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Communities and Tags


[community profile] mayfield_rpg → In character posts
[community profile] mayfield_logs → In character logs
[community profile] mayfield_ooc → Out of character community for mod and player announcements
[community profile] junefield → Out of character community for memes, player plots, discussions, etc.

[personal profile] mayfield_mods → Mod and NPC journal account
[personal profile] ourlittlehelpers → Assistant mod account

Character journals may be used for in character logs, out of character discussion, or any other purpose. Please adhere to the same rules as in game: use a cut and warnings for explicit, disturbing or triggering content.

We strongly encourage players to post an anonymous comment enabled HMD and Contact post (with IP logging turned off) in their personal journals. To enable anon comments and turn off IP logging, go here. Allow comments from everybody and turn IP logging on for nobody. To keep the entry at the top of your journal, select 'Edit Date' when making the post, choose a date in the future, and select 'Don't show on Reading pages.'


In character posts will be made in [community profile] mayfield_rpg. In order to keep track of posts, we ask that all players adhere to the tag system.

• Character tags → Upon acceptance, every character will be assigned a character tag (i.e. c: Lucy Smith). Please use that tag in every entry made by that character.

• Event tags → When posting an event, mods will use a specific tag (i.e. !event: murderfield). You may use this tag to keep track of all posts made as a part of that event.

• Location tags → All homes in Mayfield, as well as the locations listed here, will have a specific tag (i.e. *location: 501 Ricardo or *location: City Hall). Use this tag to keep track of posts from housemates or coworkers.

• General tags → In addition to the above, please use !intro for newly arrived characters and !droned for posts by droned characters.

[community profile] mayfield_ooc → Please remember to tag your posts with intro, hiatus, drop, etc.