvek will be more committed to his Mayfield relationships and the Mayfield world. He will be a bit more secure in the changes he's experienced in Mayfield, because he will have seen similar changes in his "new memories" of his own canon experience, and will have seen those changes justified by much of what's happened to him. He'll still be information obsessed, slow to violence, loyal to his friends, ironic, capable of fighting but not quick to wade in. He's growing some, and he's likely to be more outgoing, and more sure of himself. But the take-away from the changes in-canon are that I got the first cut reasonably well, and can keep playing him as a snarky, loyal, over-intellectual sweetie pie who can kill you if he must, but who'd rather make an alliance with you if possible.

Updated Abilities: I'm mainly more sure he can fight, he can invent as a spark but is strongly inclined toward very controlled, elegant designs, and he's very controlled himself about using those talents.

He's probably going to want a weasel of his own in one of the regains. Canon has just given him one. But that can wait. (grin) Weasels are worth waiting for.
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Name: Katsie
Character Name: Padmé Amidala
Canon: Star Wars
Housing Change: ---
Reason for Canon Update: I really feel that, given the circumstances with her cast-mates, Padmé really needs to be more caught up on the Darth Vader front. And the only way to do that is to, unfortunately, take her post her death.
Updated Background:

During the three years that pass in between Episodes II and III, there was a war going on in the galaxy. Padmé played a major part in the political side of it, she'd often speak for the Republic against the Seperatists, as well as going on her fair share of diplomatic missions. Also during those three years, her secret marriage to Anakin Skywalker flourishes.

At the height of the Clone Wars, it had been five months since Padmé had last seen Anakin, but when he returned from a mission to the Outer Rim after rescuing the Chancellor, she revealed to him that she was pregnant. Yet another secret the two would have to keep. Despite what should have been a happy time to the couple, the following months were marred with fear, confusion, and a growing darkness. Unknown to Padmé, Anakin was falling towards the Dark Side under the close monitoring of Chancellor Palpatine, who was actually a Sith Lord. All the while, Palpatine's hold on the Galactic Senate was increasing, something that begun to worry Padmé. She's often wonder if they were on the wrong side of the war, and secretly formed a delegation with those she trusted in the Senate, which included Bail Organa and Mon Mothma. All she wanted was the return of democracy to the government she worked so hard to maintain.

Padmé's worry about her husband grew as his character changed before her eyes due to being seduced by the Dark Side. Furthermore, his visions of her dying in childbirth, and the uncertain future of their child increasingly disturbed her. Knowing Anakin was close to Palpatine, she pleaded with him to tell the Chancellor to end the war, but it was something he refused.

Padmé was present at the Senate during a special meeting organized by Palpatine, in which he presented false proof of the Jedi rebelling against the Senate, which had actually been an attempt to arrest Palpatine for his allegiences with the Sith. Palpatine convinced the Senate that he was the only one who could fully protect the Republic, so he named himself Emperor, much to Padmé's dismay.

Not long after Palpatine's declaration, Padmé was visited by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who told her of hologram evidence that proved Anakin's new allegiances to the Sith. Padmé refused, at least outwardly, to believe such claims and, in order to ensure her husband's safety, did not tell Obi-Wan where Anakin had gone.It was then that Obi-Wan understood her relationship with Anakin, and left, appearing to understand her reservations.

Padmé traveled to the planet of Mustafar to confront Anakin, now dubbed Darth Vader, and discover the truth. Unknown to her, Obi-Wan had stowed away on her skiff. On the lava planet, Padmé revealed to Vader what she had been told, and tries to persuade him to turn back to the Light Side of the Force, to run away with her and raise their child together.When he told her his plans to slay Sidious and become Emperor with her at his side, Padmé realized he had changed and that she could not follow him down his chosen path. Padmé begged her husband to leave with her, tearfully promising she still loved him. It was then that Obi-Wan revealed himself to Vader, who went into a furious rage. He believed that Padmé had sided with Obi-Wan, and that she had brought him to Mustafar to kill him. Not giving her the chance to explain herself, Vader Force choked Padmé. It was only through Obi-Wan's distractions that he didn't kill her, releasing her and barely preserving Padmé's life.

