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• Please read over all the rules and information before applying in order to minimize any confusion before joining.

• If applying for a character that has already been dropped, it would be a good idea, though not required, to know something of their previous interactions. You are also free to pick up a dropped character with no memories of their previous time in Mayfield.

• All content for the personality and sample entry in your app must be written or roleplayed by you; for the personality section in particular, we do not accept copied text from wikis or other sources. Obviously, you may not copy your app from other players, whether in Mayfield or other games. Application plagiarism will result in a ban from the game.

• If you wish for your character to be placed in a specific house, please mention this in the relevant section of the application and specify that permission was obtained by the PCs already residing in that house. We will be operating by the Honor System for this, and there is no need for others to comment their permission in this post!

• Other special requests would also best go in the beginning of the application. Remember, grammar and spelling are important -- if your app contains errors, you will be asked to revise.

• Please post all applications or canon updates in this post; posting them elsewhere and linking to them from here may cause them to get changed later. Posting them here keeps us from having to save them.

When Applying, Fill Out the Following:

When Applying for an Original Character, Fill Out the Following

• Before applying, please look over any applications that were recently accepted to get an idea of what we're looking for.

• If you apply for a character that has already been reserved, we will inform you and ignore the application until the reserve runs out. You may not apply for more than two characters from the same canon. For the sample entry, you may write your own entry, or use a post from a musebox, dressing room, or other game. We recommend [community profile] testrun_box if you prefer the latter!

• After you're accepted, please follow all of the instructions given. You will need to reply to the acceptance, post your journal to the friend add page and your canon post, join the communities, and use the friend add page to update your journal. Once you're accepted, please introduce yourself on the community when you're ready to play.

• If your app is "Pending", do not freak out! This means that we need you to make some revisions, and does not mean you're rejected. We generally give players a chance to revise before rejecting them, but we will reject apps that do not address the concerns stated when we asked for a revision. If you have been rejected, our reply will clearly state this to be the case. If we have not gotten back to you yet, under no circumstance does this mean you are rejected. If it has been over a week since our last reply, it would be a good idea to contact us with a reminder, otherwise, please be patient!

• If you have received a "Pending" notice, you will have one week to supply us with your revisions, or your reserve will be considered expired and that someone else is free to apply for the character.

• The typical wait for a reply on apps may be anywhere from a day to a little over a week. If any part of your application requires a pending, it may be another week after your reply to that before we can get to you. We process a high volume of apps every round, so please be patient.

If you have not heard back on a pending for over a week after apps close, please send a PM directly to the mod account.

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Gohan Son | Dragon Ball Z | Reserved

Name: Nick
Personal LJ: kbrighton (relatively inactive)
Contact Info: (email) cstrife010110 (AIM)
Other Characters Played: None
Preferred Housing: 457 Stone Street (I've discussed it with the players, and they gave their blessing)

Character Name: Gohan Son
Character Series: Dragonball Z
Character Age: 16
Background: Here ya go!
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[personal profile] thegreatsaiyaman 2012-01-06 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: While Gohan is a DBZ character, I really want to start with his scholarly nature. Gohan, more than anything else, is a student. He love to spend time studying, reading, and just learning about the world. This was instilled in him when he was very young, since his mother, Son Chichi, wanted to make sure that he wasn't anything like the warrior his father was. He's book smart, quick at picking things up, and is very driven to excel at all academic persuits.
Due to his mother's influence, as well as his father, Gohan was raised to be as gentle and kind as his namesake, Goku's adoptive grandfather. He prefers talking and working out his issues, rather than resorting to fighting. His gentle nature can sometimes be a hindrance to the young man, as he is willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
Despite his mother's best efforts, his Saiyan nature gives him both the power and, at times, the agressiveness to fight. He has been trained since he was quite young to fight, first by his father's greatest enemy, and later by his father. He would never admit it, but there are times when fighting gives him a bit of a thrill, though he will always try to exhaust every other option before he throws the first punch. Of course, he has been known to dress in costume and fight crime whenever he is able to. GREAT SAIYMAN!!! GOOOO!
While Gohan is very smart, he's not that great when it comes to dealing with people. His father's kindness, and his remote upbringing, caused most of his interactions with people to be only those who were frends of the family, and those to be trusted, so he always assumes the best in people, and will take what most people say at face value. If his trust is violated, though, it will be hard to regain his trust, and he doesn't forget things quickly.
Abilities: Gohan is a master level martial artist, as well as being able to manipulate his Chi energy. He is a half-saiyan, which gives him greater resistance to injury, enhanced strength, and faster regeneration, as well as being able to 'power up' and go Super Saiyan, which increases his strength, speed, and energy projection. Aside from that, he has a surprising amount of book smarts, though not as much practical knowledge.

(no subject)

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Tom Servo | Mystery Science Theater 3000 | Not Reserved!

[personal profile] armsdontworkdamn 2012-01-06 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Ash Blaze/Knux
Personal LJ: [profile] ashs_stash
Contact Info: AIM - HyprKnux1
Other Characters Played: Nozomi Yumehara, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Tom Servo
Character Series: Mystery Science Theater 3000
Character Age: 10 + about 500. It's a long story.
Background: In The Not-Too-Distant Future, Next Sunday A.D...

When Dr. Clayton Forrestor and Larry Erhart captured Joel Robinson and shot him into space on the Satellite of Love, Joel discovered that the Satellite had a number of parts to use in building something for him. While he could have had control as to where the movies began and end, he used those special parts to make his robot friends - Crow T. Robot, Gypsy, Cambot and, of course, Tom Servo. Over the course of the years, Servo ended up getting a number of changes to him - a modified voice, a temporary new head (that proved to be more of a bother than not and others. However, Servo's life was flipped when Joel was launched out of the Satellite by Gypsy (mistaking an attempt by Forrestor and his new assistant TV's Frank to kill temp worker Mike Nelson) and was replaced by the aforementioned Mike.

Within two years of Mike being sent up, everything fell apart - for the bad guys at least. TV's Frank ascended to Second Banana Heaven while Dr. Forrestor's plan ran out of funding Forrestor pulled the plug and attempted to destroy the Sattellite of Love through reentry, but Crow and Tom were able to pull themselves out of it and shot themselves to the edge of the universe, becoming energy. 500 years would pass before Servo and the others would return to normal (well, five minutes for Crow, but this isn't his app, now is it?) and returned to Earth, discovering that it was overran by apes and the leader was Pearl Forrestor, Dr. Forrestor's mother. When a group of cultists discovered a powerful missle and accidentally had it armed, the crew of the Satellite escaped before the Earth was destroyed, but not before Pearl started chasing after him, taking Professor Bobo, the last ape with her. Throughout the Endless Chase, the group bounced from world to world (Mike accidentally blowing them up in the process, including the homeworld of the Observers, who professed that Servo himself was probably one of the most intellegent creatures they knew. Besides themselves, of course.) before ending up going through a wormhole and ending up in Ancient Rome, where Servo and the others were hailed as gods... until Bobo blew Pearl's cover. Thankfully (or unthankfully), the groups escaped and made their way back to present times.

(Servo's being picked up at the end of season 8 - "Space Mutiny")
Personality: Between himself and his "brother" Crow, Tom is probably the more sophisticated of the theater-going bots. He has a sense of style and prestige that isn't really apparent with the other bots. Like his creator Joel, Tom tends to be the one to modify himself to suit his own needs and has even built a few things, like a "peaceful" Death Ray - which he promptly used to shoot Crow with. He also has a thing with science and knowledge, as he's done a planetarium show using his body (which Crow ruined with "Uranus" jokes), scolded Mike over poor encyclopedias and has even shown to be able to speak a bit of French (or perhaps Canadian French)

However, despite the more sophisticated tastes, he has a very petty and arrogant side. He's snapped at people for minor infractions and even attacked people because of those infractions. Most of those have been aimed at Crow, though. For example, Crow ruined a planetarium show with "Uranus" jokes. In retaliation, Servo attacked Crow with a biplane, shooting up his snazzy new car. He's even told Gypsy, when she made mention that she "doesn't understand", that "No one understands me. I'm the wind, baby!" As well, when Crow attempted to start working out, Servo ended up racing in incredibly buff and ready to rip the wind out of Crow's sails. He's even gone so far as to taunt Mike from time to time, such as Mike's admittance that he wet his pants during a 10K run when he was a kid and taunting him over destroying the Hubble Telescope. He's also been known to steal and use Mike's credit cards from time to time, much to Mike's annoyance. However, he doesn't do this to Joel, mostly because Joel's his creator and he holds him in a much more higher esteem than Mike, who's more of a brother figure to him.

As well, he's very sensitive about his short-comings. Despite being a sophisticated robot, he's also very short. And his arms don't work. He's had a number of modifications done in order to make himself look taller (mostly by building up his hoverskirt) and tends to add in muscular arms from time to time. However, all of these changes are purely cosmetic and he's brought down to Earth very painfully (such as soothing him by forcing and rubbing Vasoline in his mouth for the skirting modding and by Gypsy kicking him in the back of the dome (again, don't ask)) and he's quickly back to normal before long.
Abilities: Servo is basically a 1-2 foot tall robot made of a gumball machine top, a "Barrel Full of Monkeys" barrel, slinky arms that don't work and a hoverskirt. And he talks. And hovers.

However, Tom (like the rest of the series) runs on the MST3K Mantra (the last lyrics go "If you're wonering how (Joel/Mike) eats and breathes/and other science facts (La, La, La!)/Just repeat to yourself "It's just a show,/I should really just relax/for Mystery Science Theater 3000!" (TWAAANG!)"), which means if something odd and out of place happens, don't worry about it - the people running the show aren't. This is how someone like Tom can type on typewriters, pilot airplanes and spacecraft, build Death Rays and drive cars with ease when his arms don't work at all.
Sample Entry: [Well, isn't this a surprise - hovering around Mayfield is a robot of sorts that looked like it wandered out of the junkyard. It might have at one time, who knows. Either way, his head darts back and forth, looking at the city around him.]

Bright, bland, the same thing. Jeeze, did that wormhole drop me off at the "Leave It To Beaver" set? Or even worse, one of those 50's informational shorts! Brr! [his body jerks around in a shiver!]

Mommy! Look! It's a pig!

[Servo turns to see one of the drone kids pointing at him. He's quite indignent at what he was just called]

A pig?! Well, I NEVER! I have you know that I am a robot and probably a lot more sophisticated than you are, you little brat!

And the pig talks! He's funny!

I am NOT a pig!

[Before Servo can go any further, he's cut off by the sounds of barking - a dog has taken notice of him and has decided the poor robot is going to be his chew toy!]

AUGH! RUN! MAD DOG! [and the little red robot hovers off at top speed, the dog running after it. People might find him a few minutes later, a happy chew toy.] I've never been so humiliated...!

Re: Accepted!

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Simba | The Lion King | Reserved

[personal profile] falconpawnch 2012-01-06 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Dante
Personal Journal: [ profile] terminafairy
Contact Info: TheIrradiated on Plurk and AIM
Other Characters Played: Luke Triton, Rainbow Dash
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Simba
Character Series: The Lion King
Character Age: No age given, but he's a lion cub.
Background: Here!

Simba behaves a lot like a spoiled prince and as a lot of young children would, he doesn't see his title of future king as a great responsibility and something that should be taken seriously. Instead he sees it as a way of being excused to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He often brags about the fact that he'll be the new king of Pride Rock someday, and talks about the "changes" he'll make once he's king (usually involving rules he doesn't like, such as the marriage arrangement with Nala). Sometimes he'll also use his position as prince to try and boss around others, especially if he's not getting his way.

Simba's also overconfident and arrogant, such as telling Nala that he was the one who pulled off their plan to ditch Zazu in order to get the to Elephant Graveryard. When Zazu tells them later that the Elephant Graveyard was a dangerous place and they needed to leave, Simba responds by telling him that he "laughs in the face of danger". Even confronted by the hyenas who were clearly bigger than him and willing to eat him, Simba dismisses them saying that they can't do anything to do him and proceeds to insult with them despite being outmatched.

The phrase "curiosity killed the cat" applies to Simba in spades, as places that involve danger draw Simba in like a moth to fire. His curiosity along with his need to prove himself is one of the reasons he gets into the trouble he does with the hyenas in the Elephant Graveyard. In fact, Scar relies on that curiosity for one of his earlier plans to kill off Simba, not so subtly dropping off the hint that there's an Elephant Graveyard in the first place knowing full well that morbid curiosity would get the better of Simba and led him right into danger.

Simba also has a constant need to test his bravery. And while Simba's bravery does shine through in some aspects, such as attacking a hyena to save his friend, part of it is also bravado. The truth behind all this crazy daredevil stuff is that he desperately wants to prove himself in an attempt to be just like his father, who he idolizes more than anything in the world. Some of this is shown in the scene where Simba steps in a pawprint made by his father, and seeing the size difference between his father's pawprint and his own. In that scene, Simba actually looks disappointed knowing that he has a long way to go before he fulfills the role of his father. And in the same scene where his father's scolding him, Simba tries to defend his actions protesting that "kings don't get scared" and that he wanted to be brave just like his dad.

Simba also shows that while he's childishly naive about how the world works, he's painfully trusting of others, especially when it comes to his uncle. Whatever Scar tells him, Simba blindly believes him. And that becomes very apparent when Scar lures Simba into the gorge for a "surprise" between him and his father. Scar relies on the fact that Simba will trust him enough and follows what he says long enough to set off the stampede that leads to the downfall of Mufasa. Even after Mufasa's death, Scar easily convinces Simba that the death is his fault and that he can't return to the Pride Lands. Simba takes full blame for the guilt, carrying this burden well into adulthood without ever telling anyone about it. And when he's exiled, Simba is quick to pick up Timon and Pumbaa's philosophy of living a carefree life without any responsibility, showing just how lost Simba is and how he's desperate for guidance.

Abilities: None
Sample Entry:

[Okay, Simba could handle most of the things he's run into in Mayfield. He could handle the fact there were humans, he could handle the fact that they lived in strange-looking caves, he could even handle things like snow.

But there was one thing he wanted no part of, something terrible just a few feet away from him. He was trapped, they locked him in and now the drone woman in front of him was planning to kill him.]

Come on now, be a good kitty. It's time for your bath!

N-no! Go away, I don't need a bath!

[Simba tried hiding himself between the wall and the back of the toilet, and the drone woman was holding some kind of bottle - poison, he guessed. It was gooey and some weird color and it made the water all bubbling, it had to be some kind of poison. He didn't trust it for a minute, no doubt she was planning on murdering him with whatever was in that bottle.]

