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Name: Märchen
Character Name: Homura Akemi
Canon: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Housing Change: Keeping the same housing
Reason for Canon Update: It's occurred to me that I play her from timeline 3 everywhere but here
Updated Background: Picking up from where she came from at the end of the second timeline, when Walpurgis comes again, Madoka and Homura take on the powerful Witch together, defeating her. However, Madoka's Soul Gem becomes fully corrupted as a result, and Homura can only watch in horror as Madoka writhes in pain, before her friend's Soul Gem cracks and becomes a Grief Seed, Madoka turning into a Witch.

Time resets again. Homura wakes up in the hospital once more, now knowing the truth about Witches, and that Kyubey tricked them. Although the exact order of events is unknown, while Homura waits to warn the others, Sayaka Miki and Kyouko Sakura join the team. One day, with all the girls gathered, Homura attempts to warn them of the truth, only to be brushed off by Sayaka, who accuses Homura of being in league with Kyouko, and declaring that Kyubey would gain nothing from a lie like that. Although Madoka warns Sayaka she's being a bully, Sayaka, who could care less, announces she's against teaming up with Homura. Sayaka also remarks that Homura's battle style of using explosives makes her worried she'll get caught up in the explosions one day.

Though dejected and disappointed that the other girls didn't listen to her, Homura at the very least, to allay some of Sayaka's complaints, begins to steal guns and ammunition from the Yakuza, using her shield to store them.

Updated Personality: Homura hasn't changed much; if anything, she's now disappointed and hurt that her warning is going unheeded.
Updated Abilities: Her skills are still the same! She just now also can fight with guns instead of just homemade grenades.

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