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Canon Updates

Canon updates will be accepted at any time.

Please expect up to a month's wait before a reply. Our goal is to process canon update requests twice per month, but we may not always meet this goal during busy periods.

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Name: Pip
Character Name: Touma Kamijou
Canon: To aru Majutsu no Index
Housing Change: No age or housing change
Reason for Canon Update: Canon updating him to a more convenient timeline for interacting with long-standing castmates, and in anticipation of new ones. Present canon point presents major difficulties in dealing with their timelines, so this should make him a little easier to play.

Updated Background: The span of time experienced is just a few days from before, but when the sum total of your memories from home is barely a month's worth, that sort of time is massive. Especially for Touma, who managed to encounter numerous characters he has yet to properly meet or remember, and become exposed to one of the bloodiest, most controversial experiments ever: the "Sisters" experiment.

There was this Level 5 Esper named Accelerator, whom some group was trying to "upgrade" to a Level 6 -- a long-since thought of theoretical impossibility as far as power-scaling goes, for espers. The process sounds simple enough: Accelerator just has to fight battles until he unlocks the next level of his potential. Easy, right? Wrong. It is a long, bloody path, and the reason it's so twisted is because of who these battles are with.

In order to facilitate this experiment, Misaka Mikoto's cells had been used to produce clones -- the 20,000 MISAKA "Sisters", many of whom Touma encountered in those short few days. They are not simply defeated by Accelerator. No, he always takes things too far and kills them in horrible ways once they are down. Touma witnessed the aftermath of one such fight, and that is where he met up with a group of about 20 of the Sisters who gave him huge clues as to what was going on. These Sisters also confirmed the serial number of the one he was in contact with at the beginning of the arc, which is MISAKA #10032.

Over the course of those next days, Touma sought out clues and found documentation of the purpose of the experiment, as well as diagrams for the city where Mikoto had destroyed machines in research facilities she suspected were involved in this plot. The only advantage they had was that the Tree Diagram supercomputer used to calculate the necessary moves for the experiment was destroyed weeks ago (something that confirmed an event he was already vaguely aware of), so that any massive changes to the calculations should throw things out of whack enough for the researchers to end the experiment.

However, he would not let Mikoto throw her life away to try and foil those plans by intentionally losing. Following the other leads, he eventually confronts Accelerator, along with Mikoto (who was also trying to end the experiments) and MISAKA #10032, whom he rescues from Accelerator. A big fight takes place, Touma shatters Accelerator's illusion, and this part of their story comes to an end. The experiment is shut down because Accelerator was defeated by Touma - the lowest Level 0 in Academy City - and thus it threw off all the calculations involved. The Sisters go into a "hibernation" of sorts to recover before they can be integrated into society, and life goes on for himself, Mikoto, and others.

Updated Personality: Touma does not undergo any changes he hasn't already in Mayfield. Really, what he witnessed back home doesn't hold a candle to the events this place has thrown at him, his friends, and those from his world. However, he does gain more of an appreciation for Misaka's "Sisters" as a result of the end of the experiment, thinking that they will be able to live normal, independent lives now. He can also appreciate Accelerator's psychotic behavior fully, now, having experienced it first-hand in the setting of Academy City. Then there is also his experience with the onee-sama obsessive Shirai Kuroko, whose interference is what brought him in contact with the documentation mentioned above in the first place.

All in all, he learns that Big Things are happening in Academy City, and he's getting the impression that he will no longer be able to pretend they don't affect him just because he's a Level 0 Esper near drop-out who can't even pay attention during make-up lessons.

Updated Abilities: No ability changes.