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Name: Shaun
Character Name: Ako Shirabe
Canon: Suite Precure‚ô™
Housing Change: Same Housing
Reason for Canon Update: Just advancing her through canon to about Episode 25
Updated Background: Between episodes 11 to 25, Ako starts to demonstrate a little more interaction with the two main girls of Suite Precure, Hibiki and Kanade. As such, she becomes a little more involved with their lives by way of Souta and offering a little more conversation at any given point. During this time as Black Cure Muse, Ako prevents the defeat of the first two Cures several times over, foiling Ellen's plots and preventing her from running rampant. Ako and Souta have a little bit of involvement during the stages that leads up to Ellen's switching to the good guys, after Hummy is captured and saved during this point.

Updated Personality: Ako primarily remains the same, aloof and a little more tsun than normal since she had seen her father during Ellen's dramatic moment where she becomes a Precure. As it stands, she's starting to waver on her decision to simply protect her father from danger.

Updated Abilities: No changes have taken place.

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