After defeating Vader in a lightsaber duel, Obi-Wan took the unconscious Padmé to the asteroid of Polis Massa, where she could be tended to at a medical facility. There she gives birth to two healthy twins, Luke and Leia, but dies to to unknown complications. Her last words to Obi-Wan were that there was still good in Vader, she knew there was.

Updated Personality: There isn't much that changed for Padmé personality wise. She's still the shrewdly political, brave and kind-hearted woman she always was. But due to all the stress towards the end of her life, there seemed to be a slight edge of desperation and fear to everything she did. Anakin's betrayal broke her heart, leaving her both pysically and emotionally weak, but there's still a part of her that was determined to believe and grasp at what was good.

She's quite a bit more secretive about things, due to both the constantly shifting political aspects of her life and the fact that she's had to keep both a marriage and a pregnancy hidden from almost everyone.
Updated Abilities: N/A
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Name: Katie
Character Name: Mae Wander
Canon: Fallout 3
Housing Change: None
Reason for Canon Update: I've always planned for her to move up in canon. I think now is a good time for it.

Updated Background:

Mae was last dealing with the remains of the Enclave with the Brotherhood. She also gets to go through some of the DLC that came with the game. Here is a more detailed list;

-She deals with the people who are trying to get protection money out of the people giving away clean water. By killing them.
-Visits Canterberry Commons and deals with the Antantagonizer by talking her down and does the same to the Mechanist. Both of them leaving the town.
-Visits the Republic of Dave and fixes the election so that Rosie wins

-"Death From Above" Liberty Prime the giant robot is destroyed.
-Meets a former friend from Vault 101 who tells her she still can't go home
-Finishes the Wasteland survival guide after completing the last three parts
-Kills all the slavers in Paradise Falls after trying to free some child slaves and everything falls apart. She manages to save the slaves though and goes back to Little Lamplight with them for a while.

-Goes to Andale and almost gets killed by cannibals. Ends up killing them.
-Meets up with Charon and aids the Slaves in the temple of the union. Killing the slavers after them, getting them what they need and escorting them across the waste.

-Discovers River Boat to Point Lookout. A mother asks her to look for her daughter who went out there. She travels on the boat to Point Lookout.
-Help Desmond defend the mansion from attacking tribal’s. She agrees to help him. First by joining the tribal’s to figure out what’s going on. She gets sent on a quest that ends with her being knocked out and getting part of her brain taken out while going through a horrible vision.
-Meets with the tribals and get's the scar fixed by the girl she was looking for.
-Finds the guy responsible for her brain surgery. He attacks her. She kills him. The girl now runs the ferry.

-Go home for a bit. Have a bit of an emotional breakdown after that vision. She travels, visits Three Dog and the kids at Little Lamplight.
-Goes on a quest for the Brotherhood and gets the Tesla Cannon
-She destroys the Enclaves walking power base and shut down their orbital laser

-Goes back to Point Lookout to finish helping Desmond

-Collects Quantium Nuka Cola for a woman

-Travels to the Pitt at the request of some people who wants help freeing the slaves
-Has to hunt for Iron ignots
-Fights for her freedom in the pitt and wins
-End up betraying the Rebels for the safety of a baby that has the secret to unlocking the cure for the mutations. And also for the sake of the place not falling into lawless anarchy which is what it would do.

-Goes home and tries to get on with her life.

She’ll be taken from after she goes home from the Pitt and is helping deal with the remaining supermutants.

Updated Personality:

The world is starting to wear her down. She's still smiles and acts cheerful for the world, but she's much quieter when she's alone or even with her companions. She's at peace with her dad's death, but surviving in the wasteland is starting to beat her down.

After helping the free slaves it starts to make her feel a little better. Even though the Enclave is still out there. Helping people is starting to become her favourite thing to do in the wastes. She thinks it’s what her dad would have wanted her to do.

Going to Point Lookout she is pushed to her breaking point physically and mentally and after she clears up that business about her brain matter she goes home. On the trip home she spends most of the time sleeping and in her room on the boat. The vision was hellish.

She's twenty. In a year she's done so much. She goes and stays at home and then goes to find a Tesla canon and helps defeat the Enclave. After that she goes home and rests before going back to point lookout. Feeling better then when she had left.