Come out, kitty. You don't want to be all dirty, do you?

I said go away!

[And when she reaches down to grab him by the scruff of the neck, he rewards her with a painful swat. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to faze her and she drags him out anyway by the back of his neck, which starts up a lot of pathetic whining from Simba as she lowers him into the bathtub.]

No no no, put me down!! No, not down there! Somebody HELP!
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Personal journal should be [personal profile] falconpawnch not [ profile] terminafairy. Sorry!

Re: Accepted!

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Hakuno Kishinami || Fate/Extra || Reserved [1/3]

[personal profile] doesnotgetit 2012-01-06 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Kiyuu
Personal LJ: [profile] kiyuu
Contact Info: AIM/Plurk: Kiyuukins
Other Characters Played: Fate T. Harlaown([profile] thunder_ace), Marceline([personal profile] buryinmysound), Tsubaki Kasugano([personal profile] clairvoyantbird)
Preferred Housing: 505 Ricardo Street! I've got permission from everyone.

Character Name: Hakuno Kishinami
Character Series: Fate/EXTRA
Character Age: 16-ish. She's in high school so she's at least in mid- to late teens.
Background: Fate/EXTRA and The Protagonist. I'll be taking her from the route where she saves Rani VIII over Rin, fights Arcueid!Berserker and Cu Chulainn!Lancer, thus killing Rin. She'll also be taken from right when she touches the Moon Cell, before she could make her wish.
doesnotgetit: (:>)

Hakuno Kishinami || Fate/Extra || Reserved [2/3]

[personal profile] doesnotgetit 2012-01-06 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: If you were to pass by Hakuno in the hall, you wouldn't think she's anything special, or anyone worth notice. In fact, she is actually mistaken for an NPC early on in the war. To her advantage, though, this seemingly blank personality has aided her in battle. People underestimate her abilities, thinking she only managed to squeak by round after round by sheer luck. It isn't until the last few rounds that she's truly taken seriously as a Master. But she only starts out like that! To new people or people who do not know her, she may seem that way, but she's very much her own person on the inside.

Another notable thing about Hakuno is that she's oblivious to certain things. Like really. The phrase "dumb as a sack of bricks"? That could apply to her at times. Don't get me wrong, she can be quite intuitive sometimes. But other times she's... very not. This mostly comes up when topics turn... well. Sexual. She can feel attraction, like when she got flustered over Rin feeling her up on the first day, or when Rani kissed her... but she just doesn't get it. During the latter scene, she's confused and thinks that Rani was kissing her as a way to further strengthen her bond with Saber (she turned out to be right, but still). In another, when she was peeking in on... er. Rani... "transferring mana" to Saber, she didn't seem to entirely understand what the process was, despite heavy hints that will not be discussed in an attempt to keep this application clean.

But that doesn't mean she's completely oblivious to all forms of affection! She loves her friends dearly and deeply. One of the things that keeps her going throughout the War was her desire to spend time with Rani, and she was able to understand the complex explanation Saber gave on how she loved her people. Hell, one of the dialogue options right before fighting the final boss has her saying that only the people that care about matter to her. And to someone who has no memories of their life before the War, and no real recollection of who they are, this is very true. Over and over again she talks about how important Rani, Rin, and Saber are to her, and she'll do quite a lot to keep them safe. She's pretty good at making friends, on that note! She was friends with Shinji freakin' Matou resident slimeball of the Fateverse. That sure says a lot about how much she can put up with.

Needless to say, she's quite the determinator. In fact, her determination is what kept her alive in the preliminaries, and is in fact sort of a requirement to pass. When she was struck down, she thought about giving up several times, but managed to tell herself over and over that she can't die, this can't be the end...

Yes, she's afraid to die. Everyone is. This fear has near-crippled her several times, mostly in the confrontations with Julius and Assassin. But at the same time, she's extremely selfless and is willing to sacrifice herself if need be. When it was revealed that, as a program, her data would be deleted after she touched the Moon Cell... there was some fear, but in the end, she knew what she had to do, and she went through with it. She wanted what was best for the world, and if she could help change it, she would gladly give up her life for it.

Oh... she's also pretty snarky when she wants to be. While it doesn't show much in her actual dialogue, her inner thoughts can be quite sharp if the occasion calls, like questioning Saber on her flamboyant, artistic tendencies, or commenting on Rin's tsundere attitude.


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Luke Skywalker | Star Wars | Reserved (1/3)

[personal profile] last_ofthe_jedi 2012-01-06 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Gen
Personal Journal: [personal profile] bagof4grapes
Contact Info: AIM= bagoffourgrapes, Plurk= maximkrutschek
Other Characters Played: Dr. Egon Spengler, Megamind
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Luke Skywalker
Character Series: Star Wars
Character Age: 24
Background: | Luke's canon point is during Empire Strikes Back, while he's training on Dagobah and right before he has his vision of Han and Leia.
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Luke Skywalker | Star Wars | Reserved (2/3)

[personal profile] last_ofthe_jedi 2012-01-06 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Luke has always felt held back growing up on Uncle Owen's farm. It was a simple, quiet life that rarely ever changed and that was exactly the opposite of what he wanted. Luke craves adventure, excitement, and the opportunity for growth above all else, especially according to Yoda. He's restless and hates sitting still for more than five seconds. One might even call him impatient but he'll quickly deny it, tending to be of the defensive sort. His attention span is short and even his temper can be a bit hot, particularly when it comes to dealing with people who he finds too laid back and careless. Luke thinks getting involved in a good cause to be very important and he has little patience for those who wish to idly sit by, especially for selfish reasons. A particularly good example of this is when he told off Han for abandoning the Rebel Alliance right before the Battle of Yavin.

Luke can be a bit of a daredevil and has a hard time turning down a challege, sometimes overestimating his own chances or skills. He gets bored when he isn't being challenged and he can't stand monotony. He can accept change readily but is often unprepared for the change because of his eagerness. Luke is smart and responsible but his judgment can be a little off when it comes to making decisions. His rash courage often causes him to rush into things that he's not ready for. This has nearly cost him his life on multiple occasions, once during the Battle of Yavin when he nearly cooked himself in his X-wing after recklessly bombing a battle tower on the Death Star, and again when he abandoned his training with Yoda to rescue Han and Leia on Bespin. Luke is a fast learner which is a good thing particularly for him. He can be very naïve, primarily due to his sheltered upbringing on a quiet desert planet. Still, he isn't too proud to learn from and take responsibility for his mistakes. He is flexible and can easily be persuaded to adjust his strategy which has allowed him to mature quickly from the wide-eyed farmboy he was only a couple years ago to a seasoned war veteran and now a Jedi Knight. He still occasionally shows a side of childishness but he's come a long way. Luke has developed outstanding leadership qualities and has an unrivaled confidence coupled with his caring nature and unbent determination that encourages others to follow wherever he leads.

On the other hand, Luke also has a stubborn side when it comes to things he wants. He knows that he has a lot to learn and has a lot of room for improvement, but when it comes to the way he thinks things should be it's near impossible to get him to budge on the topic. He wanted to leave Tatooine and become a fighter pilot and, though it happened through unfortunate circumstances, he never stopped fighting for it. He was also determined to become a Jedi even though Yoda thought it was a bad idea, and he somehow managed to convince the Jedi Master that it should happen. He will argue the issue until he's blue in the face. However, Luke is an idealist through and through and usually has his head in the clouds. The things he fights for would seem far out of reach to others, but Luke doesn't let that discourage him. It's the people holding him down that are the biggest discouragement to him.

His tenacity can be attributed to having very rarely gotten his way back at home on Tatooine and having to fight for the things he wanted, but it's carried over into adulthood and has probably doubled. Luke is a fierce fighter, especially for his beliefs and the beliefs of his friends. He's fiercely loyal and selfless and will defend a good cause until his dying breath. He's especially loyal to his friends to whom he becomes quickly and easily attached and he would give his life for them without a second thought. Sometimes, though, this gets him into trouble. Luke can be overly defensive of the things he and his friends stand for, often overlooking the things that are truly important to simply get in the last word. He can be loud and even a bit forceful, often letting his frustration take over when things aren't going his way. He gave into his anger briefly in an attempt to strike down the Emperor when he was belittling the Rebel Alliance. Luke has the tendancy to act first and think later, but when he does think he is very quick to right his wrongs and fix his mistakes. He continues to improve in this area as he becomes wiser and more experienced.

In that way, Luke is understanding and forgiving when he is focused and self-aware. Beneath his stubbornness he is very sweet, incredibly caring, good-natured, and makes friends easily. He also has a good sense of humor and gets along well with those he can joke around with, although if he becomes the butt of a joke it will raise his hackles and he'll become hot-headed and defensive again. He's never hostile or aggressive about it, though. Deep down he knows it's all in good fun and he'll eventually let himself laugh it off, especially if encouraged by others, though he can be sensitive about things and has a hard time just letting things that bother him roll off his back. It's rare for him to hold real grudges but it may take him a short while to forget misgivings, especially when it was at the expense of a friend. Despite his flaws, Luke is definitely the kind of person you'd want fighting on your side.

Re: Accepted!

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Diamonds Droog | Homestuck | Reserved

[personal profile] badladyscramble 2012-01-06 05:03 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Kobayashi
Personal LJ: Kobayashi89
Contact Info: MindtheSukima on AIM
Other Characters Played: Remilia Scarlet, Naze Youka, Davesprite
Preferred Housing:

Character Name: Diamonds Droog
Character Series: Homestuck
Character Age: Unknown (Over 18)
Personality: Diamonds Droog is a very violent kind of person. This is not, however, to say that he is wild, rowdy, loud or unrefined like certain one-eyed partners in crime though. Even when considering who stole his hat and the terrible, terrible things he plans to do to them, dead or alive, he is nothing if not cool and collected and dangerously intelligent. It is noted that it takes a savvy kind of psychopath to tread the line between obeying a clear superior and facilitating a perfectly useless genocide – something that the Draconian Dignitary in the kids’ session does quite competently (though they are two separate people, Draconian Dignitary in the kids’ session and Diamonds Droog, who was Draconian Dignitary in the trolls’ session are practically identical in personality). To put it simply, with revenge and violence as his motivations and intelligence and cunning as his mode of operation, he is efficient, professional, sadistic and ruthless in his endeavors. Though he’s always willing to make room for a well-deserved comeuppance.

Despite exuding the presence of the calm, collected brains of the operation who keeps his dumber and/or angrier counterparts on the ball and in line, Droog is still quite capable of violent outbursts, including against his fellows, as seen when he gives Hearts Boxcars a sound drubbing for suggesting stupid wardrobe changes, something that may be of particular offense to DD given his own fashion preferences. Unlike Deuce and Boxcars, he shares Slick’s need to exact painful, bloody revenge on people who slight him, and is far more competent at it, smoothly taking out two of the Felt’s trickier members, Fin and Trace, with deadly efficiency. He also seems to take a deep satisfaction in Aradia taking violent, bloody revenge on Vriska at his direction as her Exile, seeming quite proud of that show of violence, as well as approving of her independent, sharp responses to his attempts to further command her. His weapon of choice is his Ultra-Violence Cuestick, a reference to A Clockwork Orange like his name is.

Of course, none of that isn’t to say he isn’t the brains of the operation. In the kids’ session, the Draconian Dignitary handles the running of an entire kingdom while the Sovereign Slayer is busy destroying things, as well as craftily stealing the books necessary to create Becquerel (who would eventually power up the Sovereign Slayer to nigh-unstoppable). Droog himself outwits the future- and past-trailing duo of Fin and Trace and in the same ploys dispose of Doze and captures Stitch, one of the actually competent members of the Felt. He also demonstrates a good ability to make sense of the Felt’s complicated time-shenanigans and also know when not to over-think things.

Still, as efficient, ruthless and business-like as Droog is, he’s still a member of the Midnight Crew and prone to a fair share of eccentricities – though his run a little darker than some of the others. On the brighter side, he likes Swedish fish, which he keeps a pair of in his back-up hat. He also has multiple back-up hats, and everything really – his immaculate wardrobe that he keeps in his Brawlsoleum is evidence to his interest in being fashionable and sharply dressed – he’s the only member of the midnight crew who bothers to wear a tie. His sordid literature of choice is a pinup print of black-and-white monochrome beauties that he conceals within a normal newspaper. He can be seen reading it while also watching Aradia make Vriska pay – implying he either has no problem mixing sexual gratification and violence, or actually finds this preferable. Also, when he shoves Stitch into his brawlsoleum, he notes that carrying around his own person imprisoned tailor is gratifying for personal reasons – either an enjoyment of kidnapping and hostages, an extension of his care for fashion, or both.

Abilities: He doesn’t particularly have any abilities. But he plays a mean saxophone.
Sample Entry:

[The phone call starts with silence. Maybe the quiet sound of someone taking a sharp drag from a cigarette, hard to tell over these old phones. What is easily heard is the long, sighing exhale from after it. A pause, and then measured, steady voice whose words betray a mind bent on bloody murder.]

I’m gonna cut you a deal here. I’m gonna ask a question. You can answer now and I’ll do some things with you. Or you can refuse to answer, and then I’m gonna find you, drag the answers out of your broken jaws and then do some things with you twice. Do you understand the terms?

[Another pause as he takes a drag of his cigarette. And doesn’t give a fuck that he’s already smoking at 7 in the morning.]

Alright, so tell me: who are you and what the hell is this pink monkey suit you put me in?

[Action; House]

[This is some real crazy shit. Weird city, weird houses, full of all these weird pinkos. Well, no point in worrying about those details. Gotta find the guy behind this and give him the business.

Course, everyone knows the giving someone the business requires a decent armory, and preferably a decent wardrobe too, so securing those are the first priorities, not necessarily in that order. Fake wife, fake kids, don’t mind as your new daddy starts casually ransacking the room and picking out what he likes so he can do this thing armed, dangerous and dressed to kill.]

[Action; Town]

[You spot a man interrogating a drone, by which we mean giving him a senseless drubbing with a pool cue! The guy doing it doesn’t seem particularly enraged, rather just going about his (rather violent) business. And possibly smirking.

What do you do?]

