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Canon Updates

Canon updates will be accepted at any time.

Please expect up to a month's wait before a reply. Our goal is to process canon update requests twice per month, but we may not always meet this goal during busy periods.

For a Canon Update, Fill Out the Following
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Name: Mel
Character Name: Sealand
Canon: Axis Powers Hetalia
Housing Change: Keep his old house!
Reason for Canon Update: I want to move Sealand up past when he met Molossia, Ladonia, etc. so he knows them if we get more! Also the Halloween strips where he dressed up with Seborga and Wy. I'll be moving him up to February 2012, so basically he'll move up a year canon-wise.
Updated Background:
Halloween Strips
America threw a huge Halloween party! And there was a costume contest. Therefore Sealand had to get Wy and Seborga into it, dressing up as a teddy bear, doll, and robot respectively. They didn't win, but they did get to socialize with real bigger countries, and it was fun.

Micronation Strips
Sealand held a micronation meeting with Wy and Seborga and decided they had to expand their group. Therefore, they went in search of other micronations to add a new member to their group. They met a few--Molossia, Kugelmugel, Hutt River, and Ladonia. After travelling all over looking for them, it came time to decide who would be the new member. All of them ended up being allowed to join! This only makes the micronation group even weirder.

Updated Personality: Sealand hasn't changed as a result of this update, not really; countries don't change that quickly anyway. He has more friends, so he is less lonely than he might be otherwise, and he's obviously pushing toward being a leader, but he's basically the same Sealand.

Updated Abilities: N/A