The rest of her time in Point lookout isn't as bad. She meets a kid, solves a mystery and helps a ghoul. She feels better about life and manages to smile again.
Then she get's called to help the slaves of the Pitt. Which, hating slavers, she agrees to do. However after finding her way there and going through a lot of searching and fighting she realizes that changing the system would end in widespread chaos and anarchy, and put in danger the one chance there is for a cure for the mutations and a baby. Reluctantly she turns on the slaves and helps the people in charge.

She goes home feeling like a hypocrite.

So she’s got a darker world view then even last time now. But she doesn’t let that show to other people. She’s the Lone Wanderer after all. She has to keep fighting the good fight and all that. Helping people whenever she can.
She’s more thoughtful now and sees the world in less black and white and more shades of grey. Despite feeling like a hypocrite she’s also more determined, knowing there is little she won’t do. This both scares and comforts her.

Updated Abilities: Nope
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[personal profile] answerer_sword 2012-07-12 03:40 am (UTC)(link)
Name: lotus-genie
Character Name: Bazett Fraga McRemitz
Canon: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
Housing Change: No housing change
Reason for Canon Update: Since Bazett's most badass moment comes from later in her canon, I wanted her to have memories up to that point. Also, at the later canon point, she has learned a very important lesson about limiting her usually excessive force when dealing with problems. Though it's late, it makes her easier to have CR with.
Updated Background: The day after her fight with Luvia, Rin, and the Magical Girls, the Association received news about how much destruction Bazett had caused. They decided to pay damages to the Edelfelt family, which included freezing Bazett's accounts and using the funds that Bazett had been allowed to use to complete the mission to pay for her damages instead. However, Bazett was not relieved of her mission. Stuck in Japan with no way to return home, she decided to tough it out by sleeping on the streets and working odd jobs. This taught her a lesson in being overly destructive while taking care of business. She encountered her former foes when they celebrated Illya's birthday on the beach and tried to sell them her popsicles. She was then pulled into Ruby's antics when the item tried to matchmake between Illya and her brother Shirou. Afterwards, Luvia completed her drilling for the eighth car, and Illya's group decided to go confront it. Rin invited Bazett along for the journey as she was one of the few people strong enough to fight against Servants. She accompanied her allies to the location of the Eighth Card, which turned out to be an extra Archer, Gilgamesh. The fight against him was difficult, and she even had to use her resucitation runes. She finally ripped the card out of him, but he showed signs of sentience and reabsorbed the card. Luvia was forced to collapse the tunnel they were in on top of him. However, he escaped with Noble Phantasm Vimana. The team followed him out and were joined by Bazett's new partner, Caren Ortensia. Caren helped them locate the place where the "Holy Grail" that called the Class Cards into existence would activate. Illya went first to confront Gilgamesh, but Bazett stayed behind to care for Caren until Irisviel Von Einzbern, Illya's mother, took over. Bazett joined the others, but was relegated to the sidelines as Illya fought Gilgamesh, who had by now absorbed much of the Grail Corruption and turned into a giant form. It also captured and absorbed Miyu Edelfelt. Illya finally defeated Gilgamesh, but in the wake of the battle, two mysterious figues emerged, kidnapped Miyu, and created an explosion that engulfed the exhausted fighters.
Updated Personality: Bazett is now much less prideful about her powers. She condescends less at others, especially when it comes to Rin Tohsaka. She is more willing to work with others and let them pull their own weight in a fight. The biggest change is that she is much better at being careful not to cause too much collateral damage.
Updated Abilities: Only necessary if they have now changed from what you mentioned in your original application.
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Name: Kinz
Character Name: Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo
Canon: Detective Conan.
Housing Change: No Change.
Reason for Canon Update: A lot of major Plot related things have happened recently in detective Conan and since they only happen about once every two years I like to at least keep him up to date with the main plot.
Updated Background: Conan's background hasn't changed much- he's still stuck in the body of a seven year old and still living in fear of the Black organization and still solving countless murders. The only thing being a few more plot mysteries have been solved. Conan now knows that who Okyia Saburu is, and that the new apprentice that Kogoro has taken under his wing is actually a member of the organization.