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Stocking Anarchy (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) - reserved

[personal profile] soneanna 2012-01-06 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Anna
Personal LJ:[personal profile] soneanna
Contact Info: onlymywits@AIM
Other Characters Played: Fujiwara no Mokou, Kotomi Ichinose, Rider, Mion Sonozaki, Byakuren Hijiri

Stocking Anarchy (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt) - reserved

[personal profile] soneanna 2012-01-06 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
Preferred Housing: randomize me

Character Name: Stocking Anarchy
Character Series: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Character Age: ageless, but looks around 19~20
Background: here

Stocking is a fallen angel. It’s not outright stated why she was kicked out of the pearly gates, but it’s suggested that it was due to her immense gluttony and rather poor attitude. Because those are two driving factors to her personality--Stocking loves sweet foods, and is a bitch to the umpteenth degree.

Yes, her main priority in life seems to be “acquire sweets.” Cakes, cookies, pies, ridiculously expensive foreign chocolates--Stocking wants them all, and she will get them at any cost. She is very possessive of said foods she acquires, and will get the most offended if you happen to point out to her that she's eating too much/she'll get fat. This, so much? She doesn't really care if she gets back into Heaven or not. So many delicious foods on Earth. Tying into that? She can be a massive bitch. A line in the canon song "D City Rock" actually has her say "I get high being nasty." Unlike Panty, though, who focuses more on being directly rude and blunt, Stocking is more discreet. Her insults tend to be snooty and point out actual flaws. Why does she do it? Because she thinks it's fun. She gets way too many giggles out of getting people to feel down.

Although, it does say something about the elder Anarchy sister when one takes into account Stocking is a lot nicer, and actually quite level-headed. Things that should freak Stocking out? They normally don't. She prefers to calmly analyze the situation and form a plan of action, as opposed to recklessly charging into the fire. She doesn't come up with crazy theories or weird rationalizations, and actually has moral highground over Panty. Yes, she does know that shaming people is bad and she probably should refrain from doing it--she just doesn't want to. In times of panic, though, she does drop the mean act and become a trustworthy and reliable person.

Stocking also prides herself on being high class. For an example: while she does swear like a sailor, it's less likely to be just for the sake of swearing, and more likely to drive home a point or emphasize her feelings. Her clothes and her sweets are all ridiculously fancy and expensive, and her vocabulary, despite being peppered with "fuck" and "shit" is rather eloquent. She makes it a point, repeatedly, that she actually has standards when it comes to men. While Panty will sleep with a random guy she finds, Stocking prefers to build up relationships first. She claims love is a lot more important to her than lust.

That all doesn't save her from being massively creepy at times, though. Apparently she has a hardcore bondage fetish and masochistic tendencies that she keeps hidden. Her first true love? A ghost made out of all things smelly and disgusting. Basically any thing you can name that would be considered abnormal, gross, or scary? Stocking probably likes it.

Re: Accepted!

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Thrall Son of Durotan | Warcraft | Not Reserved

[personal profile] omg_thrall 2012-01-06 05:04 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Shaun
Personal LJ:
Contact Info: drskirk - Plurk, Shaun Garin - AIM
Other Characters Played: Ako Shirabe (Suite Precure), Rin Natsuki (Yes Precure 5 GoGo)
Preferred Housing: 2242 Stevens, Father Position (Has already gotten okay from Nozomi and soon to be Einhart's mun as well. And of course I play Rin which interaction would be handwaved.)

Character Name: Thrall, Son of Durotan (Go'el)
Character Series: Warcraft
Character Age: Presumably around 30ish
Personality: Thrall is a very driven character, embodied by the nature of the Shaman that he holds the powers of. Extremely stubborn, patient, wistful, angry and loving. All of these things hold union within Thrall's personality, starting with the first part of his elements cycling through Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Thrall over time, has expressed many facets of his personality, Air symbolizing his doubts over his actions. He doubts his ability to face his friends, lead people, and wishes honestly that he could have listened to his fellow leaders of the Horde, and friends no less. He regrets the death of Cairne as much as he regrets the need to put the headstrong and brash Garrosh into a place of power, which has driven out Vol'jin, another one of his dearest friends. To this he doubts his abilities to be the World Shaman as well, and his ability to lead a world to freedom from Deathwing.

Thrall wishes for peace, prosperity. His fondest wishes are for peace to reign over Azeroth, and finally make amends with the brash leader of the Alliance, as well as rear a family of his own. As a child he was torn away from his mother and father, and raised as a slave. As such, he wishes for nothing but the ability to see people through their darkest hours, and help them cope with the need to create happiness and life and love amongst the people. He bears many friends, life long ones that sees him through his hardest moments, and is symbolized by his ability to love Aggra, the woman who taught him the final steps to becoming a Shaman of tremendous power.

Earth symbolizes Thrall's stubbornness, that look on his face when he refuses to lay down his mantle as Warchief, as well as give thought to things that greatly disturb him. Thrall's ability to stand resolute in the most direst times has made him what his people claim to be the most valiant leader of the Horde, and a leader of men. His stalwart resolution for peace, also comes in play when prompted into war, as with the war with the Lich King a year ago before Deathwing reshaped the land. His stubbornness to find his people in a shattered world also fostered the creation of an alliance between the Magahar Orcs and his own, and his meeting with his Grandmother, who gave him the name Go'el.

Fire represents his rage. Anger abounds in Thrall at every passing moment, and he wrestles with the bloodlust that characterizes his people. He rages at both himself and the things around him, ranging from Cairne's death, to his slavery at the hands of Blackmoore and the death of his friend all those years, and his inability to prevent tragedy from falling on the world. He rages against the things that seek to destroy his homeland, and as well at the people who think nothing but fighting each other. And yet he wrestles with this fact every single day, and manages to come out strong and sane.

Thrall's four elements in one, make him a powerful Shaman, but an even stronger person. He needs people to give him hope, that through cooperation and understanding, new life will be born from it. He loves his mate Aggra and would be saddened to be torn from her in any situation, but he also feels like there's a way to do anything important, and to endure as much as possible. Thrall's compassion drives him for any kind of person, man, woman, child. And he loves and cares for the smallest of things, and will stand up for the right and defence of the ones who he will defend to his dying breath.

Abilities: Thrall, as the World Shaman embodies the four elements, many assorted powers ranging between calling strikes of lightning, frost, fire and wind, to water walking and water breathing, summoning the elements themselves, creating totems to empower people and himself are all part and parcel of Thrall's abilities. He also wields the mighty Doomhammer which has been a symbol of the Horde for many years, as it has lead the Horde to victory on many occasions. His connection with the elements allows him to listen to the world around him, and choose the right path and guidance, meditating, as well as summoning creatures such as fire elementals, earth elementals and spirit wolves to his aid. He also wears the black armor of Doomhammer, but he has also put that aside for the garb of the Shaman. The most important item he wields is the Dragon Soul, a relic embodied with the powerful essences of the four Dragon Aspects and the power of the Earth Warder, his own immense power over Earth itself. With it, he struck a blow that was nearly fatal to the maddened Earth Warder, Deathwing. Finally, Thrall himself is the Earth, as the new Earth Warden. His job is to protect the world as the World Shaman, a power that hangs heavy on his shoulders. With that, comes quite literally the power of the entire world at his fingertips.

Sample Entry:

Re: Accepted!

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Excel | Excel Saga | Not Reserved

[personal profile] her_saga 2012-01-06 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Minki
Personal LJ: None
Contact Info:
Other Characters Played: Clod, Nyarlathotep, the Doctor, Rip van Winkle, Sage Barnes
Preferred Housing: 1767 Beaver St. I spoke with Dist-mun and got her permission and sent a PM to Emperor-mun, but it's been at least a week without a reply. He might have idled out.

Character Name: Excel (Excel Kleinwald, Slammin' Flowerchild, Teriha Shiouji, every name listed is fake)
Character Series: Excel Saga (the manga)
Character Age: Early twenties
her_saga: (Default)

Excel | Excel Saga | Not Reserved

[personal profile] her_saga 2012-01-06 05:10 am (UTC)(link)
Background: Excel Saga takes place in Fukuoka, Japan where an underground syndicate by the name of ACROSS, the Organization for the Institutionalization of the Supreme Ideological Ideal on Earth, is as the title suggests, working to take over the world. In order to conquer the world, ACROSS believes that one must first conquer half of that. But in order to conquer half of the world, one must first conquer the quarter of that and so on. To conquer the world, therefore, one must conquer an entire city, that being Fukuoka.

The manga originally was written in response to the Japanese recession and to reflect that, the world-conquering organization only has two members total: its leader, Il Palazzo, and the executive officer, combatant, and latrine orderly, Excel. Believing that the world is corrupt, Excel is charged by Il Palazzo with gathering information around the city and delivering items to specific areas to divert enemy efforts while often being dropped down “the pit”, a trap hole built into the base. While conquering the world is clearly on the agenda, Excel must also make means to sustain herself through income provided by various part-time jobs... most of which she's fired from or quits for one reason or another.

During a flood as Excel swims her way over to ACROSS' headquarters, she comes across a dog, Mince, that she rescues and makes into her “emergency ration” and the “third member” of ACROSS. Just as she's pulled down the “pit” again, this time, she finds herself in the harsh seas hours later where she has trouble dealing with the Japanese Immigration Bureau. After being labeled as an illegal immigrant, thrown into prison, and escaping from said prison, she returns to Fukuoka to find that Il Palazzo has hired the official third (fourth in Excel's book) member of ACROSS, Hyatt, an anemic girl who often finds herself dead from time to time.

Opposing ACROSS is the City Environmental Security Administration, a government bureau headed by Dr. Kabapu. The administration was made in response to Kabapu's belief that there is somebody trying to take over the city. As such, he chooses a group of young people with potential who more or less all took the same entry-level civil servant test, Toru Watanabe, Norikuni Iwata, Daimaru Sumiyoshi, and Misaki Matsuya. Most of their tasks are limited to paperwork, but Kabapu sends them off in missions such as searching the sewers which often makes them question the nature of their “entry-level civil servant” positions. All five members of the Administration along with Excel and Hyatt were placed in the same apartment, although they generally manage to avoid each other through sheer luck.


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Re: Accepted!

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Kyouko Irisu | Irisu Syndrome | Not Reserved

[personal profile] rabbitscoughmed 2012-01-06 05:07 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Minki
Personal LJ: None
Contact Info:
Other Characters Played: Clod, Nyarlathotep, the Doctor, Sage Barnes, Rip van Winkle
Preferred Housing: Another character, Satoru Uujishima, will be apped into the game in this session and I'd like Irisu to be paired with him.

Character Name: Kyouko Irisu
Character Series: Irisu Syndrome
Character Age: 19 years old
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Kyouko Irisu | Irisu Syndrome | Not Reserved

[personal profile] rabbitscoughmed 2012-01-06 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Personality: Irisu overall is a bit of a loner. She distances herself from other people at all costs and earnestly wishes nothing to do with them at all. One of her themes in the game are titled “I Didn't Talk to Anyone Again Today” hinting at just how much of a recluse she has become from her peers. Even when she genuinely likes someone or has feelings for another person, there is a great chance that she wouldn't make the effort to interact with him. Irisu is able to show herself in public, but beyond that, she's a virtual recluse and feels that it's bothersome to deal with people that she doesn't know and earnestly could not care for.

Her love for rabbits and her loneliness actually go hand in hand together. She likes rabbits, seeing them as gentle, quiet, and lonely creatures after her experiences with the class' injured rabbit during grade school. Irisu associates herself with them and feels at ease whenever she has one around her. However, Irisu despises cats with all her heart. After seeing the class' cat lick at the rabbit's decapitated head, she left school and closed herself off from people. Irisu associates cats as destructive animals after one of them was responsible for killing “a part of her”. Anybody that might show the same interest in rabbits or hate for cats as Uujishima hinted at can earn her interest, but that doesn't mean she quite has the power to be courageous enough to converse. Until now, though, Irisu has been nothing but a lonely girl.

The ways she deals with her loneliness are often unhealthy. She should simply stare out at the ceiling for ten hours or play puzzle video games. Incidentally, her puzzle games often make the tools that she uses to keep herself sane and busy. The more it occupies her mind, the more she would feel less inclined to act on her more violent tendencies. Often what has an adverse effect compared to her puzzle games is her addiction to cough syrup and “white powder”, ephedrine and codeine. She is accustomed to taking thirty packets a day and with each use, she feels more willing to act on impulse than hold herself back. She has an addictive personality with little capacity for self-restraint unless another person would find out and call her out on it.

Irisu, behind others backs, has little regard for personal space. Out of curiosity at times when nobody is looking, she would rummage through others' notebooks or belongings if something has caught her attention. She looked through Uujishima's drawings and fell in love with him after seeing all the illustrations of cats committing suicide. When people aren't looking, Irisu finds that she is capable of dangerous, extraordinary things. She's normally a recluse, but she found herself able to plan and organize together a cabin trip among peers. On her own terms, Irisu has little problem dealing with or interacting with people, making her more bold than people would give credit for. She is able to put on a face and act out roles that she has assigned herself.

One of such roles would be that of a murderer. Irisu was capable of planning out the cabin trip as a part of her plan and use her own stocking as a dangerous murder weapon to hide the evidence. In a bad ending, Irisu got away with several murders without any clues to point towards her. She escaped investigation and watched the news reports of her crimes on television. Irisu can be dangerously cunning if left on her own and unstable with only a puzzle game holding her actions back. Being left alone for nearly all her life has allowed Irisu to become cold and calculating, characteristics beyond what a mere recluse might have. She plans ahead and thinks of ways to act without endangering herself. These talents partly stem from her experience with writing and studying scenarios both in fiction and real life.

All of her motivations for murder stem from trying to be with one person, Satoru Uujishima. She isn't a murderer who kills indiscriminately. She is willing to kill anyone that stands in her way from becoming more intimate with a person that caught her eye. Irisu harbors special hate for Ageha for having feelings for Uujishima, but also hates Edogawa for keeping Uuji away from her. While she can make efforts to join the group, Irisu's way of thinking is too unstable and she is immediately tempted with murder if just to become closer to Uujishima.
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Gilgamesh | OC | Reserved 1/?

[personal profile] answerer_sword 2012-01-06 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Name: lotus-genie
Personal LJ: lotus_genie
Contact Info: Aim: Jingyuan Wu
Other Characters Played: Bazett Fraga McRemitz (Fate/)
Preferred Housing: N/A
answerer_sword: (Default)

Re: Gilgamesh | OC | Reserved 1/?

