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Basco ta Jolokia ([personal profile] silvergoldengun) wrote in [community profile] mayfield_ooc 2012-03-05 09:26 am (UTC)

Name: Hotaru
Character name: Basco ta Jolokia
Housing change: n/a
Reason for canon update: I wanted to make Basco wanted, and to be able to say that 'if I really hated you, I wouldn't have helped you out when you were in a pinch' to Marvelous...
Updated background: Upon return to Mayfield, he will have saved Marvelous from execution, thus making himself the enemy of the Zangyack Empire once more. He will be wanted, and have a bounty on his head worth about as much as the whole Gokai-crew have together. Before that, he also have shown Marvelous and his comrades his (Basco's) true form. Depending on their timeline, however, they might or might not know. But he know that they will find out about it soon.
Updated personality: n/a
Updated abilities: n/a

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