After figuring out all the hidden identities Conan manipulates everyone into acting in a way that gives them an advantage over the Organization. He does this by faking the death of an Ex-Organization member, Haibara Ai's death. That done, Haibara no long has to live in fear of them them searching for her. Meanwhile, the organization member that had been hanging around Conan and Co. disappears only to reappear again when Conan and Company are invited to go play Tennis as Ran's friend's villa. Conan is shocked to see Bourbon and wants to leave, no longer feeling safe. He starts to tell Ran that there's danger but before he can manage it he's whacked over the head with a tennis racket that flew out of some lady's hand and is knocked out cold.

Updated Personality: Nothing has really changed about Conan's personality. He's about a month closer to the two year mark since he shrank, learned a few more social skills and continues to keep an eye out for the organization. He's just as manipulative, secretive, reckless, and impatient. He doesn't trust Amuro for obvious reasons and because I'm taking him from the point he gets knocked out he'll be a little more irritable at the idea when he left Ran was near an organization member.

Updated Abilities: No updated abilities.
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[personal profile] fatedmagica 2012-08-31 08:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Berri
Character Name: Madoka Kaname
Canon: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Housing Change: No change
Reason for Canon Update: Madoka's personality has been developing during her stay in Mayfield, but she needs to be a Magical Girl to fully be confident in herself. I think it's time that I updated her to that point.
Updated Background: Madoka last left off at the very end of episode 9, where she was knocked unconscious in the lair for Sayaka's witch self. She is rescued by Homura and informed that both Kyouko and Sayaka died, and it is assumed that Madoka then went to school and attended classes for the weeks it took to discover Sayaka's corpse and arrange her funeral.

Kyuubey decides to tell Madoka about why the Incubators are promoting the change from Magical Girl to Witch and makes Madoka very upset. She understands that what he is doing is good for the universe as a whole but cannot stand that girls are having to suffer for it. Kyuubey tells Madoka she could be the last magical girl and save the universe because of her tremendous power. She just needs to let him know when she's ready to die to save the universe. This makes Madoka cry.

Later, Madoka visits Homura to talk about the upcoming visit from Walpurgisnacht, a terrifyingly powerful witch that it coming to Mitakihara City. Homura tells Madoka not to worry about it and insists that she stay with the other civilians. On the night of the witch's arrival, Madoka evacuates to a shelter with the rest of her family but begins having second thoughts. She has a discussion with Kyuubey about Homura, gets slapped by her mom, and then rushes off to join Homura.

Homura is fighting Walpurgisnacht and is not winning. Her foot is trapped and her soul gem is tainting as she doubts whether or not it is a good idea to turn back time. Before she can fall into despair, Madoka arrives and apologizes for deciding to make a wish. She turns to Kyuubey and makes her wish, which completely blows the little guy's mind; Madoka wants to erase every witch from every timeline or dimension, past or present, before they are born using her own hands.

Madoka then transforms and fires a single arrow at the sky, which causes millions of pink magic arrows to rain down. As they fall, Madoka is already going through time and timelines and destroying witches before they can be born. This destroys Walpurgisnacht, who can no longer exist. As the dramatic effect of her wish begins to take its effects on the universe, everything fades to white and the entire universe takes a break to reset itself.

This wish completely rewrites the rules of Madoka's universe. Because Madoka will eventually destroy her own witch form as a magical girl she is tossed off of the regular plane of existence and essentially ascends to godhood. The human existence of "Madoka Kaname" never comes to be and no one will ever be able to know she existed. Homura, however, is able to continue to remember Madoka-- probably because Homura's wish was to protect Madoka and her forgetting Madoka would invalidate her wish and cause a trainwreck. Madoka is able to see every timeline that ever existed and tells Homura they were the best of friends before disappearing, and leaving Homura to live in the new world. She is also shown to have a talk with Sayaka, where they decide to let Sayaka wish and die in this world as well.

All of this matters to Godoka; time becomes meaningless to her once she ascends to godhood, because she is everywhere and no where all at the same time. But to be specific, I am taking Madoka from the moment after she destroys her witch form. She will still recall the conversations with Sayaka and Homura and will have vague memories of the other magical girls she saves.

Updated Personality: The biggest change to Madoka's personality is confidence. It's emphasized in staff interviews that becoming a Puella Magi gives Madoka confidence, and it's the same when becoming a Puella Magi goddess. Madoka is no longer stuttering. She carries her end scene dialogue confidently in both tone, words, and the thoughts she's expressing; Madoka never has any doubts in anything. She is able to have faith in herself and her friends and have that faith not falter.