[personal profile] answerer_sword 2012-01-06 05:08 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Gilgamesh
Character Age: Very, very old. Couple thousand years old. His original body lived to be 200, and the younger body he uses right now appears to be somewhere in his early twenties.
Gilgamesh is, unsurprisingly, the world’s first hero, as described in the Epic of Gilgamesh. However, here, I will be fleshing out his backstory with tidbits seen in other stories of Gilgamesh and my own headcanon. In addition to his mythological origin, he also has information from my (yet unwritten) original fiction.

Gilgamesh comes from mythology. He lived in the city of Uruk in a mythological version of old Mesopotamia. While monsters lurked in the wilderness outside of the city, the inside of the city was an urban paradise. As a king, Gilgamesh lived a very decadent lifestyle and was surrounded by lush gardens, good food, fancy jewelry, and servants who answered to his every beck and call. Therefore, it was no surprise that he eventually grew into a spoiled brat with little sense of responsibility. He was the first hero and the world’s first memetic mutation, considered an invincible badass by both his people and the people of other nations.

As the first hero, Gilgamesh has claim to lots of the world’s firsts. Among them is the world’s first divine threesome, from which he was born. He has a mom, the goddess Ninsun, and two dads, the mortal king (later elevated to god status) Lugalbanda, and the god Ninurta. Another first he can claim is the divine baby shower, a theme often seen in later fairy tales. To specify, the gods threw a big party for Ninsun and took turns blessing her child, thus leaving Gilgamesh with a large variety of useful and not-so-useful abilities.

All three of his parents were delighted with his birth, but his grandfather, the then-King of Uruk, was not so happy with the fact that his son brought home a child that he claimed was born from him and a goddess. To make matters worse, the king consulted an oracle and found that his grandson was destined to kill him. The child was thrown off the tallest tower in the kingdom, but destiny would not be so easily subverted. An eagle rescued him and brought him to a gardener, where he was fostered to the age of five. When he was five, his foster father took him into the center of the city on an errand. There, he started playing with some other boys in a game of kicking pebbles. Desiring to show off to the other boys, Gilgamesh kicked his pebble with all his might. However, his shot went wide and he was unaware of his own super-strength. In an amazing coincidence, the king was passing by in his chariot at the time. Gilgamesh’s pebble sailed forward and struck him in the forehead, killing him instantly. Gilgamesh, shocked by this turn of events, could only stand there in mute horror as soldiers discovered him and were about to set upon him and kill him for his assassination of the king. However, before they could lay hand on him, his mother Ninsun revealed herself and shielded him. Then she told the awestruck crowd that Gilgamesh was her son. Not only that, but he was also the lost son of Lugalbanda and thus the prince of Uruk. The people were not about to dispute the word of a goddess, so within a day, Gilgamesh had gone from a gardener’s son to a prince. His father, happy about retrieving his lost son, coddled and spoiled him.

After the death of his father, Gilgamesh took over as the new king. Unfortunately, he was a spoiled brat with no sense of ruling. The power went to his head and he soon became a tyrant. He worked his men to the bone and insisted on sleeping with every woman in his kingdom (thus working them to the bone in another way). Wives were not left to their husbands, nor daughters to their mothers. It got so bad that people started complaining to the gods. The gods themselves, not known for their moderation, took one look down and decided that yes, it was bad. They decided that the reason he pulled all these antics was because he had no friend who could equal him. So they had Aruru, the mother goddess, create the wild man Enkidu, who would later become Gilgamesh’s faithful companion. On the eve of Enkidu’s coming, Gilgamesh had several dreams, which his mother interpreted as prophecies that Gilgamesh would soon meet a man who would become his first real friend. However, he failed to connect the dreams to a hunter’s request to deal with a wild man haunting the steppes. In true Gilgamesh fashion, he decided the best way to deal with the wild man was to send a harlot to civilize him. He thought no more on this until several days later, when he was trying to force himself on yet another girl. He was stopped by a man who was every bit his equal—Enkidu. The two wrestled through the streets of Uruk. In the end, the winner is disputed: some say Enkidu forced Gilgamesh to his knees; others say that Gilgamesh only knelt to catch Enkidu in a hold. However, what is agreed upon is that the two admired each other’s strength and agreed to become best friends. From then on, they were never apart.

With Enkidu at his side, Gilgamesh did many great deeds, like slaying Humbaba, ridding Ishtar’s tree of demons, and defeating Akka, the king of Kush. All these deeds eventually attracted the amorous attentions of Ishtar, who offered to become his lover. However, knowing the fates of her other paramours, Gilgamesh refused in harsh terms. As a result, she became angry and sicced the Bull of Heaven on him. While he originally didn’t care enough to go stop it, he was persuaded when his musician created a song spurring him to action. He and Enkidu easily killed the bull and butchered it as well, distributing its bones, meat, and skin to the people of Uruk. When Ishtar threw a tantrum over their deed, they mocked her. This eventually brought disaster upon the friends, as Ishtar complained to the rest of the gods over the heroes’ insult to her. Holding a council, the gods decided one of them needed to die. Gilgamesh’s three divine parents (Lugalbanda having now been elevated to god status) spoke up in defense. As a result, Gilgamesh was spared while Enkidu was chosen to die. Gilgamesh was distraught, but ultimately could do nothing as Enkidu wasted away and died. After his friend’s death, Gilgamesh refused to bury him, keeping Enkidu’s body by his side until a maggot dropped out of the corpse’s nose. Only then did he throw a lavish funeral for his friend. Shortly after the funeral, his grief temporarily drove him mad, causing him to run into the desert, living on the meat of animals while wearing their skins.

After recovering enough of his wits, Gilgamesh, traumatized by Enkidu’s death, decided that he never wanted to die. He set off on a quest for immortality, which eventually took him to the sage Utnapishtim, the survivor of the Great Flood. Throughout his journey, the barkeeper at the edge of the world, Siduri; the scorpion monsters who guarded the tunnel to Utnapishtim’s house; the ferryman who brought people to Utnapishtim; and even the sage himself tried to dissuade Gilgamesh from seeking immortality, telling him it is better for him to enjoy his mortal life instead of seeking things that he is not meant to have. He refused to listen to this advice and insisted, sometimes violently, upon getting his way. The sage charged him to prove that he deserved immortality by staying awake for seven days. However, as soon as he sat down, Gilgamesh was overcome by the fatigue of living in the desert and then making the long journey to Utnapishtim. He fell asleep for seven entire days and thus lost his chance. As a result, he threw a tantrum and then sat in a corner and cried. Utnapishtim’s wife, taking pity on him, told him about an alternate way to gain what he wanted—a thorny herb that grew deep within the ocean. With his abilities, Gilgamesh easily acquired the herb. However, it was later eaten by a snake when he was not looking. This caused another tantrum that eventually ended when he realized his quest really was futile. As a result, he resigned himself to being just a mortal man and the king of Uruk. He returned to the city, weary and at peace, determined to rule over his people and be a good, mature king at last…

Only it wasn’t that easy. He found out, through experience, that ruling a kingdom through ideals did not work. Even if rulers spoke of ideals like justice or honor, they were but empty words. In truth, a ruler is ruthless: they must be willing to lie, to cheat, to steal, to betray, and even to murder. It was especially traumatizing to him because beforehand, he had been more used to living the life of a hero than that of a king. He had truly believed in justice, honor, and glory. Now, not only was he constrained from going on those quests that he liked and forced to live a boring life of paperwork and administrative babble, but his naivety was also completely shattered. He learned that a hero and a king were two opposite things…and he had to be both. For Gilgamesh, a hero could be selfless—he could run off and sacrifice himself whenever he wished, but that was only because heroes ultimately belong to themselves. Kings, however, belong to their people, to their nation, to their throne. For the sake of his people, his kingdom, and his own power, he had to do many, many unsavory things. He fed his people by snatching bread from the mouths of others; enriched Uruk at the cost of other kingdoms. He initiated wars that expanded the power and territory of Uruk, but also left corpses strewn across both sides of the battlefield, broken families, and general devastation. As a hero, he would have saved all those who reached out to him; but as a king, he would take into consideration the political, economic, and human cost, and then choose to save all of them, some of them, or none of them. As a hero, he had a definite sense of right and wrong, but as a king, the lines became blurred. He would execute perfectly righteous officials while turning a blind eye to corrupt ones; he would start wars of aggression over meager causes; he would plunder, slaughter, and betray for the sake of his country. As a hero, he had friends, but as a king, he had only allies. A hero is pure, but a king is corrupted. A hero is selfless for selfish reasons: glory, loved ones, indulging his own ideas; but a king is selfish for selfless reasons: they must forever put their own desires and ideals after the good of their people and their nation. Even as the hero inside him raged and cried, the king continued on his ruthless path for many years. He understood that a hero sacrificed only his life, while a king must also sacrifice his honor and morality. Even if it hurt him greatly, as a hero, he could not allow himself to abandon his people while they still needed him.

After 200 years as king, it came even time for Gilgamesh to die. His first reaction was to, again, throw a tantrum. However, Shamash allowed him to see the blessings he had received in this life and offered him a place as the judge of the underworld after death, essentially elevating him to divine status. Satisfied with Shamash’s offer, Gilgamesh planned out a great tomb for himself, laid down in there, and died as the gods had ordained. The waters of the Euphrates were diverted to bury his tomb under the river forever.

However, this was not the end for him. In the underworld, he found out that being judge…entailed lots and lots of paperwork. As a result, he balked at this and decided that he didn’t want the job after all. Then, he decided that he owed it to himself and everyone who considered him a memetic badass to punch Death in the face. So he did just that. Vigorously. To a bad seventies soundtrack. And he punched Death until Death had to let him escape the underworld in his new, young, and quasi-immortal body. However, in exchange, Gilgamesh had to give up his sense of direction and his kingship of Uruk. Still, it was fine with him, since now he was free to do what he liked again. While this would normally have never happened, Gilgamesh’s three divine parents pressured Death to let it slide.

Without a sense of direction to guide him, Gilgamesh found himself travelling the world, often ending up in the wrong location. Now left to his own devices, he developed a taste for collecting weird things as souvenirs of his journeys. In his newfound immortality, he also found that he was now easily bored and constantly seeks entertainment, usually through eccentric antics such as giving Hercules a wedgie. He has met plenty of the other epic heroes during his long existence, and has formed his own opinions of them, sometimes different from the world at large. His “collection” ranges from mementos from these other heroes to souvenirs bought at the gift shop. At the same time, it ranges from things he can actually use (weapons) to things that are useless (stuffed animals), to things that are just weird or disgusting (Sir Bedevere’s severed hand). Nevertheless, he is reluctant to part with even the useless items.

At some point in his travels, he stumbled upon the island of Avalon, home to Morgan Le Fay, her husband Holger Danske, and a bunch of sleeping heroes. Avalon is usually under Morgan’s spells, causing it to constantly shift locations, sometimes even to a pocket universe that she herself has created. Under normal circumstance, nobody would ever find Avalon unless Morgan wished for them to do so. However, Gilgamesh, with his amazing ability to get lost, managed to lose himself to the point that he wandered onto Avalon. Because of its mystical properties, the features of Avalon are constantly shifting. As a result, Gilgamesh was unable to find a way off of it. It was no problem for him, though, and he settled down to a life of freeloading off Morgan. In addition, though life on the island was usually peaceful, it was far from boring. Due to increased urbanization among humans, the pantheons of the world have taken up dumping their sleeping heroes in Morgan’s house to rest until the day that they are needed again. Fortunately, her house, the Fata Morgana, contains infinite rooms. At the same time, they also took up dumping their unused, unneeded artifacts on her. Gilgamesh found it great fun to play with these artifacts, though sometimes, he would use them in the wrong way, create a mess, and get yelled at by Morgan. One such case was when he tried to resurrect Enkidu using Morgan’s spell books. The spell was unsuccessful and Enkidu was brought back as a completely bestial version of himself, now bound to Gilgamesh as a familiar. Needless to say, Morgan was not happy with how the new “pet” messed up her living room.

The three heroes originally intended to stay on the island until Doomsday, but then decided that the time had come for them to reappear in the human world when a sentient monster made of chaos magic attacked the world. The sleeping heroes were roused and set up a resistance beginning with London. In the ensuing battle, Avalon was wrecked and Morgan, Holger, Enkidu, Gilgamesh, and Morgan’s brother Arthur were forced to temporarily relocate to suburban London. There, they settled down to an almost sitcom-ish modern life. Gilgamesh took it upon himself to instruct his housemates in modern technology and bring excitement to the normally static community consisting mostly of retired folks. His housemates often attempt to curtail his madness, but to no avail.

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Latvia | Axis Powers Hetalia | No reservation

[personal profile] zettaimuri 2012-01-06 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Muri
Personal LJ: [personal profile] zettaimuri
Contact Info: [E-mail], [AIM] Mierigi
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Republic of Latvia [Raivis Galante]
Character Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character Age: Physically fifteen. Has existed for at least 600 years, very likely to be much longer than that.

General background [Wikipedia]
Character information [Hetalia archives]

Latvia is taken from a modern day setting so all history is applicable.

Personality: At a glance, Latvia appears to be quite a quiet boy. Usually there’s a sense of unease about him, as if something terrible could happen at any moment. Over the course of his life he’s endured many hardships and while he’s managed to make it through, it has left him a little worse for wear.

One notable thing about him is that he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. As it turns out, most of the time his heart is fairly skittish and nervous. Whenever he feels like this, he has a tendency to start shaking. This can range from a slight tremble to immobilizing quaking depending on how threatening and scary the situation seems to be. In extreme cases, Latvia may also have trouble speaking however this seems to rarely happen.

This kind of submissive personality comes from years of being beaten up and forced to live with other nations. Latvia is by no means a total pushover though. Despite his chronic bad luck and uncanny ability to injure himself he can pull through against all odds, crying and complaining all the while. If it were up to him, he would much rather take it easy and spend time with a good book or something to drink so these kinds of unbelievable feats only really happen when he’s ordered to or it’s imperative to his own safety and comfort.

A lot of the time he’ll want to rely on people in order to make things easier on himself. On the other hand he doesn’t want these people to control him either. In the end he feels somewhat lonely. There’s nothing that Latvia would want more than an older brother or sister to rely on and keep him company. Unfortunately his socials skills are a little awkward. For most people he’s extremely polite, even to those he may hold some resentment to (and he will hold that resentment for a long time) but there are times when he can be a little blunt. Much in the same way he always shows his true emotions, he often speaks without thinking and can say things that may be considered rude. Sometimes it’s by accident, sometimes it may be a passive aggressive act since he isn’t much of a fighter. In large conflicts he would like to stay neutral but often gets dragged in anyway.

