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Name: Aura
Character Name: Rose Lalonde
Canon: Homestuck
Housing Change: No.
Reason for Canon Update: She has never had one? And it's time she catches up.
Updated Background: Even though it's been a while, Rose's canon hasn't moved her much in time. She ended up in Mayfield right after she and Dave set off to "kill" the Green Sun, using Derse's moon to travel. From there, they found the place where the Green Sun was supposed to be, but when they released the Tumor, they actually contributed to its very creation (since time and space have little sense on the far reaches of the session/universe). Once the Green Sun was created, she and Dave got engulfed by it, but instead of dying they achieved God Tier (or died and achieved God Tier, who knows?), appearing somehow on the troll's session, or at least the point where the sessions apparently intersected. There they had a brief chat with the remaining trolls, got a message from John, had a run in with a hurt Mayor, and set off to the new session, with Rose as the guide and Beck Noir hot on their tails.
Updated Personality: She's pretty much the same. She has met eye to eye with Kanaya though, and while she won't remember her time in Mayfield, of course, once she's back she'll be glad they apparently had good chemistry. And that Kanaya changed her mind about staying behind.
Updated Abilities: Rose now has access to her Got Tier abilities...which aren't really clear so far, but in rough terms they are "the ability to see through different situations, scenarios and outcomes and manage to come with the best strategy to succeed"; it's also interesting to note that her knowledge of the workings of the sessions and how time and space bend has increased notably, as she can guide the asteroid safely to the new session, even being capable of foreseeing the Mayor's appearance and that Beck Noir wouldn't catch them, at least right on.

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