This will be very important in a setting like Mayfield. Madoka's confidence means that she won't be worrying her little head off about the situation back home. Her wish has been made, the arrows were fired, and Madoka knows in her heart 100% that everything will be okay now. She'll be able to completely focus on Mayfield without crying over the universe.

A confident Madoka is also a happy Madoka. She will no longer stumble into social interactions, but will be more likely to seek them out and more able to hold a conversation. She's shown in Timeline 3, a Magical Girl timeline, introducing herself to Homura as opposed to being dragged along. Her stuttering will decrease and she'll have some more social confidence.

She is also a great deal braver. There is a huge difference between human girl Madoka, who freaked out in witch's lairs, and magical girl Madoka, who ran into a lair to defeat a witch and save Homura. Madoka has always been able to display bursts of courage in hard situations, but Madoka no longer needs to be completely backed into a corner in order to feel courageous.

Lastly, on the note of bravery, Madoka has been shown to be very mature and able to "roll with the punches", so to speak, in her magical girl form. When she realized she had to sacrifice her life to defeat Walpurgisnacht in the first timeline, Madoka did so with a calm smile and while reassuring Homura. She's shown to have that same brave calmness throughout the last episode; as she apologizes to Homura for contracting, as she talks to Mami and Kyouko, and as she fires the arrow that destroys her witch self. She's able to keep a level head and swallow back panic to put on a strong front.
This goes back to her faith; Madoka operates with hope, love, and absolute trust as her guidelines. The backbone of her wish is that Madoka wants to share those feelings with other magical girls, so that they don't die despairing, and that will be very apparent in everything she does. As she tells Mami, Madoka wants to be there for anyone who doesn't believe in hope and she wants to be the one who scolds them quietly every time until they believe.

Updated Abilities: Madoka's abilities have changed a lot because of her wish. But like all girls who make wishes, she is a Magical Girl at the core. For Madoka, this means;
She has a Soul Gem: It is also shown to be giant, so big that it is chilling in outer space and seen about to collide with Earth. For the purposes of Mayfield, Madoka's soul gem will be scaled down; even in official Ultimate Madoka artwork, she has her soulgem necklace drawn, which supports the idea that she should be able to scale it down.

She has a Magical Girl transformation: She actually has two. Madoka's Ultimate form is never fully explained in canon, but she is seen to be able to transform to her "usual" Puella Magi self and then to Godoka. For the sake of Mayfield, Madoka will only pull out her Ultimate form if she feels it's appropriate. Otherwise, she'll prefer transforming into her first form.

Magical Powers: Madoka fights with a rose-themed bow by firing magical pink arrows. The drama CDs imply that Madoka can also do other things with her magic (she makes Homura run fast in PE), but since that's never fully explained in canon I will not be using her magic for anything but fighting with arrows. Madoka is super powerful, but I will be watering down her powers for the sake of roleplay.

Soul Gem Purifying: This is a product of Madoka's wish, and I would be regaining this ability separately from her magical powers. When a Puella Magi is about to become a witch, Madoka will have the option of purifying their Soul Gem. Keyword; option. I'd put up a Permissions Post and it would only apply to the Magical Girls in her Canon. I do not intend to ever have Madoka regain her entire Goddess nonexistence; she will maintain the human-isc existence that Mayfield gives her. This means that Madoka will not teleport to Magical Girls who need their gems purified, but will have to physically walk there.

So Madoka will have a few things to regain. I will be treating her two transformations as separate regains. Madoka has already regained her untapped magical power in Mayfield, which is the same as her Soul Gem. I'd like to ask that this regain be updated with her canon update. As I do not intend to have Madoka regain her goddess form, there will only ever be one Madoka at anytime; I will never have her regain her "everywhere and nowhere".

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[personal profile] chalicejoker 2012-09-23 07:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Airdra
Character Name: Hajime Aikawa
Canon: Kamen Rider Blade
Housing Change: He’s staying where he is.
Reason for Canon Update: I’d pulled him from just before the end of his series, and I want to update him to the end with an eye towards some of the changes he goes through in the last few episodes. It’ll work well with some of what he’s already gone through in Mayfield.