While Latvia may be polite to most, when it comes to people younger or smaller than him he will often try and assert authority over them in strange ways. Despite his attempts he almost always ends up shrinking back and becoming more submissive. The desire to be in a more dominant position probably stems from a combination of the fact he’s always been a subordinate throughout his life and frustration he feels from having such a young body. He’s existed for centuries and wants to be treated as an adult, considering himself fairly mature despite showing childish mannerisms at times. Some of his hobbies, his drinking habit especially, are a little more adult and Latvia hates being denied these things or patronized because of his appearance. His shorter than average stature doesn’t help in the slightest.

Making friends may be a struggle but if you form a good relationship with him, Latvia is undoubtedly a loyal companion. He’ll look out for those he’s close to, even when it isn’t convenient or he becomes frustrated by them. After trying and failing to cut out bad relationships he knows how good the good ones really are.

Abilities: Due to his status as a nation Latvia shares a link with his people and his land. Because of this he displays a degree of immortality and supposedly can’t be killed unless the country of Latvia ceases to exist, even then it’s a little sketchy. In the event of physical injury, healing is extremely quick.

Also, he can drink forty cups of alcohol before it completely incapacitates him.

Sample Entry: [Latvia restlessly fidgets with the phone chord as the ringing echoes through the ear piece. Part of him hopes that they won’t pick up, he doesn’t want to explain what happened, or even own up to it but a voice suddenly speaks up and he almost drops the phone]

Yes! H-hello this is Raivis.

I’m really sorry. I’m the one who... I mean, I... uh...

[Taking a deep breath he tries to stop himself from shaking and just forces the words out. No one ever seems to get too angry here, how bad could it be?]

I’m the one who broke your fence. It was an accident! I swear!

I wasn’t paying attention, there was a cat in the road and I panicked and my bike swerved and I just...

I’m really really sorry! I-I promise I’ll make it up to you, I’ll get the money to repair it...

[Deep in his heart he hopes he won’t have to repair it himself. Carpentry only earns him more injuries than it’s worth. All Latvia can do is wait anxiously for his punishment]
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Correction: Latvia | Axis Powers Hetalia | No reservation

[personal profile] zettaimuri 2012-01-06 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)
Please forgive me, I make a mistake in the coding of the background information links.

Here are the correct links:
General background [Wikipedia]
Character information [Hetalia archives]

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Name: Cappy
Personal Journal: [personal profile] madcap
Contact: [ profile] madcapjest
Other Characters Played: Gamzee Makara
Preferred Housing N/A

Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Character Series: Sherlock BBC
Character Age: Late twenties to early thirties
Background: Here

Personality: Sherlock's a genius, and he knows it.  He's also a supremely irritating arrogant git, and he knows this as well.  For Sherlock, great leaps of intuitive deduction that would take a regular person days to figure out, if ever, come to him as easily as breathing; as far as he's concerned, anyone who can't keep up with his intellect (aka nearly everyone) is an idiot, and he won't hesitate to let them know. Politeness and social niceties are dull and take up valuable brainspace that can be used for more interesting subjects. Sherlock is blunt, rude, caustic, insulting, and sees absolutely nothing wrong with being any of these traits.

It's rather telling that not only is he a self-diagnosed high-functioning sociopath, but that no one who actually knows him bothers arguing with this diagnosis. Whether it's accurate is certainly up for debate; however, the point remains that Sherlock very obviously operates on a different emotional scale than most people do. He blatantly ignores social cues and will quite happily commit social faux-pas, such as inviting himself along on other people's dates or ordering his flatmate to come home via frantic text-messages just so he can use the guy's phone. He has trouble empathizing with people; it's not so much that he doesn't bother (although he doesn't) as it is that he doesn't actually understand what they're going through - for instance, he shows confusion at why a woman would still be upset over the death of her stillborn child fourteen years later.

That said, he certainly doesn't see his potential sociopathy as a failing; indeed, at times, he almost seems proud of it. For Sherlock, the work is everything; emotions will only distract from solving the case sooner. Victims aren't people, they're bodies from which he can attain clues from; caring about the dead won't help him catch the killer any sooner, nor will caring about any hostages the killer may take. At one point, he even forces an old woman to remain a hostage for a few more terrifying hours despite having solved the mystery ages ago, just so he could have more time to find more information on the criminal rather than rescuing her at once. Because of this, he can come off as just as cruel and cold as the criminals he's trying to catch, and more than one person has remarked on the dangerously fine line he walks between hero and villain. It certainly doesn't help that Sherlock gets quite giddy and excited over murders, as they're a great way to stave off the everpresent boredom that surrounds him on a daily basis.

Which is what it all comes down to, really. Being so brilliant is actually quite a burden for Sherlock, as with no one around to challenge him, everything becomes dull and slow. Criminals aren't his real enemy here - boredom is. Without anything for his genius to work on, he gets lethargic and sulky and incredibly frustrated, enough that it's heavily implied that he's resorted to drugs before just to take a break from mundanity. Sex is dull, television is dull, social interactions are dull, entertainment is dull; the only thing that keeps his mind from rotting is the work. He's at his happiest when he's pitted against a criminal that can actually challenge him and keep him on his feet, even if it means people dying.

Despite all of these emotional failings, Sherlock actually likely doesn't qualify as a sociopath, for the simple reason that even though he denies it, he clearly has emotions and a moral compass. For all of his excitement over serial killers and his claims that he feels nothing for the victims, when confronted with the criminals in question, he does condemn them for murder. He clearly shows signs of visible distress when an old woman is murdered while talking to him, and when a child is taken hostage. More tellingly, he obviously values John Watson's life and friendship highly, even if it seems like he's trying to drive him away at times; he gets very noticeably worried and even agitated when John is placed in danger. In the end, Sherlock does seem to feel emotions on the same level that normal people do, even if he tries to suppress them.

Sherlock's main strength is undoubtedly his incredibly brilliant mind. He has a vast, almost encyclopedic knowledge for various subjects such as chemistry and biology, but his genius lies mainly with his astonishing deductive skills. He's hyper-observant and will notice the tiniest details about someone the same way most people notice that the sky is blue, before using that information to paint a scarily accurate picture of said person's life history and personality. He's also quite the actor for someone who has so much trouble empathizing and understanding social niceties; Sherlock can cry on cue, flirt outrageously, play a wide range of roles from rich yuppie to security guard, and generally do whatever it takes to manipulate people into giving him what he wants (of course, this doesn't work on anyone who's actually been around his real self for more than a minute, but then he'll just sulk until they give in).

Physically speaking, Sherlock is quite fit; he's able to run long distances and race across rooftops without getting too winded, and he's rather adept at hand-to-hand combat and can generally take care of himself in a fight. As far as emotional strengths go, he's capable of staying calm in stressful situations; he's also brave in that he's willing to risk his life to get what he wants, although really it could just as easily be called no sense of self-preservation.

When it comes to weaknesses, for all of his massive intellect, Sherlock lacks a lot in common sense and common knowledge. He deletes anything that's not relevant to his work, meaning that he knows little to nothing about pop culture, politics, or that the earth goes around the sun. While his determination to see through his goals could be seen as a strength, the fact that he does this at the expense of everything else, including eating and sleeping, does not.

He's also incredibly immature and childish at times. He often goes through wild mood swings, especially when he's not on a case, at which point he'll throw a tantrum, shoot at the walls, before curling up into a massive sulk on the sofa and refusing to talk for days on end. He's prone to melodramatics, referring to his brother as his archnemesis, because the real world is just so dull. He doesn't consider the consequences of what he says or his actions; while Sherlock is rarely intentionally cruel (unless you're Anderson), he has no idea why telling a girl her boyfriend is gay is not a good thing to do. He doesn't make friends easily, nor does he treat them kindly, as the case will always come first and everyone else will just have to try and catch up. His pride is also a major weakness with him; for all of his tricks, Sherlock is remarkably easy to manipulate, so long as one challenges his intellect - he'll certainly see the manipulation coming and know exactly what the person is trying to attempt, but he'll still risk his life just to prove he's cleverer than everyone else...because at the end of the day, Sherlock's kind of an idiot.

Abilities: Hyperobservational skills, remarkable intellect, and decent hand-to-hand combat, none of which he'll need to regain.

Sample Entry: Here!
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Tatsuki Arisawa | Bleach | Not Reserved | 1/...1?

[personal profile] guardiandragon 2012-01-06 05:25 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Ash
Personal Journal: [personal profile] hahahahaha
Contact Info: yes22992 on AIM, gaslight on plurk!
Other Characters Played: None... yet.
Preferred Housing: Let's get random again!

Character Name: Tatsuki Arisawa
Character Series: Bleach
Character Age: 17
Background: Despite knowing the main character longer than anyone else not in his immediate family, Tatsuki's life is about as normal as it gets in the world of Bleach before the story begins. She's 17 years old, comes from an ordinary middle-class nuclear family, her parents are neither separated nor dead, and she's not mentioned to have any siblings. That's not to say she's unremarkable herself, but to say her circumstances are anything but blisteringly average would be a bald-faced lie. She just has to put in the effort to make her life interesting, and her efforts certainly aren't wasted.

It was when she was four that she first met our hero, Ichigo Kurosaki, when they trained at the same dojo. She spent the next eight years beating the shit out of him, which, in the world of shonen manga, means they became fast friends. Growing up, the two were close, whether she was fighting off whatever bullies happened to be picking on him that day, or worrying about him around the time his mother died, she was generally the one who was there for him until he was able to stand up for himself. After sixth grade, their paths in life started to diverge, but they stayed friends.

Around that same time, she developed a friendship with Orihime Inoue, a classmate in middle school, in much the same way she became friends with Ichigo, but with less sparring: fighting off bullies. After she got on some third years' case when they forcibly cut Orihime's hair, she gave Hime herself the courage to grow it back out, and after vowing never to let her cry again, the two became best friends and remained so into the present day. In this case, however, it's impossible to overstate just how close the two of them are; Tatsuki has literally fine-tuned their friendship into a supernatural power. More on that later, though.

Things don't stay normal for long for her, of course. While visiting Orihime one day, she has her first encounter with a hollow, and it's one with a personal grudge against both her and Ichigo: namely, the spirit of Sora Inoue, Orihime's older brother, who had died about a year before they'd met. She spends much of the encounter knocked unconscious, but recovers just fine after Ichigo handles the situation. A few days later, she has another encounter with the supernatural, unbeknownst to her at the time, when a runaway mod soul in Ichigo's body puts the moves on Orihime, kisses Tatsuki, and jumps out a third story window. Luckily, no one is hurt this time, but not for lack of trying on her part.

It was only some days afterward that shit started to get real. In another part of town, one of her classmates, Uryuu Ishida, decided to be a douchebag and bait as many hollows as possible, just so he and Ichigo could compete to see who could kill the most, which, while incredibly stupid, is only relevant in that it set up what happened next (Which, by the way, you get no points for guessing). One of the hollows drawn to Karakura settled on the high school, where Tatsuki, Orihime, and another classmate, Chizuru Honshou, are cleaning up before heading home. Orihime, having noticed the hollow, suggests they leave right now you guys, so Tatsuki Arisawa went into the school to get her normal people close because she was in her office labcoat.

This decision proved rather fortuitous, as when the hollow released a barrage of spores, which it used to sic everyone on everyone else, she was inside and unaffected. Orihime was unaffected as well, but with a crowd of manipulated students being directed to kill her, she was in no less danger than before, so it was a good thing Tatsuki was dressed in time to kick some ass, which she did quite a bit of before being caught off guard when grabbed by Chizuru. With Tatsuki subdued, the hollow decided to gloat at her a bit, outlining how the students under its control would gang rape and murder her. She was, of course, having none of this shit, and told the thing to go fuck itself with a hard bite to the tentacle. Obviously, the hollow was pissed, and decided she wasn't worth the trouble and tossed her on the ground, which only spurned on Orihime to put on her hero shoes and do the saving this time around, putting the hollow out of everyone's misery and using her new-found powers to heal Tatsuki's wounds.

Because shinigami are dicks, however, the above two paragraphs are wiped from her memory immediately after each incident, leaving her none the wiser. After finishing second in her age group in a national karate tournament, she spends her summer break out of the limelight while Ichigo, Orihime and company are off on "vacation." After their return, however, she begins noticing things that aren't quite as they should be, and it's not long before she realizes that Ichigo is a shinigami, or that he's at least something more than normal. After yet again being nearly killed, and after Orihime's disappearance, she decides she's had enough. She confronts Ichigo, knowing that he knows something, and tells him as much. Not satisfied with his answer, she gives him a good enough punch in the face to put his head through a window and tells him off for not trusting his friends. She and two others follow him to the Urahara shop later that night, watch him head off to the castle in the sky to rescue the princess, and proceed to vanish for another 168 chapters.

Between then and her eventual return, she and the rest of Karakura are, quite literally, fast asleep, while the entire town is shunted off into Soul Society and replaced with a 1:1 scale model, which seems overdoing it a bit when you can just as well fight in a field, but that's not important right now. What is is that she and several classmates wake up just in time for Aizen, our godmoding villain of the piece, to arrive to carry out his nefarious plan. Despite the best efforts of everyone involved to fight him off, only his flair for the dramatic seems to be able to buy them any time, at least before his right hand man, Gin Ichimaru, pulls a Starscream and punches a hole in him. Aizen being Aizen, of course, buying time for Ichigo's arrival is all that really does, but Ichigo being Our Hero, it buys them enough, and he takes the fight a safe distance from the bystanders, Tatsuki watches from the sidelines with everyone else. When all is said and done, she gets the whole story, and since it's decided to be not worth the trouble, she gets to keep her memory of it as well.

From there, seventeen months of timeskip pass uneventfully.

Personality: Despite chance relegating her to a supporting role, Tatsuki displays all the standard traits of your archetypal shonen protagonist: loyalty, stubbornness, a willingness to put herself in the way of danger to protect those she cares about, and spiky hair. Despite the image that may project, however, she generally maintains a cool head unless the situation merits otherwise, a trait that's only grown stronger over time. She's also not as dim as the character type would suggest, and in fact is quite the opposite, getting average or better grades consistently, and being perceptive enough to notice things most people wouldn't, even occasionally having insights on her friends that they might not realize themselves.

