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Character Name: Sarah Jane Smith
Canon: Doctor Who
Housing Change: None
Reason for Canon Update: The final episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures aired a few months back and I'd like to have those last scraps of canon to work with. Also, Sky.

Updated Background: Sarah Jane was beginning to feel lonesome in her big house all alone with her son Luke away at university. One morning she quite literally finds a baby on her doorstep. A baby whose cries cause electrical disruption. The child, who she names Sky, turns out to have been created as a weapon in an interplanetary war. In the middle of the conflict, she instantly ages to a roughly twelve year old girl. Sarah Jane is able to convince Sky that killing is wrong and they manage to navigate the ensuing conflict without her being activated or the Earth being annihilated. Sarah Jane then adopts Sky, because apparently once you take in one child artificially created as part of an alien plot, you are now a galactic safe haven. This is more or less explicitly stated, as the Shopkeeper, who left Sky there in the first place, informs her that he couldn't think of a safer place for her.

The second serial is largely a Clyde centric story with relatively little impact on Sarah Jane herself. After getting free of the curse that caused her and everyone else to shun Clyde, she helped him look for a friend he had made on the street, reminding her of how many different worlds there are on Earth itself.

Finally, we learn that Sarah Jane is in fact one of the top three journalists in England when she is invited to the rehearsal for the launch of the hot new gadget, the Serf Board. Naturally, there turns out to be alien related shenanigans. Sarah Jane was horrified to discover there is an underground trade on Earth in alien slaves. (I suspect this may have become an ongoing plot thread had the series not been tragically caught short). In a moment not often seen in television, she takes the time to help the custodian, who is now out of a job due to Sarah Jane destroying her workplace, find a new job.

Updated Personality: Honestly, very little has changed for Sarah Jane, personality wise. She may find it slightly harder to be away from Sky than she did Luke, since Sky is still living at home, but that's about it.

Updated Abilities: A high resistance to hypnosis/mind control. It's not clear how long she has had this, but it had never been seen before.

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