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Canon Updates

Canon updates will be accepted at any time.

Please expect up to a month's wait before a reply. Our goal is to process canon update requests twice per month, but we may not always meet this goal during busy periods.

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Name: Brantron
Character Name: Mismar (Lyon)
Canon: Suikoden V
Housing Change: None.
Reason for Canon Update: I have a regain planned for her that she doesn't get in the original game until after the point I originally apped her from. Also, I want to bring her up to the same canon point as her castmate Miakis.
Updated Background: Lyon was originally taken from just before the Prince's diplomatic envoy to the Island Nations, so I'll pick up there. She travels to Nirva Island alongside the Prince and former Queen's Knight Georg Prime to negotiate with the leader of the Island Nations to join their cause in the war against the Godwins. The timing of this visit is important because the Prince's sister, the Princess Lymsleia, is about to be crowned Queen, and the Godwins plan to use the coronation ceremony as a chance to make connections and form allegiances with foreign nations. The Prince's group is essentially dispatched to the Island Nations to head off one such potential alliance.
Upon arrival, the Prince's group discovers that there has been some trouble with pirates recently, and that a group of them has occupied the Great Lighthouse at the center of the island. Being the helpful sorts that they are, the Prince, Lyon, and Georg volunteer to help kick the pirates out as a show of goodwill to the leader of Nirva Island, Skald Egan. As thanks for the assistance, Skald sends his daughter Bernadette, the Vice-Captain of the flagship of the Island Nations' navy, to join the Prince's cause.
Following this, the Prince's army decides to march on Doraat, a fortress town held by the Godwin faction that represents a sizable portion of their military might. After a successful siege of the fortress, Lyon, the Prince, and the mysterious druid Zerase run into Alenia, another member of the Queen's Knights, who has had the Twilight Rune forced onto her as part of Godwin's schemes. Fortunately, she is not terribly compatible with the Rune, and it rebels against her control, allowing Lyon's group to defeat her with a minimum of trouble. She is rescued by Dolph, an assassin also under Godwin's control, and pursued further by the group. Lyon's fellow Queen's Knight Miakis blocks the escape route, allowing Alenia to successfully escape. The Prince duels her and convinces her to come along with them, and she, the Prince, and Lyon share a tearful reunion after having been separated for so long.
Upon the return to Sindar Castle, Lyon and the others speak with Miakis and learn that their ally Georg Prime was actually the one who murdered the Queen during the Godwins' original siege of the Sun Palace. Miakis picks a fight with Georg, but is stopped by Lyon and the others. Georg leaves the castle again soon afterward without bothering to explain himself.
The next battle the group endures is a military campaign led by the newly crowned Queen Lymsleia, as a ploy to escape Godwin's control and reunite with her brother on the battlefield. The battle is split into three groups, each one with a different purpose. Two of the groups engage Zahhak and Alenia, Queen's Knights now loyal to Godwin, while the Prince and Lyon engage Galleon, who is protecting the path forward to Lymsleia. Upon defeating him, there is another tearful reunion between the Prince and his sister, cut tragically short by Godwin's assassin Dolph, who makes an attempt on the Prince's life while he is distracted. Lyon, sensing the attack in just enough time, dives between the two and takes Dolph's attack through the midsection from behind. Sialeeds, the Prince's aunt and co-conspirator in this scheme, escapes with Dolph and Lymsleia, intending to deliver her back to the Sun Palace.
Following this, Lyon is knocked out of commission for some time due to the attack. She is very seriously wounded, and spends the next several days (or perhaps weeks, the timeline is sketchy and not terribly specific) under the care of Dr. Silva in the infirmary at Sindar Castle. The Prince eventually returns with a powered-up Dawn Rune to stabilize her wounds and wake her from her coma, but it takes Lyon some time to recover enough to rejoin the group as an active combatant. The intervening time is spent in the infirmary.
It isn't until it comes time for the siege of Sol-Falena that Lyon is well enough to resume her previous role as the Prince's bodyguard. There was plenty of action in the meantime, but as Lyon was resting throughout most of it and not directly involved, I'll be skipping over all of that for purposes of this update. Suffice it to say that any waking time she had during this was spent worrying about how he was doing, and waiting for him to return between battles so she could talk with him.
During the Sol-Falena siege, Lyon stands alongside the Prince as his army conducts a full frontal assault on the gates of the Falenan capital. The group once again faces Sialeeds in combat, who is now the new bearer of the Twilight Rune (and the true bearer, arguably, having been chosen by the Rune itself) and was attempting to use its power to burst the dam and destroy the Prince's navy. With heavy hearts, the Prince, Lyon, and the rest of their group are forced to defeat Sialeeds in combat, and as she lays dying, the Twilight Rune chooses a new bearer in the form of Lyon. She receives a crash course in the use of its power from Zerase as she and the Prince must combine the powers of the Dawn and Twilight Runes to stop the power of the Sun Rune - now legitimately under Godwin's control - from laying waste to their army.
Once inside the gates of Sol-Falena, the Prince and Lyon fight defeat Zahhak and Alenia, who choose to go down fighting by taking a combat drug that increases their fighting capabilities dramatically at the cost of their deaths once it wears off. Proceeding past them, the Prince and Lyon have a final confrontation with Gizel Godwin in the presence of Lymsleia. The Prince defeats Godwin in a duel, ending his life, and the tearful reunion with Lym is finally allowed to occur.
Following the retaking of Sol-Falena, Gizel's father Marscal Godwin flees into the nearby Ashtwal Mountains with the Sun Rune and begins using its power to melt the large glacier located there, in an apparent attempt to drown half of Falena in one final retributive attack. The Prince, Lyon, Georg, and Zweig assemble a group to go after him, facing various dangers, traps, and puzzles in the mountains before coming face to face with their final foe.
Marscal unleashes the power of the Sun Rune, forcing Lyon and the others to fight a physical incarnation of the Rune itself. They manage to defeat it, but the exertion is too much for Lyon, who has not fully recovered from her earlier wounds. She dies in the Prince's arms, but is miraculously revived with the aid of Leknaat, a powerful blind seer who is deeply tied to the legend of the 108 Stars. She congratulates the Prince on uniting the hearts of those guided by the stars, and announces that the Sun Rune's power has been purified, and now possesses the ability to grant and restore life, in contrast to its previous use as a destroyer of the same.
After everything is finally over, the Prince and Lyon return to the Sun Palace with the other Queen's Knights to meet with Lymsleia. The Senate is dissolved and replaced with a representative parliament, and the newly crowned Queen Lymsleia also names her brother the new Commander of the Queen's Knights and abolishes the Sacred Games previously responsible for choosing the Queen's future husband. Lyon receives a full induction into the Queen's Knights, and stands proudly alongside the Prince, continuing to act as his bodyguard.
Updated Personality: Lyon actually hasn't changed all that much, even after very nearly facing certain death twice. Clearly being stabbed by Dolph the first time didn't stop her from diving right between him and the Prince a second time, even if it didn't turn out the same way it did before. You'd think that going through that sort of thing would make someone a little gun shy in the same situation, but Lyon remains as steadfast as ever in her desire to protect the Prince. The biggest change with Lyon actually comes after the war is over and she receives her induction as a full member of the Queen's Knights, which is that she finally realizes and admits her feelings for the Prince openly.
Updated Abilities: Nothing new, really. She'll be getting a new regain very soon after the update is approved, but that will be handled separately since I saved it up from Christmas.