That's not to say that's all there is to her, of course. It's secondary information, at best. She more often solves problems, only rarely her own, by force, and she's surprisingly effective at it. She's very much a tomboy; in fact, she has fewer typically "feminine" traits than most of the men in the series. She's athletic, has been training in karate her whole life, and aspires to make a living out of it. She plays video games, has the above-mentioned haircut, and even her approach to romance is almost frighteningly aggressive, and given how much thought she appears to have put into it, she's likely just a bit more perverted than she's willing to let on.

She values loyalty to a degree that can't be overstated. She would go to the ends of the earth for Orihime, and if she was capable of it, even farther, and it's likely she'd do the same for anyone, even without the personal motivation that comes with being her best friend, and if she feels you've done something to betray her trust, she will not hesitate to fuck your shit up. With all that's happened in her life of late, however, her own sense of helplessness has started to dominate her, and she's rapidly developed something of an inferiority complex. She can accept, to some degree, that Ichigo and others with power can handle what she can't, but having spent her life playing the hero herself, it depresses her that she can't do anything but sit back and watch all the same.

Abilities: Tatsuki has no actual powers per se. Well, she can see spirits, yes, and she has just enough spiritual power herself to not die around the most powerful beings Tite Kubo can pull out of his ass this week, but anyone with a name can do that in this series, so that doesn't quite count. Her only real power is that she's 180 pounds of concentrated asskicking in a 90 pound can. Remember that national karate tournament she came in second in? She was fighting with a broken arm. Her reaction to being grappled and immobilized by a hollow is to bite that shit, and from its reaction, it legit hurt. She confronted one of the most powerful characters in the series and personally put his head through a window. Her main power is that she can pull that sort of thing off without needing powers, because she's more hardcore than you will ever be. Perhaps worth mentioning as well is that her ability to sense spirits works in such a way that she can specifically sense Orihime's presence, or lack thereof. While it doesn't seem special, humans that can sense spirits usually only sense them in general, rather than showing any sort of awareness that it's a specific one. In fact, some of the main characters aren't that acutely tuned.

Sample Entry: Any of these should work, I hope. Not as long as I'd personally like them, but it should make the minimum.

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Keine Kamishirasawa :: Touhou Project :: Reserved

[personal profile] kirinji 2012-01-06 05:45 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Josie
Personal LJ: plessur
Contact Info: private message 'plessur' or private plurk 'rollpie'
Other Characters Played: Millie ([profile] bridesearching) from Suikoden II
Parsee Mizuhashi ([personal profile] inhibits) from Touhou Project
Preferred Housing: none.
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[personal profile] kirinji 2012-01-06 05:46 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Keine Kamishirasawa
Character Series: Touhou Project:
Character Age: None given, but looks to be an adult.
Background: Game of appearance:
Character profile:

(no subject)

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Hol Horse | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders | Not Reserved 1/2

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Name: Dy
Personal LJ: [personal profile] dynamo_hunter_a
Contact Info: email: dynamo_mercenary_hunter @
AIM: dynamo hunter a
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Hol Horse
Character Series: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
Character Age: 25
Background: Links!
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Hol Horse | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders | Not Reserved 2/2

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Hol Horse is more or less a simple coward. He’ll boast how strong he is, but at the same time look for someone to hide behind in order to back up such a claim. The man likes the women, and finds himself to be quite the charmer. However when those of the female variety take no interest in him, he shrugs them off by claiming how cold they are. He believes that having women around who will do anything for him, can be useful.

Should the situation of trouble occur, he will turn his back and simply run away from it. He claims number two is better than number one, this perhaps because those who claim to be “number two” survive the next day. The man has no reason to back up anyone, and will quite quickly turn sides, depending on who is the strongest. In fact, he'll easily go with the side who can protect him the longest.

He is known to be both "helpful" and problematic. With his main goal to eliminate the good guys, he will boast about the power of his Stand, as well as whoever he's partnered up with.

While not outright pledging loyalty to Dio, he "follows" him for the fact Dio is quite the formidable opponent... and promised him money. It's only when Hol Horse tries to shoot and kill Dio that he realizes he's serverely outmatched. Without knowing why such a clean shot to the back of Dio's head had missed, he offers his loyalty and do as ordered.

His cowardliness begins to show when his own life is finally on the line. He breaks down into nervousness and becomes very irrational.

The fellow had been around before in the town of Mayfield, but he recalls very little of it. In fact, the people who he's met, the events he went through all seem but a distant dream. He's forgotten how even his personality had changed over the months spent in the town.

He still believes himself to be nothing but an arrogant cowboy, but for whatever reason he can't seem to convince himself that's who he actually is.

Abilities: As with any other Stand user, Hol Horse's Stand is invisible to non-Stand users. His Stand, Emperor, takes the form of a simple revolver. When fired, Hol Horse is able to change the bullet's flight path to where he so chooses. Should he miss his intended target, he simple arcs the bullet's flight path to turn around for another try. Emperor is able to fire as many bullets as long as Hol Horse continues to pull the trigger.

Sample Entry:

Look, I appreciate the idea of trying to make me feel comfy and all that in this weird place... but really, after a week of this place? Damn, never realized how boring it is! I mean... c'mon.

[He eyed the woman that was obvious nothing but a drone who simplys smiled to him.]

Git 'way from me, woman! All's ya been doin' has been followin' me 'round like yer my girlfriend or somethin'... I'm not your husband! I mean... shoot, don't git me wrong... kinda nice t'know someone appreciates me, but this is... go'way already!
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Naoto Shirogane | Persona 4 | Not Reserved

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Name: Chris
Personal Journal: [personal profile] illuminatesound
Contact Info: AIM: illumintesound, Plurk: illuminatesound
Other Characters Played: Edward Elric ([personal profile] unexculpable )
Preferred Housing: 947 Beulah Street **Waiting for permission from the muns!**

Character Name: Naoto Shirogane AKA The Detective Prince
Character Series: Persona 4
Character Age: 16

Background: This first link will give you the basic story and some brief information about… everything else. I’d just look at the story section, the rest is just a bunch of stuff that you really don’t need to read. UNLESS YOU WANT TO THEN GO AHEAD?

Main Wiki!

And this link will give you specifics on just Naoto’s part of the story – everything from her first appearance in the game up until the end of her dungeon. It also will give you all the information about her Social Link if you’re curious about it! c:

Naoto Specific!

I’ll be taking her from the end-game, post true ending, but without having gone through her Social Link with the protagonist. She’s got a lot of issues to work through.

Personality: Naoto’s line of work as a detective has helped shape nearly every facet of her personality. She is incredibly mature for her age, refusing to let her status as a teenager have a negative effect on her work. Even though behaving as she does is as natural to her as walking, the extremes to which she goes to make sure she is taken seriously is almost comical. She tries very hard to prove that she is every bit as good, if not better, at her job as those she works with and to many adults (as well as her peers in school) she comes off as pompous, pretentious, and even a bit bratty. As such she doesn’t make friends very easily.

Nonetheless, she is very calm and reserved, refusing to let her emotions get the better of her. Truly upsetting Naoto is a daunting task and it takes quite a lot to get her to raise her voice. Even if one does succeed, she speaks so formally, using a plethora of words not found in everyday conversation, that it may be difficult to realize that she is upset. Truth be told, she has a visual emotional range of a teaspoon and to most people she comes off as cold, callus, and very anti-social.

The girl is incredibly serious and she works hard to maintain her reputation as well as her family’s – feeling that because of her gender, her age and her line of work she must be professional at all times if she’s ever going to be taken seriously. She is very devoted to her job and she’s a bit of a workaholic. On high profile cases, Naoto takes her duties to the extreme and she can get a bit obsessive about them. She is not above putting herself in danger to lure a suspect out of hiding.

She looks at things logically and uses deductive reasoning to her advantage. She’s good at what she does and she is able to decipher motives, behaviors, and characteristics of people she’s around by simply observing and taking careful consideration of her surroundings. She’s a naturally curious person which helps her quite a bit in her line of work, but can also land her in quite a bit of trouble. Naoto is very intelligent and it shows. Her mind is her greatest resource.

Naoto tries to keep things as formal as possible with those she meets and although she never intends to, she ends up pushing them away. Iif someone took the time to get to know her and was able to get past her cold exterior, they would come to find that Naoto is truly just a very shy person. She keeps to herself and doesn’t enjoy talking about herself, her life, or her problems to anyone.She’ll never admit to it, but she is a very lonely person -- feeling isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. General social situations make her nervous and it isn’t hard to make her uncomfortable. She doesn’t like it, but she gets flustered very easily – causing her to stammer and stutter her way out of embarrassing situations she’d rather not be in.

Now for the big one: HER GENDER.

Gender is a touchy subject with Naoto. Her feelings on her gender, and the roles society expects her to adopt because of it, are a huge underlying factor to most, if not all, of her actions. Until arriving at Mayfield, Naoto had purposely been passing herself as a male. Waking up with a closet full of poodle skirts is going to make that difficult for her to keep up, at least until she gets a pair of pants from somewhere.

Naoto strongly believes that her age and gender are holding her back from accomplishing her goals. She genuinely loves her job, she has wanted to be a detective since before she could read and she’s damn good at it, but being good wasn’t enough. She wants the respect, and, above all else, the acceptance of her peers. While her age does pose difficulties, she knows that even though it’s a hindrance now, she’ll still grow up. Her gender was another problem entirely. The most famous fictional detectives are male, practically the entire police force is male, and Naoto... she is certainly not a man.

She resents her age, her gender and her position in life. If she was older, if she was boy, she might actually get the respect she deserved and then maybe, just maybe, people wouldn’t look down on her. They wouldn’t treat her like a child or a helpless woman. But even when people started to believe she was a boy, it was clear that her peers still resented her, both in school and at work. To them, she was a boy, but that didn’t matter. She’s certain that the treatment she receives will only get worse if they were to find out that she was a girl.

Crazy Super Human Magic Powers aka NAOTO’S PERSONA AND THE THINGS IT DOES:

Ok, the second wiki has a list of all of her abilities, but for convenience I’ll put the list and limitations here too.

Since I’m taking Naoto from the end of the game, but WITHOUT having gone through any of her Social Link, her persona will be Sukuna Hikona (which looks like: this ). It’s an itty bitty bug thing.

She’s level 85, so her HP is at 485 and her SP is at 416 (I’ll be happy to keep track of all of this in game as well! : D)

Here’s the arsenal:

Attack – Effect – Cost

Deathbound - Inflicts heavy damage upon all enemies - 20% total health
Mind Charge - Raises potential damage of offensive spells the next time used - No cost
Mudo Boost - Raises success rate of Mudo spells - No cost
Hama Boost - Raises success rate of Hama spells - No cost
Mamudoon - Destroys all enemies with power of dark (med-odds) - 34 SP
Mahamaon - Destroys all enemies with power of light (med-odds) - 34 SP
Vorpal Blade - Inflicts heavy physical damage 2x-4x upon all enemies - 22% total health
Megidolaon - Inflicts severe Almighty damage upon all enemies - 60 SP

Unfortunately, this is going to do nothing for her since she will not HAVE a Persona to start with.

She’s an awesome shot though.

Sample Entry:

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Raleigh / Lost at Sea / Not Reserved

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Name: Ciel
Personal LJ: [personal profile] iamonlyaman
Contact Info: AIM – ihathatcats
plurk - accidentalacrophobia
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Raleigh (canon never provides her a surname, feel free to give her one)
Character Series: Lost at Sea
Character Age: 18
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Raleigh / Lost at Sea / Not Reserved

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Background: "I don't know what I'm writing, what I'm doing. I'm not even writing, I'm thinking these words, stray thoughts scribbling out to you. I don't know what this is. I don't know. It's a life story, by me, age eighteen... the important parts anyway."

To elaborate, Lost at Sea's narrative is a bit odd. It takes place from Raleigh's point of view, but she elaborates in a very strange way. It's as if she's having a conversation with the reader rather than telling story, and she's simply trying to come up with the details off her own head. Events are told out of sync, and Raleigh has a way of explaining things in the vaguest way possible. Regardless, she does have a background, albeit very vague.

Raleigh's story does not begin with her being born, or with her parents. According to her, she was born a very normal child. She does not talk much about her parents, or even mention their names for that matter. They divorced when Raleigh was in middle school. Her mother is a woman who worries about her image, and although Raleigh lives with her she has no idea what she does for a living. After the divorce, her mother went on to find a very successful job and became very financially successful. The only time she mentions her father is during a flashback. Raleigh describes him as an "emotional hobo", and that he was a better father than he was a husband.

The story begins, supposedly, with her best friend. Her name was Claire, and they met during the third grade. Raleigh doesn't remember how they became friends. Claire was everything Raleigh wasn't. She was confident, faster and stronger, a leader. They would always play outside with their "boy activities". Claire would always leave, and Raleigh would always follow. They were both from two different worlds, but Claire never resented Raleigh. She accepted her. And Raleigh was always willing to tag along.

Things were weird for Raleigh back then. Around the same time, the people at the school took her out of class and told her that she was gifted. They put her in the class with other kids, ones that the teachers told her were put there in order to make her feel better. They met once a week, and she states that it was probably her favorite class. It really put her in a weird frame of mind. She thought she was special, and it took her a long time to see how much it "totally fucked her up."

Her childhood was simple. By middle school, however, things started to fall apart. In grade six, Raleigh was put into another gifted class. However, this class was much larger. And there were real gifted kids this time, no fake ones. Raleigh wasn't special any more. What could have been interpreted as a new way to interact, a way to relate to others, Raleigh saw something else. She was resentful. Age eleven and she was completely disillusioned.

Grade eight came. The marriage between her parents was falling apart, and worse of all Claire had to move away. Raleigh has never truly forgotten about her former best friend. While she has a terrible memory, she somehow manages to remember just how long it has been since she's last seen Claire.

The marriage was over by the following summer. Her father moved to California. Her mother was at an impasse. During the summer before high school, Raleigh's mother took her on a trip to Mondestro, California, to stay at her Aunt's. Once they came back, things began to pick up. Her mother found a new job and financial success. She paid for a new house, a new Mac, everything. More importantly, it put Raleigh in Sturton Academy, a private school.

Raleigh found that she had broken from her old life almost overnight. The friends she had at the time were cut off. Raleigh stopped talking to them, and soon she fell out of contact. Raleigh went through Sturton Academy, quiet, unnoticed, with few friends. That was until her eleventh grade English teacher told her to visit a writing forum on the internet.

Everything changed. And that's when she met Stillman.

