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Canon Updates

Canon updates will be accepted at any time.

Please expect up to a month's wait before a reply. Our goal is to process canon update requests twice per month, but we may not always meet this goal during busy periods.

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Name: Pikari
Character Name: Haruhi Suzumiya
Canon: The X of Haruhi Suzumiya
Housing Change: Keep her at the same house.
Reason for Canon Update: Haruhi actually grows as a person in Dissociation + Surprise, especially that she shows a more motherly side to her character.
Updated Background:

Hoo boy, here goes. I must warn you that there will be spoilers for the Dissociation and Surprise in here.

- Haruhi subconsciously figures out that there's some sort of threat to her so-called "abilities" and "world" in general and pretty much splits the damn timeline in two. It is revealed in Surprise that the world was only supposed go through one timeline: which I will be referring to as the beta line, as it is called in canon. This history section will pretty much be cut in two: the alpha line and the beta line. Yeah, it's complicated. I know.


- A mysterious girl (who we later find out is named Watahashi Yasumi) calls Kyon. Her true identity is found out in the end of "Surprise" and that Yasumi is actually Haruhi's subconscious. Of course, Haruhi doesn't know that Yasumi is a part of her. She pretty much trolls Kyon in her phone call and saying things that make it seem that Kyon should actually know her and then hangs up.

- The next day, Haruhi decides that she's going to recruit new brigade members, though in all honesty she had no plans to actually recruit anyone. However, she manages to recruit Yasumi, who displayed everything that she ever wanted in a brigade member. Nobody realizes that Yasumi is actually a part of Haruhi, though.


- Haruhi ends up tutoring Kyon in math specifically (though it is assumed that Haruhi tutors him in pretty much everything). This isn't really important, but it shows that she actually likes tutoring and she acts more like a teacher than a tutor. At least, to Kyon.

- Yasumi stays with the brigade for several days, and on the last day Yasumi tells Kyon to meet her in the clubroom at exactly 6. Alpha Kyon then meets Beta Kyon in the combined close space that Haruhi and Sasaki created. The rest is all history.


- Like in alpha line, Haruhi says that she'll open applications for potential brigade members soon. However, Nagato Yuki is absent, which is an odd thing. This doesn't go unnoticed by Haruhi, who makes the entire brigade look for her, so they head towards Yuki's house.

- The SOS Brigade go to Yuki's place, where Haruhi decides to be motherly and take care of Yuki. She then realizes that this isn't the first time that Yuki's gotten sick (though the last time for Haruhi was supposedly just a 'group hypnosis').


- Kyon and Haruhi talk about Yuki's condition, which has obviously not gotten any better. Weird thing is that she hasn't been creating any closed spaces or celestials in the past few days.


- A few days after, Haruhi still worries over Yuki's sickness and how she's not getting better. She pretty much puts Kyon in charge while she goes to take care of Yuki some more. Yeah, that's a great idea.

- Then Kyon goes into the closed space and pretty much shit goes down. This has nothing to do with Haruhi so I'm condensing this.


After both timelines become one (pretty much the whole SOS Brigade has two sets of memories now, whoo) Kyon goes to rescue Haruhi, who is unconscious in the closed space. After Kyon plays hero, everything is turned back to normal.

Yasumi disappears, telling Haruhi that she's sorry that she pretended to be a high schooler and was in fact a middle schooler.

The following day, the brigade gets set for their next activity: a stage show at the Tsuruya flower viewing party.

Updated Personality: In all honesty, there aren't too much changes between Haruhi from pre-Dissociation to Surprise. We do find out that Haruhi cares about her brigade, and she always has. She would never replace or add to the current SOS Brigade and if anything happens to them, shit goes down.
Updated Abilities: N/A