Updated Background: After the point from which he was originally pulled, Hajime teams up with the other three Riders, Blade, Garren, and Leangle, to stop Tennouji and his artificially created fifth Ace, the Kerberos Undead. Hajime encountered problems fighting Kerberos when it stole all of his cards, forcing him to revert to Joker. He places himself into a coma to prevent Joker from running wild. Blade retrieves the cards for him, and once he’s back to normal, Hajime assists the others in taking down Tennouji, who has fused with Kerberos in the meantime.

At this point, there are only two Undead left—the Joker and the Giraffa Undead. There is some disagreement among Blade, Garren, and Leangle as to what must be done. If Hajime, the Joker, wins the Battle Royale, then all life on Earth is doomed, but Giraffa has no great love for humanity, either. Garren takes it upon himself to seal Hajime, but before he can finish the job, Hajime gets a rather luckily-timed phone call. It’s from Amane, the young girl that has sort of adopted him as an older brother figure. The call is enough to cause Garren to change his mind and to try to believe in Hajime’s humanity. He seals Giraffa, although it is seemingly at the cost of his own life.

The Sealing Stone that governs the Battle Royale reacts at this point—there is one Undead left, and that Undead is Joker. The Battle Royale has been won. Hajime then experiences an uncontrollable transformation into Joker just as the Sealing Stone begins spawning Dark Roaches that will carry out Joker’s task of ending all life on Earth. Hajime, for his part, desperately does not want this to happen, and he’s not rampaging like an uncontrollable monster the way he might once have. He even attempts to kill himself in order to make it stop, but he is an Undead—the suicide attempts fail no matter how many times he tries.

Although he does seem to remain in possession of his reason, Hajime is not entirely in control of his body. When he is attacked, he will automatically react with a counterattack of his own. He warns Leangle of this when Leangle attempts to take him on solo, but Leangle refuses to listen and is badly wounded in the ensuing fight. Once Leangle is out of the picture, Hajime knows that he will have to fight Kenzaki (Blade), and that he will need to be sealed in order to save the world. He is convinced that Kenzaki is the only one with the power needed to do that.

Problem is, he isn’t sure if Kenzaki will go ahead and seal him. Over time, he and Kenzaki have become friends, and time after time, Kenzaki has been unable to bring himself to seal Hajime. He and Hajime do meet in battle, and it is clear that Hajime is trying both to throw the fight and to force Kenzaki to seal him. However, Kenzaki has other plans. When Blade uses his King Form, he is fusing with thirteen Undead simultaneously. In the past, this has run the risk of Kenzaki becoming another Joker if he fights too long and too hard in that form. Kenzaki knows this, and he fights Hajime in that form, willingly going over the edge and causing himself to become another Joker.

At this point, the Sealing Stone registers that there are now two Undead present, and it declares the Battle Royale to be active again. The Dark Roaches vanish, and Hajime is no longer fighting to remain in his human form. Kenzaki refuses to let Hajime approach him, and he leaves, never to be seen again. Before leaving, he tells Hajime that he should live among the humans.

That’s just what Hajime does. He returns to the Jacaranda to live with the Kuriharas, carrying on a peaceful life as just a quiet freelance photographer who helps out around the restaurant. It’s quite clear that he really misses Kenzaki, but Kenzaki holds to his vow to stay away from Hajime so their Undead instincts don’t kick in and they don’t try to finish the Battle Royale.

Updated Personality: Hajime is now more focused on trying to live as a human. He has just had his best friend sacrifice his own humanity on his behalf, and that sort of thing tends to make an impression on a person. He is also on some level dealing with almost having brought about an end to all life on Earth, however unwillingly he might have tried.

Updated Abilities: Hajime is shown to gain the ability to spawn Dark Roaches when exposed to the Sealing Stone after being the only remaining Undead. (Since he has not and will not regain the Sealing Stone, this is probably a moot point.) The Dark Roaches will spawn from the stone itself, and they can also spawn from his shadow. He has a minimal level of control over them; about the best he can do is call them off of one specific person, and even then, he resorts to killing the ones in the area in order to ensure that they don’t attack people he does not want attacked.

He also acquires a much higher degree of control over his instincts as Joker; he can restrain himself and remain a human with only one Rouse Card, his Category Two.

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