Raleigh never divulges much about Stillman. She says that he's a couple years older, in university and American. She met him from that very same forum she was told to use. They started to talk, both on the internet and on the phone. They talked about everything, and Raleigh didn't have to worry about messing up. Raleigh felt safe. They were talking for over a year before it happened. Raleigh was graduating, and Stillman had invited her to stay over with him in California. And Raleigh, trusting him fully, agreed.

So Raleigh lied to her mother and told her she was going to see her father. She bought a ticket. Raleigh thought her time there would be perfect.

And it was. It was perfect. Everything was perfect. From the moment she got there to the Up until when she had to leave, where Stillman dropped her off at the train station but couldn't stay because he had to work. Until she found a letter in the bag of her suitcase, addressed to her from Stillman. As she found it, Raleigh found herself crying, sobbing so hard that she completely forgot about her train. That letter threw her out to sea without a life preserver.

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Saïx | Kingdom Hearts | Reserved

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Name: Manda
Personal LJ: [personal profile] fuckingclassy / clockworkwings @ lj
Contact Info: AIM: librarynin
Other Characters Played: None
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character Name: Saïx
Character Series: Kingdom Hearts
Character Age: 25
Background: Kingdom Hearts wiki
Personality: Though Nobodies claim to feel no emotion, few of them act as though they do. Perhaps it's the memories of their former lives, or perhaps they do feel some kind of emotion, if twisted and distant. Saix, though? Saix is one of most outwardly emotionless of the Nobodies. He carries himself with a cool, calm confidence, and rarely loses his composure. While he claims to remember what having a heart feels like, he truly believes that Nobodies can't feel anything.

This coldness makes him very efficient, and very willing to do whatever it takes to complete his plans. He calmly sends Axel to dispose of the Organization members in Castle Oblivion, and he treats both Xion and, to a lesser extent, Roxas, as nothing more than tools. Saix claims to know how to injure a heart, which is proven when he rather skillfully manipulates Sora's anger in order to make him continue killing Heartless. He does remember the emotions that come with a heart - he just uses that memory as a tool to manipulate others, rather than imitating those emotions like many of his associates to.

Saix is an intelligent person, serving as Xemnas' second-in-command and, for awhile, also plotting with Axel to overthrow him. He passes on orders to the rest of the Organization, and while it's not clear how much of that is passed down from Xemnas, it certainly demonstrates a capacity for organization (little o, there) and, to a certain extent, leadership. The other members of the Organization follow his directions, after all, as does Axel until their falling-out. He's also clever enough to manipulate Sora easily, and quick enough to seize the opportunity to do so when presented with it.

Although Saix is cool and distant, there are some faint hints of humanity within him, hidden and twisted as they may be. He has a slight sense of humor - slight and rather cruel, but there. For awhile, he also seems to still value the friendship he has with Axel, even if it's just a remnant left over from the days they had hearts. Saix doesn't seem to understand how Axel can form a new friendship with Roxas and Xion, even though they treat him much more like a real friend should - it seems he thinks that only friendships made when people have hearts can be true friendships.

Above all, the most obvious sign that Saix still has some trace of humanity is, paradoxically, his longing for a heart. That desire is his driving goal throughout the series. He wants nothing more than to use Kingdom Hearts to get a heart for himself, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get that - from plotting to overthrow the Organization with Axel, to throwing his lot in with Xemnas after their plan failed, to using Kairi to manipulate Sora. It is the one thing he wants more than anything, and as such, he'll do anything to get it.

There is another, less controlled side to Saix as well. When he uses the power of the moon to enter a berserk state, he does just that - goes berserk. He is no longer calm and composed, but rather violent, furious, and loud - shouting and roaring as he attacks. Whether that's a buried part of him or a state outwardly imposed on him isn't clear, but it's certainly a drastic change from his usual attitude.

Abilities: Saix is a skilled fighter who relies on brute strength rather than finesse. He has a large claymore that he fights with.

Like all Organization members, Saix has an additional power over a certain element: Moon. In his case, rather than control over the actual element, Saix is capable of drawing in power from the moon and using it to fuel a berserk state. While in this state, his sword changes shape, as does he, growing more bestial - not to the point of being a werewolf, but certainly much more outwardly savage than his usual appearance. His strength and speed increase dramatically, and swinging his claymore produces shockwaves of power that can damage enemies.

Sample Entry: Musebox post and threads, specifically for Mayfield! I also have samples on another journal here, if that's not enough.

Re: Accepted!

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Equius Zahhak ♐ Homestuck ♐ Unreserved

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Name: Gnome
Personal LJ: [profile] mechanagnome
Contact Info: themechanagnome @AIM mechanagnome @Plurk
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: I have permission to request to be put in the Suffersons household.

Character Name: Equius Zahhak
Character Series: MS Paint Adventures/Homestuck
Character Age: 13
Background: Wiki Page
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Equius Zahhak ♐ Homestuck ♐ Unreserved

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Equius is a very Serious, Mature, Refined Gentleman, if only in his own mind. His rich blue colored blood means that he is a member of Alternia's upper class, and it is not something he takes lightly. He is a firm believer in the principals of the Hemospectrum, and looks down upon those lower on the scale than he is while regarding those above him a sort of reverence that boarders on fetishistic. However, he also seems to have a fetish for "rustbloods," those trolls at the very bottom of the hemospectrum. He finds fraternizing with them to be scandalous and depraved, two words whose very meanings make him sweat more than an ice cold glass of milk on a hot day. Then again, it's very easy to fluster him and get him sweating because he takes everything so seriously. He has a hard time distinguishing jokes, teasing, or sarcasm from sincerity, and takes everything at face value. He frowns upon the use of facetious insincerity, however he's not above blatant lies, as highbloods are expected to be duplicitous and backstabbing at all times. He also believes in maintaining a high level of dignity, and doesn't like to tolerate lewd language and unbecoming behavior, though he's learned to deal with it - most people he admonishes only swear more when he tries.

Because of his high standing, he is also highly educated, with a fairly impressive vocabulary and a keen interest engineering and programming. Although he isn't a hacker software wizard like Sollux, he does builds robots in his spare time, which would require some knowledge of programming in order to make them move and present a challenge to him during his daily cage matches. He has also made and installed prosthetic limbs for two of his fellow SGRUB players, implying that he has a basic, if not in depth, understanding of anatomy. His hobbies also include collecting traditional (yet disturbing) musclebeast artwork, the noble art of archery (though he's never successfully fired a single arrow), and Alternian Slam Poetry (which is very private for good reasons).

As much as he would like to maintain an air of stoic refinement, he's easily upset and prone to leaping before he looks. He's easily discouraged by failure, criticism, not getting his way, and sometimes even his own strength causing him to fly off into rages. When frustrated, the only things that calm him down are random acts of violence or his moirail, Nepeta. She is the most important person in his life, and he watches over her with fierce devotion, protecting her from the many dangers of the Alternia, whether it's physical harm or simply poor manners. And despite the way he belittles her for roleplaying, he has an active imagination himself, often playing with his robots as if they were other people, talking to them and playing out little fantasies. He also likes roleplaying himself, after a fashion. Specifically, the kind where he is put into a position of subjugation by a superior. But that's a far cry from the childish games Nepeta indulges in, let him tell you, and it's not really roleplay.

Because his instabilities bother him, he prefers to be left alone with his machines. There, the worst that can upset him is when he accidentally breaks a part, or if he runs out of fresh towels. It also reduces the risk of him accidentally hurting someone else with his freakish strength – Oddly enough, despite the fact that he could easily get away with it because of his blood status, he never, ever raises a hand to anyone. He always takes his anger out on inanimate objects, such as his robots, or his bows. Though no one torments him out of fear, there are a few trolls who consistently yell at him, and the most he'll do is yell back. Or sweat. Mostly, he sweats. He's greatly embarrassed by this, especially since it leads people to think that he's “getting off,” but there's very little he can do about it, except shower or wipe himself down with towels. Still, it's gross, and he's self-conscious about it.

He's incredibly awkward in social situations, preferring to keep to himself and observe others interacting. It's kind of creepy. When he is engaged in conversation, he's highly condescending to those below him, or the biggest brown-noser in existence to those above him. He takes a lot of hate in stride, holding his head high and proud even though he knows the others laugh at him behind his back. He believes very strongly in STRENGTH, not just of the body, but of mind and conviction as well. It does bother him that he is hated and looked down upon, and he's well aware of the faults of the hemospectrum (noting that (dead)Aradia is graceful and well behaved, while Gamzee is a useless degenerate), but he doesn't allow himself the flexibility to change, feeling that it is better to stand by what you believe, and endure all criticism stoically than to bend to the will of others (unless they are of higherblood, but as that is one of his strongly held principles, it sort of doesn't count).


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Estellise Sidos Heurassein | Tales of Vesperia | Reserved

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Name: Nami
Personal LJ: [personal profile] prayers

Contact Info: aim: sympathystart plurk: harmonicskies gmail harmonicskies[at]gmail[dot]com
Other Characters Played: n/a
Preferred Housing:  766 Bunkers. Permission received
Character Name: Estellise Sidos Heurassein
Character Series: Tales of Vesperia
Character Age: 18


Estelle's lived a fairly sheltered life. She spent most of her life living within the Zaphias Castle causing her to be somewhat narrow minded.  This is a big deal for her because she has a difficult time making decisions for herself. There were guards blocking the entrance to the barrier and she didn’t know what to do in that situation. Estelle’s usually left stumped in the face of a real life decision.

She has a lot of trivial knowledge at her disposal because absolutely loves reading books. Once she starts reading something it'll be impossible to pull her away. She's well educated and can easily maintain focused on studies. Since she reads so many books Estelle’s imagination is rather vast. At first she had assumed that Yuri was an imposter because he didn’t know his way around the Zaphias Castle well. Estelle is exceptionally observant of her surroundings. In battle she can notice little details about the people around her. She loves watching people and she admits it herself.

When she was under attack by the knights she displayed determination and bravery. Estelle might be a kind princess but she will not hesitate to defend herself if the need arises.  Upon meeting Yuri she threw a vase at him out of self-defense. She was perceptive enough to notice that he someone who was out of place at the time.

Her dignified outer appearance is refined and it's somewhat befitting for someone with noble stature like herself. She always shows gratitude towards strangers or anyone who's helped her out previously.  However she’s very naive and prone to spacing out. One time she had asked Yuri if everyone outside was crazy simply because she didn’t know any better.  Unfortunately, Estelle lacks real world experience but she makes up for this by being knowledgeable in various subjects.

Throughout the canon, Estelle had proven herself to be selfless. She doesn't ask people to pay her back when she chooses to help other people. Estelle rarely complains about things but she does get worried easily. Zaphias Castle was attacked and she was concerned for the knight’s safety. Her kindness is something that is worth noting. Her modesty is one of her more noticeable traits. Estelle's extremely honest and kind hearted. In fact, Estelle is so nice that she rarely gets angry towards anything. She's either oblivious to it or she doesn't see the need to get upset.

Being outside gives her the excitement and joy of living. Her isolated upbringing in Zaphias Castle has made her appreciate the world around her. The world wasn't exactly what she thought it would be but she does enjoy the surprises it holds for her. She begins to realize that she's had an easy life inside the castle but she starts growing into a more admirable person.

Abilities: Estelle can use simple healing artes and she uses a sword in battle.
Sample Entry:

Hello. I apologize for the sudden interruption but, I must say technology here is truly fascinating. It's not running by Blastia so I simply must ask how these contraptions operate.

I'd like to know more about it, if it isn't a problem.

I've just never seen technology fashioned in this style before.

I'm sorry, is that strange?

Pardon me. My name is Estellise. I come from Terca Lumeris. It's a place that's vastly different from Mayfield. We have barriers surrounding cities to protect us from monsters. I read about it in a book once. There are so many things about Mayfield that interest me and it has so many wonderful people living in it.

I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me more about Mayfield or yourselves for that matter.

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Einhart/Einhard Stratos - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid - Reserved

[personal profile] hegemonstratos 2012-01-06 12:51 pm (UTC)(link)
NOTE: I have recently found out that Einhard’s official romanization of her name is Einhard instead of Einhart. The sample post and comments still reflect using the romanization Einhart, as I started it before seeing her official romanization confirmed in offcial material. I’ll be using Einhard in game.

Name: Mags
Personal LJ: [personal profile] custom_magnum/[ profile] custom_magnum
Contact Info: AIM: Magnum Gamma
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: 2242- The Pilgrims. I’ve spoken to Nozomi and Rin-muns about it, but I haven’t heard back from Scott-mun yet. I’ll add another comment to this app if I don’t receive an answer on if he’s okay with Einhard being put into his home or if he says no.

Character Name: Einhard Stratos
Character Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
Character Age: 12
Personality: Einhard is a rather distant young girl, someone who isn’t naturally friendly with anyone. While she doesn’t have anything against people per say, Einhard would rather focus on her studies and training with her Strike Arts and magic rather than making friends with people her own age. This is in part because of her parents dying when she was a bit longer leaving her to live by herself even at her young age, and partly because of the memories she inherited from a distant ancestor of her, Claus Ignvalt, and how he lost everything that mattered to him. As such, she focuses the most on getting as strong as she possibly can, that way once she does have someone or something she cares about, she’ll be strong enough to protect him/her/it, no matter what threatens them.

That doesn’t mean that Einhard will brush people off if they try to get close to them. She’s always polite to everyone she’s talking to, even in the few cases where she was picking fights with people in order to test her strength. While she does try to keep all her interactions with people professional, enough persistence will eventually get her to start thinking of someone else as a friend, which Vivio Takamachi proved quite well. While Vivio had the advantage of being a clone of one of the friends that Claus Ingvalt lost over the years that she had memories of, Vivio still managed to somewhat become friends with her even after Einhard realized that Vivio was barely like that woman in her memories.

Einhard is extremely intelligent, able to create new magical spells and attacks with only the barest of knowledge on it. She was able to figure out how to use the attack Unchain Knuckle while only having been taught the most basic aspects of the move; in fact, she only been taught that it was part of a training exercise, not something that was actually applicable as an attack. And then, immediately after that, she managed to use that knowledge to make another attack as a completely different type of spell.

Abilities: Einhard is a rather powerful and talented mage for her age. She has the ability to age her body up to adult age to better channel her magic, in addition to several spells. Her magic augments her strength greatly, even in her child form, as she manages to strike Vivio with a charged strike... and knock her across the area they were fighting into a nearby building. Vivio wasn't hurt because of that, but that's likely because her magic works in a similar way. Einhard is also talented enough to channel her magic without the use of an intelligent device, although she was eventually given one of her own, for the first part of her appearances she didn’t need to use it for things that Vivio did need a device in order to use.

