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Mayfield is in the process of moving to Dreamwidth! The game on Dreamwidth opens on January 16th.

Applications on Dreamwidth will open on January 6th and will close on January 14th. However, if you are coming with us from Livejournal, you will not have to apply to join us here. Please let us know you intend to join us by filling out this post on Livejournal and following the instructions on this post on Dreamwidth.

Once you have filled out both posts, the mods will invite you to join [community profile] mayfield_rpg and will issue you a character tag. All in character posts will now belong on [community profile] mayfield_rpg, with the exception of in character logs which will continue to be posted to [community profile] mayfield_logs.

Please remember to tag your entries with your issued character tag. It will be a lot less work for the mods if you remember to do this. Please do not use any other tags, with the exception of !event tags that will be created at the start of events, and *location tags that can be made for your character's address or for any of the locations listed here. By leaving tag creation open to players for now, we're cutting down on our own work, and trusting you to please follow the system so tags remain uncluttered.

Dreamwidth Resources

Since many of you may not be familiar with Dreamwidth, we have compiled a list of links and resources to help smooth the transition.

User Guides

The Official Guide to DW for LJ users and the FAQ Guides in general.

Roleplay Specific Guide to DW

• To import your entries, comments, icons, and profile from Livejournal, use the Import Tool. Icon imports may not work if you had a larger icon package on Livejournal than you did on Dreamwidth.

Site Appearance

• To turn off custom comment pages (i.e. to get a comment page like the one here), go to display settings and uncheck the box that says "show my journal's entry pages in my chosen style instead of the site layout." You may also change the color scheme of the comment pages you'll see when browsing DW on that page.

• To see comment pages that look more like Livejournal's instead of the red and gray scheme, follow the instructions here. (Requires Greasemonkey)

• You may change your journal style here. For custom layouts, try [community profile] dreamwidthlayouts and [community profile] dreamcodes.

Invite Codes

Unlike Livejournal, Dreamwidth requires invite codes to make a new journal. This requirement is currently off, so you may make new journals without worrying about codes.

Dreamwidth was kind enough to provide us with our own game code, so players creating accounts to be used in the game will be able to bypass the need for an invitation. More information will be provided once Dreamwidth turns the invite requirement back on.

Please only use our code for a character if you are planning to post an application for them this cycle.