14 September 2012 @ 08:54 pm
event end  
All seven mementos have now been found! If your character has gotten a hold of one, please head on over to this post.

For everyone else, the event is now over! All portals have been closed. If you chose to permakill your character, they will reappear in Mayfield as a dropped character drone, with all of their regains gone. Any injuries acquired outside of Mayfield will not vanish overnight, but instead remain until they heal over normally or are treated. As always, you're free to backtag any posts.

Finally, anyone who participated in this event is eligible for a regain!
20 August 2012 @ 03:16 am
Event: ????  
It's the dead of night when things start to change.

Maybe you don't notice until the morning, or maybe you notice when it wakes you up from your peaceful slumber all tucked away in your bed next to your loving spouse, but the radio keeps turning itself on, at full volume, before behaving normally again.

The TV interrupts your favorite show to flicker on a static channel, or turns itself off and on at random, then works again perfectly five minutes later.

The lights dim, only to return moments later - who knows? It could be a trick of the eyes.

Of course, it would have to be a pretty impressive trick to not notice how you can you walk right through your front door without feeling a thing, while it looks as solid as ever.

It's hard to watch the clock at work when it can't seem to tell the time properly at all.

Once you're outside in the light of day, it's easier to see: and the sights are just as odd. Drones go about their business as normal, except for the occasional one that walks backwards. Or the one that repeats "Good Morning, do you know the time?" incessantly without breathing until you manage to escape to another room.

Maybe, if you listen hard enough on the right radio stations it's almost as if you can hear voices . . .

[starting in the early hours of morning, things are beginning to happen around town. Nothing lasts longer than a few minutes at a time.]
27 June 2012 @ 12:19 pm
event: step right up  
The funhouse is now open for exploration! Anyone can explore it now regardless of whether they signed up for the event. Characters who signed up and explore the funhouse will eventually arrive in a new area; however, not all characters will arrive on the same day.

characters who will be arriving on Day 1 or later )

characters who will arrive on day 2 or later )

characters who will arrive on day 3 or later )

Those who are in the first group can enter the new area on the first day or later; those in the second can enter on the second day or later; those in the third can enter on the third day or later. For characters in the latter two groups, you can play this one of two ways: either your character isn't able to find the entrance to the new area until they reenter the funhouse on their appropriate day, or they do find the entrance the first time they explore the funhouse, but when they exit, they'll have found that one or two or however many days have already passed in the new area.

Everyone who signed up for this part of the event and plans on participating should join [community profile] welcome_rpg with the character journal that they signed up. The community will open on Friday June 29th at 12:00 PM EST.