Her list of know spells involve a defensive spell called Spinning Break, which involves her actually catching a blast of magic or energy thrown at her and throwing it back at opponent. She knows a technique called Unchain Knuckle, which allows her to break binding spells holding her in place by focusing her magic. She also has a variation of it she named Hegemon Sky-breaking sever, which is actually a long range spell where she sends a shockwave towards her enemy by thrusting her palm forward. It’s a variant of the Unchain Knuckle adapted as a shooting spell instead of a physical strike.

Her intelligent device is named Asteion, which takes the form of a stuffed tiger. While using Asteion, Einhard has a bit more control over her magic, as the device does most of the calculations needed for her, leaving her free to think of other things during the battle. It can also merge with her body, though the true affects of this haven’t been shown in canon yet, though it’s likely that it helps give even greater control over her magic while using the device.

Sample Entry:
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Hello! I just spoke with the Scott Pilgrim player, who is out of town for the weekend, but he says he's A-OK with having this character in Scott's house.

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Personality Revisions

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The Psiioniic | Homestuck | Reserved

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Name: James
Personal LJ: See below.
Contact Info: Trilies on Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Plurk, and AIM.
Other Characters Played: Fresh meat, comin’ in.
Preferred Housing: With Milla from Psychonauts as his wife, if that’s at all possible! (Also an incoming app)

Character Name: The Psiioniic (If the name on the door could say ‘Artollo Apemis’, that would be lovely)
Character Series: Homestuck
Character Age: Unknown. Young adult (27 years/12 solar sweeps) or so
Wiki Link
polariity: (attention II They tried)

Re: The Psiioniic | Homestuck | Reserved

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Unfortunately, the Psiioniic is just one of many characters in the Homestuck comic which has not gotten very much screentime. Only a very brief part of his life was told, and it was only in passing by another character. What we do know for certain is that he no doubt shares a great many similarities with his descendent Sollux Captor. We know this from two sources. The canon itself states that there is supposed to be a deep connection between a troll’s ancestor and themselves. Andrew Hussie has also answered questions pertaining to the ancestors as stating that they are the troll kids except more adult. This means we are looking at a Sollux Captor based individual, only with some personality changes due to a different time period and life experiences which have happened solely to him.

Due to his bifuricated mind, the Psiioniic probably has mood swings similar to those of Sollux. It is quite possible that while during his travels with Signless, they were able to help calm down the severity of them as best they could. By now, it’s a bit more normal than not for him to be of a quick witted humor and somewhat smug. This doesn’t override his sense of caution, however. As an adult troll having grown up in Alternia and one that is lowblooded to boot, the Psiioniic has had to become very careful and even slightly paranoid when it comes to other trolls. He is not quite the idealist that Signless is and won’t believe in the kindness of people so readily on a normal day. This doesn’t mean he’ll treat everyone like Mad Eye Moody from the Harry Potter series; the Psiioniic believes in constant vigilance, yes, but not CONSTANT! VIGILANCE! For one thing, that’s a suspicious way to behave and a dead giveaway. For another, Signless tends to not like it when he’s openly hostile.

That is his high moment. His lows tend to be very much not attractive.

During the moments he swings into that area, the Psiioniic hits a period of intense self loathing. On its own, it is a horrible thing. However, the Psiioniic has had to grow up to adulthood with an entire empire constantly pressing down its own message onto his head: “LOWBLOODS ARE WEAK, PATHETIC, AND USELESS BESIDES THE FUNCTION OF A BIOLOGICAL BATTERY FOR SHIPS.” Trolls are very resilient in both body and mind. However, social brainwashing is social brainwashing, and for many years of his life, the Psiioniic no doubt has gained a very low idea of his self worth that I doubt even Signless has managed to fix completely. When he’s in his low swings, he is easy to manipulate if one knows how to fix on that area. When in his high swings, he’s probably still very sensitive to that part of himself and prone to lashing out.

One last thing that should be mentioned is the Psiioniic’s high intelligence. Like his descendent, he is extremely clever and understands logical concepts (particularly mathematics) very easily. In fact, these things even tend to bore him at times with how ‘simple’ it seems and a part of him longs for a challenge. He’d say ‘like maybe running a ship’, except that brings to mind the Helmsman system, which is the opposite of what a free thinking troll wants.

- Telekinetics: ‘Tele’, which means ‘transmission over distance’, and ‘kinetic’, which means ‘pertaining to motion’, all adds together to basically mean the Psiioniic can move things with his mind. He can move things, he can toss things, he can move himself, he can move others, and he can no doubt do a great many other things involving movement. The full extent of this power is never fully expanded upon in Homestuck canon. However, ancestors are just paradox clones of their descendents. Sollux Captor, the Psiioniic’s descendent, was able to guide a series of meteors down on a Final Boss and also use a much larger meteor as an extra fast ship through space (although the latter was at the cost of Sollux’s life). Taking the fact that the Psiioniic has had a longer period to live and hone his psionic abilities along with being the Signless’ trusted friend, it is only logical that he is much more powerful.

- Laser beams: Pretty much what it says on the tin. The Psiioniic can concentrate his psionic energy into something much more deadly and explosive and shoot it off. Generally he sticks to shooting it out from his eyes or his hands.

- Prophetic: Like Sollux, the Psiioniic has some ability to see into the future. Perhaps related to the title ‘Mage of Doom’, these visions tend to only be of horrific events like dying and worlds ending.
Sample Entry:
Livejournal RP link


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General Grievous | Star Wars: Clone Wars | reserved

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Name: Lindsay
Personal LJ: [personal profile] disasterkins
Contact Info: [ profile] disasterkins
Other Characters Played: Lil' Slugger
Preferred Housing: 502 Ricardo Street; permission has been granted by remaining muns for placement in the pet slot

Character Name: General Grievous
Character Series: Stars Wars: Clone Wars 2003 animated microseries
Character Age: unknown; estimated to be in his prime


Despite a relatively brief stint in the Star Wars legacy in comparison to other characters, Grievous has multiple histories and interpretations, all of which are considered canon. The Star Wars: Clone Wars microseries gives no insight into Grievous's past so for his early historical background, I will be drawing from Warren Fu's The Eyes of Revolution, which was the first account of Grievous's origins and was written/illustrated by his original creator. The rest of his continuity stems from Star Wars: Clone Wars Volume 1 to Volume 3 just before Grievous captures Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Coruscant. Grievous is the Separatist supreme commander of the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He is the non-human cyborg prototype to Darth Vader and leads the Droid Army in an attack on Coruscant during the Rise of the Empire era.

Providing one more link for character bio/background if you need it: This just gives some further insight into the character but it includes a lot of extraneous info from other sources released after Star Wars: Clone Wars plus Extended Universe stuff (some of which is contradictory) that I'm not going to bother including in my character portrayal.


Grievous is first and foremost, a warlord. His whole life has been entrenched in war and it has shaped and hardened him into the cold, calculating supreme commander he is today. He is best known for utilizing chaotic battle strategies that appear random, but in fact are carefully calculated to encourage misconceptions. Though he has conquered many worlds across the galaxy, he neither loves nor hates war; it's simply what he knows best and what he's good at. But if there is one thing Grievous does love about war, it's winning. Grievous loves to win and he's found that obstinance, ruthlessness and cunning are key traits for winning a battle. He is a master strategist and a persistent warrior, merciless in battle, on whom his people depended to save them from starvation under an unpayable debt. As such, he drew the attention of the Sith lords and was chosen to lead the droid army against the Republic. Initially, Grievous had no interest in a war that did not directly involve his own world, but that all changed after his shuttle was "mysteriously" destroyed in a sudden explosion, killing his men and leaving him mortally wounded on the way to battle. Though he was barely alive when salvaged from the wreckage, his pride remained in tact and Grievous stubbornly resisted the option offered to him by Count Dooku and San Hill to undergo radical cybernetic transformation, opting instead to return to his home world and die as his men had.

However, the promise that he would be given a position of great power and the opportunity to avenge his losses ultimately appealed to his pride and Grievous had a change of heart. While his shuttle accident had been manufactured by San Hill, Dooku, and Sidious themselves, Hill and Dooku convinced Grievous that the Jedi were responsible and Grievous, in his scathing desire to find someone at fault for the injustice wrought against him, believed them. It is heavily implied that while Grievous underwent the cybernetic transformation, his mind and memory were purposely warped without his consent. As a result Grievous's aggression and temper were increased but his ability to remember the life he once had up to and including the details of the shuttle incident, was mangled. He, of course, retains his abilities as a strategist and a warrior, the qualities most sought after by the Sith, along with his thirst for revenge. Grievous still remembers who he is, where he's from, and what happened to his world; this is a big part of why he fights---he does still care about and feels responsible for his people. The other part stems strictly from anger and revenge. He hates the Republic for ignoring his people and supporting their enemies. He's even gone so far as to make it his personal mission to hunt and kill every Jedi he comes across, taking their lightsabers as trophies.

Grievous is always angry. It's his default mood. Sometimes it's a dull, quietly simmering discontent. Other times it's an incandescent fury. He's rarely ever at ease, not even with himself. While his cybernetic body is capable of many incredible and unnatural things his organic body wasn't, Grievous is still secretly humiliated at being a cyborg. It's a constant reminder of a choice he never wanted to make in the face of circumstances beyond his control as well as the sense of loss that comes with losing over 90% of his body. Only his exotic eyes remain as outward evidence that he was ever a living being with a mind and will of its own. Calling Grievous a droid or robot may come at the expense of one's life for doing so. Grievous has very little patience for the vast majority of people and such confusion, especially if willful, is not tolerated. In most other cases, he's able to maintain self-possession and does not let his inner emotional turmoil cloud his ability to strategize and fight. Rather, he channels that anger into the force behind his attacks.

Though he is largely unconcerned with being sociable, Grievous possesses the capacity to cooperate with others and even obey orders given to him from his superiors so long as their motives coincide with his own. He may not like his superiors, but he respects that they are more powerful than he is and are willing to train him in order to defeat their common enemy. Grievous is perhaps the only individual in the Star Wars universe who can wield a lightsaber without being Force sensitive. To wield a lightsaber is to demonstrate masterful dexterity and attunement to the Force. The fact that Grievous is cable of wielding the weapon, often multiple lightsabers at a time and at fantastic speeds, without the Force is further testament to his strength, determination and skill. When faced with danger, Grievous fights boldly to the best of his abilities while showing no fear or mercy, but he also knows when to flee if severely outmatched or overwhelmed. Damage to the mechanisms that allow for his survival, shown later in the series, is irreparable and he must make his decisions wisely. Grievous is very focused on his agenda and tends to speak only when necessary. On occasion, he will engage in the typical "villainous monologue" when he's about to defeat an opponent, but he often saves it for those he deems worthy. His direct but detailed pattern of speech suggests he is well educated and well versed as is expected of a leader who has commanded countless troops in his lifetime.


As mentioned above, Grievous can wield multiple lightsabers as once (up to four or five at a time) and his feet may double as hands to do so. His cybernetic features allow for many acrobatic and unnatural movements. Meant to compensate for his lack of Force sensitivity, they also allow for enhanced speed, strength and dexterity. He can spin his torso and wrists at 360 degrees continuously to effectively transform himself into a lightsaber buzzsaw. His skills lie in the use of handheld weapons and firearms. He is also a gifted pilot.

- built-in secondary set of arms
- magnetized feet for climbing on metal surfaces
- outer armor that can withstand blasts from a fighter cannon
- repulsorlifts built into legs to allow for added jump height and mobility

Sample Entry:


[The phone call begins with an unusual amount of static on the line, or so it would sound at first listen. However, a careful ear will note that the static is not in the line but inherent in the voice of the speaker. Despite the electrical distortion, his message is clear, each word spoken with decisive sharpness.]

Mayfield. You dare insinuate that I, General Grievous, am a mere "pet" to this lowly species of lifeforms? You are gravely mistaken. I demand the authorities of this compound come forth and face me. Do not waste time in hiding lest your goal is to test my patience, for which I assure you, you will find deeply regrettable. If you are unable to offer a suitable explanation in a timely manner, you will be granted a death befitting a parasite. The outcome will rest in my hands.


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Isara Gunther | Valkyria Chronicles | Not reserved

[personal profile] gavehimwings 2012-01-06 08:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Hickumu
Personal LJ: [Bad username or unknown identity: “hickumu”]
Contact Info: Plurk at Illustriouos_Illusionist”, email at
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: N/A

Character information and history

[personal profile] gavehimwings 2012-01-06 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Isara Gunther
Character Series: Valkyria Chronicles
Character Age: 16
Background: This gives an overview of Isara’s history in the anime and game (although I am taking her from the game, I might occasionally mix anime elements provided that they don’t actually conflict. However, some points to be expanded:

1. Isara is generally accepted by the squad as a whole, soon becoming fast friends with her fellow mechanics Leon and Kreis. The only one who demonstrates outright hostility towards her because of her race is Brigitte “Rosie” Stark.

2. Isara attempts to go and rescue Welkin and Alicia in the Edelweiss when the two of them are separated from the group during the battle in the Kloden Wildwood. Rosie and Largo both are forced to work to restrain her, although Largo treats her with rather more care than Rosie.

3. Isara, piloting the Edelweiss, is present for the attack on the Fouzen mines. It is here that she first encounters the Imperial Darcsen Concentration Camps. Isara is naturally horrified, and nearly succumbs to the rage and hate she’s kept at bay her entire life at the brutality she witnesses even after the Imperials are cleared out. Zaka, however, manages to calm her down and help her handle what she’s seen so as to get by, move on, and keep herself together.

4. It is when she witnesses the concentration camps that Rosie begins to visibly warm up to Isara. Soon, the two of them are on the path to becoming friends, culminating in when Rosie promises to sing for her. She fulfills this promise at Isara’s grave upon her death.

5. Isara helps the squad get around the problem of the gatling turrets on Marberry shore by developing a special tank round that will deploy as a smoke bomb, to be used by the Edelweiss to pilot itself and the squad up the beach and out of the tank’s range. This new development proves invaluable to retaking the beach.

6. She develops the plane to fulfill Welkin’s wish to “fly like a bird”, in an attempt to thank him for protecting her her entire life. This plane is eventually used by Leon and Kreis to save Welkin and Alicia from the collapsing Marmota at the end of the game.

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Revised player information

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